I Hate Rob Liefeld’s Art

Reason #7: He breaks women

Goodness knows I don’t have any room to talk on this subject since I can’t draw women to save my life, but no one ever said you have to be able to “do” in order to “criticize”. With that out of the way, let me say that reason number seven I hate Rob Liefeld’s art… [ Read more … ]

Reason #6: None of his figures are related

Most of the time, when you’re drawing a comic you want to master page layout as I’ve discussed before but also to master the position of the characters within a panel as well. In other words, you want to make sure two people standing in a room really look like they’re both standing in the… [ Read more … ]

I bet SUPERMAN never had to wear crotchless pants

I almost can’t put into words how awful both of these outfits are: As far as I know, the purpose of a brassiere is to lend support to a woman’s breasts. So they don’t flop around, banging painfully. Not, you understand, to squeeze them from top and bottom so they spurt out aggressively with absolutely… [ Read more … ]

Reason #5: He can't handle the truth

When I say Rob Liefeld can’t handle the truth, I mean the truth is that he can’t handle anything with a handle. Like swords: Study those for a bit and see if you can tell the fundamental mistake he’s making. Pay particular attention to the one at the top right of the image and try… [ Read more … ]

Reason #4: His layout sucks

Setting matters, and in comics you establish and maintain setting in every panel, on every page. Rob Lifeld, being lazy when it comes to his art, of course can’t be bothered with a) figuring out where the action takes place, much less b) either drawing or remembering it as he goes along. As a case… [ Read more … ]

Reason #3: He's unhinged.

I bet when you join one of Rob Liefeld’s super-teams they hand you a commemorative pair of ear plugs, because everyone in every Rob Liefeld comic is always screaming: And no one ever just, you know, shouts, they all have to pull their lips back in a rictus-like full-throated bellow, with their lower jaw horizontal… [ Read more … ]

Reason #2: He's lazy

I’ve been called out before for saying Rob Liefeld’s early Nineties Image work was lazy. To belie such baseless and scurrilous refutations, I present just one piece of evidence out of the dozens I could have chosen from the Liefeld written/created/pencilled/inked “Youngblood” number 2: That’s “Brama” (get it? like the bull? genius!) throwing a punch… [ Read more … ]

A new day dawns, with two left feet.

I ran out of observations about onomontoPOWia, so I bid that topic a fond farewell (at least as our staple on Fridays) and instead introduce you to: Liefeld Follies Friday. Yes, my friends, I have decided that I should not be the only one subjected to the eye-gouging agony arising from forced reading of Nineties-era… [ Read more … ]

Rob Liefeld can even humiliate a GOD

You might think that mortal man cannot hope to tangle with a deity and come away the victor, but you are wrong, for you have reckoned without the awesome power of Rob Liefeld’s suckage: Here’s how I imagine the conversation going in Rob Liefeld’s brain as he was working on this redesign: La la la,… [ Read more … ]

Rob Liefeld even SOUNDS bad

Yesterday’s OnomontoPOWia entry will take place today due to my being sucked into some sort of time vortex. I hate it when that happens. I’ve done a pretty thorough job of plumbing the depths of the suckitude of Rob Liefeld’s “The New Mutants” number 94, but when considering the scope of this man’s craptacularness you… [ Read more … ]