Digital Illustration Lessons

Blank Bodies for Hand-Drawn Illustrations

In the process of cleaning up some hard drive space, I came across some body outlines I drew back in 2006. I cleaned them up a bit and provide them here for downloading and printing. These are not part of HeroMachine 3, they’re just for folks who want to hand-draw (or use the computer with… [ Read more … ]

Creating a Custom Illustration

I thought you might be interested to see how an illustration goes from concept to final product. The client wishes to remain anonymous so I’ll be leaving out their name and identifying characteristics of the characters.

SOD.065 – Superwoman

I got a little carried away with the Sketch of the Day this time around, as you can see: Cory Walker has been doing a new Supergirl redesign every Wednesday as part of his “Sketch of the Day” series, which is probably where I got the impetus to do this one. Originally it was supposed… [ Read more … ]

Freelance Friday: Babewatch edition

You don’t have to be a filmmaker to know if you like a movie or not, and to offer a critique of it. You don’t have to be an author to know if you like a book or not, and to offer a critique of it. And you don’t have to be an illustrator to… [ Read more … ]

Mustang Sally deconstructed

I thought you might like to see how an illustration is put together. After the jump I’ll post an edited image I created while putting together Ian’s prize for winning Caption Contest 42.

Wrestling brick

I’ve posted about this before elsewhere, but I thought you might enjoy seeing how an illustration for a magazine or role playing game happens from start to finish. I begin with the art specification (spec) from the art director: Character illustration — [super villain]: [super villain] is an enormous brute of a man, 6’8″ tall… [ Read more … ]

Progress on Mideios

The illustration for Mideios, the contest finalist, is going very well. I’ve gotten approval on the black and white lineart, and though you might like to see how it’s going so far (click the image for a larger, non-pixelated version): The black and white drawing is done in Flash in layers as I’ve described elsewhere…. [ Read more … ]

Free blank figure templates

Maybe you want to see the character you’ve designed in a pose unavailable in the HeroMachine. Maybe you want to try freehanding your own illustration, but you’re not very good at drawing the basic figure. To help you out, I’ve created the following “blank” figure drawings for you to use as a base for your… [ Read more … ]

Tweak (and I don't mean the South Park character)

Sometimes I get the impression that non-artists think illustrations just leap full-blown and ready-made from the pen to paper, already fully formed and perfect. My friend, nothing could be further from the truth. The odds are that the image you see in front of you has been through more revisions than the story you’re concocting… [ Read more … ]

Layers without a computer

A while back I posted a quick tour of how you can use layers to improve your digital illustrations. But not everyone has a Wacom pen tablet, Photoshop, and Flash. Or even a computer. So how can you improve your drawings without those things? You go old school, baby! You need a pad of tracing… [ Read more … ]