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Anime Talk: Video Preview ??

Well JR gave me a bit of a kick in the backside when he posted his vlog post to the blog yesterday and so I have been working on this anime talk intro video since. Take a look please and let me know what you think.

Anime Talk: Sword Art Online




On this addition of Anime Talk I want to discuss the anime series “Sword Art Online”.  For those who do not know, Sword Art Online, or SAO for short is an anime about people being trapped inside a Virtual reality MMO computer game. Now before I go any further with this discussion I want to address the one thing I always see or hear come up when this series is discussed, which is .hack. Now I honestly do not know if SAO is a “ripoff” of .hack, or if .hack is a ripoff of SAO and honestly I don’t care. The premises of both series may be similar but the difference between the two are so large that I personally do not think either could be considered a true ripoff.

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Anime Talk: Halloween Edition

For this weeks Anime Talk with Halloween being today I want to share with you those Anime series and movies that I enjoy watching at this time of year. What follows are my 10 favorite Anime for Halloween in no particular order, and I invite you to give me your list in the comments below.

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Anime Talk: Open Discussion


As I sit down to write this edition of Anime Talk I find myself drawing a blank on a topic so I have decided to make it an open discussion on all things Anime.  Is there a favorite series you want to recommend? A Favorite Genre of Anime ? A hated series you want to warn us about ? A rant? Any and all things anime are free for your comments in this post, so have at it!

Anime Talk: Marvel Anime

This week on Anime Talk I would like to talk about Marvel Entertainment and Japanese Animation Studio Madhouse’s anime Adaptations of Wolverine, The X-Men, Iron Man, and Blade.


Now I will admit I have only seen a couple episodes each of the Iron Man, Wolverine, and X-Men anime’s and none at all of the Blade series thought from what I saw I certainly want to see a lot more of Iron Man, and The X-Men ( not impressed with Wolverine ). However since I have not seen a great deal of these shows to give a proper mini review of any of them I want to turn to you the readers and ask you have you seen any of these four Anime series? If you have what did you think of them? If you haven’t are you interested in seeing any of them ? why or why not?

Anime Talks: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This weeks Anime Talks is going to be a mini review of “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”. This 2002 anime series which follows the exploits of Major Motoko Kusanagi ( simply refereed to as the Major most of the time ) and her team from the Japanese anti-terrorism crime unit “Public Security Section 9″ . The series is set in the fictional Japanese city of Niihama during the mid 21st century, where cyber crime, and cyborgs are common and the setting is very cyberpunk in it’s feel.


It is worth noting at this time that there is also a Ghost in the Shell movie, and a Manga series however while the characters are more or less identical within these there medias each is independent of each other with vastly different plots. I like Ghost in the Shell ( both the SAC series and the movie ) because I find the characters interesting, and while it has plenty of action with tons of violence the show is more about detective work and mystery solving though it can get bogged down at time by the heavy political commentary which can be a turn off to some viewers.


The Animation is beautifully drawn, the story is gripping most of the time, the characters are very well developed and the plot twists are intriguing.   This is a series that I recommend unless you are not a fan of politically intrigue or dark gritty worlds full of violence, deceit and death.

Anime Talk: Not For Me!


The “Anime Talk” column here on the blog is normally geared towards fans of anime, this week I want to hear from that segment of our community that doesn’t watch nor do they care to watch any anime.  I’d love to know why you do not like anime, what about it turns you away is it something about the entire genre or was there a particular anime series or movie that ruined it for you ? As I have mentioned a few time that the classic anime movie Akira almost made me into an Anime Hater. I watched that movie and could not stand it and did not want to see anymore anime. If it were not for a stubborn friend that kept pushing anime on me until he found something I did like I likely would not be writing about Anime on this blog today.


So that’s our topic of discussion for this week, leave your comments below letting us all know about why you don’t watch anime, and so that our anime fans out there do not feel left out on this topic I’d like to ask you what Anime (s) series or movies you dislike even though you are fans of the genre.

Anime Talk: Manga vs Anime

It has been a couple weeks since I last wrote an Anime Talk post, and I wanted to thank you all for your patience. So now that I have managed to pull myself together and set down to write I have decided to take a look how Manga heavily inspires Anime. Here in the west we do see many tv shows and cartoons that have been inspired by comics, but Anime seems to be  much MUCH more influenced by the Japanese version of comics, “Manga”.

Myself I am not a huge fan of Manga as I have mentioned before on the blog but I have to admit that a great deal of my favorite Anime shows were originally Manga titles though often times the show has only a passing resemblance to the source material. So all this being said, our topic of discussion is simply, do you prefer reading Manga, or watching Anime ? A simple question, but one I do not think will be easily answered by most but I could be wrong. Myself as I said I don’t care for manga and much prefer Anime which is odd as I tend to prefer reading any a book then watching the movie based on that book ( or book based on the movie ) as the written format usually is more detailed and thus more enjoyable for me, just not in this case.

So what are your thoughts on the subject ? Let us know in the comments below and hopefully we can get a good discussion going.

Anime Talk: Suggestions

Due to time constraints this week I haven’t watched any anime to review ( I won’t review a series I watched in the past without at least watching an episode of two again to refresh the memory). So with no review this week I find myself frankly coming up blank on a non-review topic thus I turn to you the Heromachine community Anime fans for suggestions on future Anime Talk topics.  Leave a suggestion below in the comments and lets see how many good topics you guys can come up with!

Anime Talk: Kaze no Stigma!

“Eyes as blue as the azure sky. That is the symbol of the ‘Contractor’. Entrusted by the Spirit King of the Wind with the powers of his domain. I bear this mark: the Stigma of the Wind.”

This week’s Anime Talk I will be doing a mini review of the Anime series Kaze no Stigma, or Stigma of the Wind, which follows the exploits of Kazuma Yagami ( formerly Kazuma Kannagi) and his cousin Ayano Kannagi.

A little back story on the series; Ayano is the Heir of the Kannagi clan, which are all powerful fire magic users, and Kazuma is the black sheep of the family completely unable to use fire magic at all and was disowned by the clan when he lost a battle against Ayano for the place of Heir exiled from the family and unofficially exiled from Japan.  Now four years have passed since that fateful battle and Kazuma has returned to Japan now a master of wind magic and selling his mystical service to the highest bidder.

Around the same time of Kazuma’s return the Kannagi clan is plagued by a round of murders caused by an unknown Wind Master which of course brings him into conflict with his former clan and his cousin Ayano which of course assume he is the culprit out for revenge for his exile. Even after it is proven that Kazuma was not involved in the murders he and Ayano continue to have an adversarial love/hate relationship throughout the entire series.

I really love this series, and the elemental magic system displayed within it. I especially found this series giving me a new respect for the power of Wind control as Kazuma pulls off some fairly spectacular effects with his powers! I found this action packed anime to be very good and I listed it among my top 5 Anime series. The Artwork is very well drawn, the story of series kept me entertained and involved and the character interactions especially between the wise arse snarky Kazuma, and the fiery tempered and rash Ayano really enhanced my enjoyment of the show.