Anime Talk: 12 Days of Anime (Day 1) – First Reaction www.Wagnaria!

Welcome to the first installment of the 2016 "12 days of Anime" edition of Anime Talk. As I mentioned in a previous post this year I am switching the format of the traditional "12 Days Of Anime" from talking about a singular moment from an anime watched in that year, as this seemed to bomb last year. So instead I will be doing reviews of Anime that came out in 2016 as well as a few other topics relevant to Anime. One post 12 days in a row starting today until the 24th.

This time around I will be doing a first impression review of the Anime www.Wagnaria / www.Working which is a Spinoff of the the 2010 Anime Wagnaria or Working which was about a group of quirky and crazy part time employees of a Japanese family restaurant.  Let me just say now I am a HUGE fan of the the origina Wagnaria anime which ran for 3 seasons and was disappointed when it ended. This was one show I had hope to see go on for many Many seasons, but alas all good things most come to an end. That's why when I saw this spinoff I knew I had to watch it.

I must say I have not been disappointed so far.  Yes I miss the character of the original show, but this cast of kooks are just as bizarre, strange, and quirky as the original, and the show is just as full of the antics and humor ( often dry humor ) that I loved from the original.  At this point I have only seen the first 5 episodes so there is a long way to go yet, especially if it runs 3 seasons like the original ( and here's hoping it last at least that long if not longer ) but as of now this is one comedy that fully endorse! Go right now and check it out and when your done doing that if you hadn't already seen it go check out the original Wagnaria anime.

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