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Hey Machiners, Seeing how it is only a few days away from Valentine's day I decided now would be a good time to take a peek into the world of Amore.  So today on Anime talk I am going to talk about my top 5 Romance Animes!

So this is going to be a real quick down and dirty list of my personal 5 favorite romance Anime.  I am not going to go into great detail about the animes other then provide a synopsis and a quick note on why I like it. So let's get starts.

#5 - Your Lie In April. 

Kousei Arima was a genius pianist until his mother's sudden death took away his ability to play. Each day was dull for Kousei. But, then he meets a violinist named Kaori Miyazono who has an eccentric playing style. His monotonus life was about to change forever

Why I like it: This was not your typical romance anime, it has a very complex story full of trauma and tragedy.


#4 - Maid-Sama

Being the first female student council president isn't easy, especially when your school just transitioned from an all boys high school to a co-ed one. Aptly nicknamed "Demon President" by the boys for her strict disciplinary style, Misaki Ayuzawa is not afraid to use her mastery of Aikido techniques to cast judgment onto the hordes of misbehaving boys and defend the girls at Seika High School.

Yet even the perfect Ayuzawa has an embarrassing secret—she works part-time as a maid at a maid café to help her struggling family pay the bills. She has managed to keep her job hidden from her fellow students and maintained her flawless image as a stellar student until one day, Takumi Usui, the most popular boy in school, walks into the maid café. He could destroy her reputation with her secret... or he could twist the student council president around his little finger and use her secret as an opportunity to get closer to her.

Why I like it: While this is pretty much your standard Anime Rom-Com with the typical Tsundere girl, I never the less really enjoyed the humor in this anime and I feel the character, at least the female one were interesting and well crafted. The  males characters could all use a bit more development but they are serviceable.

#3 - Toradora

Ryuuji Takasu is a gentle high school student with a love for housework; but in contrast to his kind nature, he has an intimidating face that often gets him labeled as a delinquent. On the other hand is Taiga Aisaka, a small, doll-like student, who is anything but a cute and fragile girl. Equipped with a wooden katana and feisty personality, Taiga is known throughout the school as the "Palmtop Tiger."

One day, an embarrassing mistake causes the two students to cross paths. Ryuuji discovers that Taiga actually has a sweet side: she has a crush on the popular vice president, Yuusaku Kitamura, who happens to be his best friend. But things only get crazier when Ryuuji reveals that he has a crush on Minori Kushieda—Taiga's best friend!

Toradora! is a romantic comedy that follows this odd duo as they embark on a quest to help each other with their respective crushes, forming an unlikely alliance in the process.

Why I like it (SPOILERS): This is a fun anime for me. I found I enjoyed watching  our two protagonist plotting together to help the other win their "crush" only to fall in love with each other all the while having to deal with their "reputation" as delinquents.

#2 - Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki!'s main protagonist, Sakamachi Kinjirou, has the worst case of gynophobia known to man. Just one touch from a girl and his nose bleeds almost uncontrollably. His condition is all thanks to his family of female wrestlers who "trained" him a bit too much as a child. Through this tough love, Kinjirou developed a body able to withstand hard blows... as well as an intense fear of the female race. Life with such a handicap is difficult in itself, but after one ominous visit to the school restroom, Kinjirou's semi-peaceful existence shifts into complete chaos. He discovers that the suave Subaru-sama, the bodyguard to the headmaster's daughter Kanade, is actually a girl. In exchange for his silence in the matter, Kanade promises to help him overcome his gynophobia.

A cross dressing butler, a high-class twisted beauty, a BL writer wannabe, an aspiring pro-wrestler, and someone who lives with ghosts―these are the kind of girls that Sakamachi Kinjirou must deal with everyday. With such a unique cast of characters, high school life in Mayo Chiki! is sure to bring about a ton of wacky adventures.

Why I like It: Another fun little Rom-Com, heavy on the comedy as Kinjirou and Subaru develop their relationship all the while having to deal with the devilious whims and manipulations of Kanade all for her own twisted sense of enjoyment in the name of curing Kinjirou's gynophobia.

#1 - Orange

Naho Takamiya's first day of her sophomore year of high school is off to an uneasy start. After waking up late, she receives a strange letter addressed to her. However, the letter is from herself—10 years in the future! At first, Naho is skeptical of the note; yet, after witnessing several events described to take place, she realizes the letter really is from her 26-year-old self.

The note details that Naho's future life is filled with regrets, and she hopes that her younger self can correct the mistakes that were made in the past. The letter also warns her to keep a close eye on the new transfer student, Kakeru Naruse. Naho must be especially careful in making decisions involving him, as Kakeru is not around in the future. With the letter as her guide, Naho now has the power to protect Kakeru before she comes to regret it once more.

Why I like It: This Anime is my all time favorite show from 2016, and it may even be my all time favorite anime of all time! This one gave me the "feels" constantly. This is a great romance anime but it is soo soooooo much more then that. The Romance in this story is believable and intense but almost pales in comparison to the rest of the story, Though it is a great tale about the power of love being able to save a life, and not just romantic love, but the the deep love between  friends and family as well!




Well there you have my personal top five Romance anime of all time, Now I want to hear about yours!! In the comment below tell me what Romance Anime you love. Spread the Amore around!

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