HM3: Legwear-Female-Outerwear conversion complete

As the title says, the LegwearFemaleOuterwear set conversion is now live. Enjoy!

5 Responses to HM3: Legwear-Female-Outerwear conversion complete

  1. Awexome! Thanks, Jeff.

    Now I just need to get working on all those hero designs I’ve been meaning to work on.

  2. The Wrap-skirt (2nd item on the 1st screen) doesn’t work.

  3. That’s fantaxic, Jeff! Thanks for all these female conversions.

  4. Great job, Jeff! As Ian said, the second item does not work. I know the conversions are boring, but you’re almost done with them. What’s next on the list? I’m hoping for FemaleAlternate bodies.

  5. OK, second item updated, should work now. Although you might have to clear your cache to see the updated set. I saw what the problem was, though, and fixed it, then uploaded the file, so eventually the current correct version ought to show up. Eventually.

    Next up I am working on making the LegwearFemaleSpandex set match the male one, including an updated “brief” item that goes to a belt-line in between the current very low one and the current very high one.