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The Boy Scout Kidnapper Motto: Be prepared for ANYthing

(From "Heroic Comics" number 6, 1941.)

HM3: Scary clown mouth

Many thanks to awesome creator dblade, who drew this scary clown mouth now available in Mouth-Standard:

HM3: Swordbreaker

Black Griffin wanted an Italian Sword-Breaker as his prize for winning Caption Contest 77, a very cool looking item I'd never heard of before. This beauty is now available in ItemRight-BladesTwo:

Character Contest 62 Winners!

The votes are in, the polls are closed, and we have our winners for Character Contest 62! The new Male Fantasy Warrior Template will be by xXBladeXIIXxx, and the new Female Fantasy Warrior Template will be by Sean David Ross! Congratulations to both of them, and further to all of the Finalists. It was a close vote at the end.

I'll need to get the text save strings from both of those chaps; in the event I don't get them in the next two weeks, I'll have to switch to the second-place Finalist.

Full results and images after the jump.

Male Fantasy Warrior Template:

Female Fantasy Warrior Template:

The ballerina dreams of Alchemoid

Life's tough when you're a seven foot muscle-bound reptiloid who enjoys codpieces and halter tops. Your evil overlords want you to go out and kick Captain America's ass, but all you want to do is .... dance!

To that end, it's important to always go out in your toe-free under-slung corduroy tights. Oh sure, the other ballerinas at the dance studio might titter and/or giggle, but those skinny skanks don't have crocodile skin that would tear Lycra, now do they?

Imagine how happy Alchemoid must be in the adventure depicted here. He's finally gotten Cap captured, and is free to unleash the awesome power of his Fouetté and the Patriotic Pummeler is absolutely mesmerized, jaw literally agape!

Note that while I may have made up the "fact" that Alchemoid is a reptile, it's incontrovertible* that he wants to be a ballerina. I mean, look at him!

Many thanks to Myro for sending this one along.

*(This is true only for certain very limited definitions of "incontrovertible".)

The hidden shame of the cosplayer

(From "Sparky Watts" number 1, 1942.)

HM3: Cool chapeau

Thanks once again to Zyp, who in a twist of fate sure to see the inversion of the dimensional vortex and the appearance of Evil Spock with a goatee, provided his own prize for winning Character Contest 61:

This stellar addition to the haberdasher's art is now available in the Headgear-Modern set for HeroMachine 3.

HM3: New Tops

With many thanks to Zyp, who not only drew them but drew them in Flash and sent me the source files, making it incredibly easy to add, I've just updated the Tops-MaleFantasyCommon set with the following two items, shown both separately and in-use in this handy illo by Zyp:

You're the man, Zyp!

Poll Position: Versus

It's a simple question, Doctor:


Make your case for the winner in comments. I'll sum them up from my perspective:

• Wolverine is basically immortal and one of the elite fighters on the entire planet.
• Batman can beat Superman.


(Image via.)

Super-flirting FAIL

(From "Sparky Watts" number 1, 1942.)