Poll Position: Versus

It's a simple question, Doctor:


Make your case for the winner in comments. I'll sum them up from my perspective:

• Wolverine is basically immortal and one of the elite fighters on the entire planet.
• Batman can beat Superman.


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45 Responses to Poll Position: Versus

  1. C.Baize says:

    Batman can beat Supes with tricks and kryptonite.
    Wolverine has killed Hulk with his claws and honey-badger like meanness.

  2. Frevoli says:

    I’d reckon Batman has some sort of magnet gadget in his belt somewhere

  3. X-stacy says:

    I reckon Batman is smart enough to grab Wolverine with a magnet, Bat-plane him out to the middle of the ocean, and drop him. It’s not like he can swim. In a few years, if he manages to slog his way to shore in spite of constantly drowning, Batman can simply repeat the process.

  4. Blue Blazer says:

    Come on. Batman owns and all, but he can’t beat adamantium and a rapid healing factor.

  5. Gene says:

    IF You just grabbed them off the street, and tossed them into a pit and said ‘Fight’. Wolverine would slaughter the Bat. His Adamantium, claws, healing factor and enhanced senses give him too much of an edge. Plus, I’d wager Wolverine is a more skilled fighter, with many more years of experience.

    However, if you gave Batman a heads up, allowed him to research and prepare, well Wolverine would probably still win, but it would be a better fight 🙂

  6. Mashlagoo says:

    If Batman had time to prepare he could easily defeat Wolverine. As someone said earlier, all he really needs is a strong magnet. Considering the resources Batman has, a super magnet seems like something he could easily aquire.

  7. Jordan_Xord says:

    My case is simple; Batman is a learned and skilled master of 130+ martial arts and fighting styles, able to counteract any kind of attack. Second, he is a bright and intelligent individual who keeps his cool in most adverse situations. Third, he is a brilliant strategist and possesses a quick, facile mind, second to none. On the other hand, Wolverine is a wild beast, a rampaging machine of instinct and uncontrollable rage, acting as an irrational animal and kicking butt all the way. He has his adamantium claws and his regenerative factor. All the same, my case is proven; it is brawn over beast every day and twice on sundays. Batman Rules!

  8. Me, Myself & I says:

    The amount of prep time would definately make the difference. If you just through them at one another without preperation I would vote for Wolverine. If given preperation time, I would give it to Batman. I imagine that without prep time Batman wouldget out of dodge to come back later, if he had the chance.

  9. Mr.MikeK says:

    I went with the Bat but it was a hard choice. I must disagree with my esteemed colleague Jordan however on Wolverine’s lack of thought in battle. On more than one occasion, Logan has demonstrated exceptional tactical and strategic skills despite the ferocity of his attack. Combat ability of the two fighters is approximately equal. The fight only falls to Batman because no one in either of the two universes is able to match the Bat’s cunning and ability to think under pressure.

  10. The Imp says:

    Yeah, I think a lot of folks underestimate Logan’s intelligence, but… it still doesn’t compare with the Bat. I think even if you just snatched them and dropped ’em in a pit somewhere I’d still give it to Batman. But it would be very, very close. The more lead-time Batman has, the wider the gap between them gets, in my opinion.

  11. Myro says:

    In most circumstances, I’d have to go with Batman at least being able to slow Wolverine down enough to get out of the area to regroup under more favorable conditions, and as everyone is wont to point out, the more preparation time Bats has, the more the advantage pushes in his direction. However, I’m still not given enough information. For example, on whose playing field is this fight taking place on?

    On the mean streets of Gotham (or frankly any metropolitan city for that matter), Wolverine doesn’t stand much of a chance. But say, just for the sake of argument, that Batman is pressed for time, and the only opportunity he has to take out Wolverine is during a white-out blizzard in the Canadian Rockies. Batplane can’t fly in those conditions, and the Batcar can’t drive through a heavily wooded area (at least not that fast). And Batgrappling yourself out of the way isn’t working when your opponent is cutting down any tree you anchor yourself to. All your tech is no match for his enhanced senses and ability to use the environment against you.

    I admit, it’s a pretty specific case, and Batman is a master of making sure he doesn’t get put in a situation where he’s so obviously at a disadvantage. But he’s not perfect. After all, he did allow Bane to get the drop on him in his own Batcave, so he’s not infallible.

  12. McKnight57 says:

    I’d have to call it more or less a stalemate.

    Logan’s got the claws and the healing factor, plus about 5 lifetimes of fighting experience. Then there’s the whole feral rage he has when he truly gets ticked off. As far as killing, he’s sort of gained a moral code over the last 20 years or so that bars him from maiming, killing or otherwise seriously injuring anyone he sees as being on the side of good.

    On the other hand, Bruce is the best-trained fighter in the DC universe and has a multitude of gadgets that tend to give him the upper hand in almost every battle he’s ever been in. He’s versed in all sorts of combat styles, including those that involve a blade, as many battles with Ra’s al Ghul can attest, so the claws won’t be as big of an obstacle. As far as the healing goes, need I remind you all that Bane BROKE his spine and he completely HEALED in a matter of MONTHS!! Plus, yeah, he’s kicked Superman’s ass at least once.

    Depending on circumstances, it could go either way. It mostly depends on the environment they are in and the different parts of their environment that they can use to their advantage. Actually if the current story line on Wolverine is to be believed, he can only die one more time before it’s actually permanent. Just food for thought.

  13. Aaron says:

    wolverine cant die and batman chooses not to kill

  14. Gene says:

    What it boils down to is Wolverines Instinct vs Batman’s Intelligence and Wolverines experience vs Batman’s training – And you could pretty much see that just looking at those aspects, it’s about a wash.

    But, I think Wolverine’s Mutant abilities, claws and adamantium give him the edge. I’ll admit, I’m not big into batman, but I can’t think of anything he carries with him that would give him an edge over Wolvie’s mutant powers.

    Maybe a can of Wolverine repellant? :p

    I’m not sure what Jeff had in mind, but since he kept it simple, I think we need to keep it simple too – just toss them in an arena together and have them go at it. Otherwise we could argue prep time, setting, intel, etc to death.

  15. Dan says:

    Batman, and here’s why. Look back at the 1st Wolverine mini series, Wolvie gets his ass handed to him by Shingen Yashida, because Shingen kept hitting Wolverine’s pressure points. Granted, Wolvie was poisened, but Bats isn’t above cheating to win. It Bats can defend long enough to get Wolvie’s style down, Bats will use his superior fighting techniques, and it’s sleepy time for Logan.

  16. Kytana says:

    For a look a like contest batman wins with his Coolness, better costume and many tricks on hand.
    But in a battle he can not win. Wolverine is to strong for him and he can heal. So i choice him.

  17. Jake says:

    Never seen one of these polls so close.

    I went with Bats.

  18. ThePerfectTense says:

    Batman, because Bruce is smart enough to use magnetism against Wolverine.

  19. MScat says:

    Wow literally half and half right now! This was an awesome idea and the simplicity in which it’s presented to us. “Here’s Batman. Here’s Wolverine. Put them together…who wins.”

    I’m still torn…two of my favorite characters dukeing it out! I’m having a nerd seizure! In the bottom of my heart of hearts I have the feeling that Wolverine would still win.

    It all comes down to story with these two: Which result would better serve the plot. Without a story as a guide I think it would be a tie every time. It’s like playing tick tack toe so many times that every time you play you tie…EVERY SINGLE TIME! The fighters are too closely matched.

    ARGH! whoever wins it’s the world that loses. At least what’s left of it after theyre done

  20. Loki says:

    …wow, it’s almost like you guy’s are arguing who’s god is the ‘right’ god.

  21. TopHat says:

    Batman has been training since he was a teen. Wolverine has been training since the late 1800’s. Batman is peak human. Wolverine is able to keep up with Spider-Man, despite having metal bones. Batman could get shanked once, and it’d be over. Wolverine could be hit with evrything in that utility belt and brush it off.

    Logic decrees that Wolverine wins.

  22. ajw says:

    Sure I would choose batman over sabertooth, but sabertooth doen’t also have an indestructible skeleton, so if it were any other character like green arrow, deadpool, lady deathstrike, batman , but wolverine has a clear Pardon my pun, edge

  23. zaheelee says:

    Geeze, my mind says Wolverine but my gut says Batman. Too much pressure… need to calm down… corrupted from within…

  24. @Loki: Kind of an ironic statement for an Asgardian. 😉

    Wolverine’s healing factor is not just the ability to recover from wounds. He has endurance and lung-capacity beyond the Batman.

    For Bats to win, he’d have to knock out Wolverine and bind him tout de suite. Basically, suffocating gas and a magnetic body wrap.

    @Dan: True that Batman will resort to “less than honorable” measures. If the Bat-howitzer is the only way to stop a charging Wolverine, I don’t consider that cheating. That’s survival.

  25. Jordan_Xord says:

    Mr. MikeK, with all due respect, i stand corrected on your assessment on Good Old Logan. Thanks!

  26. spidercow2010 says:

    I’m not voting on this one. It’s an imponderable. And it depends on who’s publishing the thing.
    With any luck, Robin will be fighting Jubilee off to one side and they’ll both be killed.

  27. Amscray says:

    I say Batman outwits Wolverine. ‘Nuff dead? Probably not. I mean, sure Logan has time and experience on his side, but Bruce has the true survival instinct.

    Keep the Bat-Signal on. He’ll be here in a second.

  28. C.Baize says:

    Excellent debate!
    And yes… I really think the true answer would come down to circumstance.
    If Bats is given time to prep… It goes to the Caped Crusader.
    If they’re plucked up and set in an arena (a la the Beyonder in Secret Wars II), it’s Wolverine.
    Wolverine is faster, stronger, and more experienced in all sorts of combat.
    Batman is a master at preparation and analyzing weaknesses.
    Close call, and it comes to circumstance.

  29. Gene says:

    I think it would end with the two of them, on a roof top with a cooler of beer, discussing the pros and cons of sleeping with female villains…and comparing notes on past….deeds.

  30. MrPeijay says:

    I don’t care if Batman has zero prep time or he has a decade in temporal suspension, he isn’t beating Wolverine. The only reason Batman can beat Superman is because Superman GAVE him the means to do so.

    Bottom line: Batman, bad-ass though he may be, is basically a screwed up kid that didn’t get therapy. Wolverine was born, bred, and trained to be the perfect killer.

  31. chris says:

    batman, with ease.
    wolverine has been beaten by a samurai with a wooden sword. if the object was to cut wolverine to bits, then yes, he’d win, but batman is the most skilled martial artist there is and one good pressure point hit would drop wolverine like a stone. remember, the healing factor only works when he’s been injured, and nerve strikes don’t injure.

  32. Kountkill says:

    Batman vs Wolverine? I think this link will definitively answer the question of who would win.

  33. Gene says:

    Okay, I have to ask since I’m not a Batman reader; If he is a master of pressure points, why inst’ that his preferred method of putting an enemy down? One hit, minimal risk, quick-and-clean, and move on to the next? That would seem to make the most sense strategically when faced with a horde of goons. Seems like most of the time I’ve seen him in movies and books, he goes in fist, feet and elbows and pummels the bad guys down.

    And I’m sure for every ‘Wolverine was beaten by’ story that there is a ‘Batman was beaten buy’ story, so I wouldn’t consider them pertinent to the question at hand.

    it would be a fun fight to watch though.

  34. Dan says:

    @Gero, you’re absolutly right about the Batman beaten by / Wolverine beaten by point. My point with the Shingen story was to illustrate that Wolverine is by no means unbeatable, and in that particular story he was taken down by a normal ninja by using a combo of poison and pressure points. Batman could easly do the same thing. It’s not so much that Bats is a master of pressure points as that he’s a master of fighting in general.

  35. Gene says:

    🙂 But as I mentioned above, I think that in pure fighting ability, Wolverine and Bats are about equal – if you take into account training and experience.

  36. Novak says:

    Just to add my useless geekness. In the end of this all out battle the winner would most likely be the Joker. He would the one who would point Wolverine at Batman like a weapon and set him loose. If the writers did not stop them they would most likely end up killing each other in some manner.

  37. 3pleX says:

    Well noticed, Wolvie is all about close combat, while Battie is more of a strategist with utilities and techniques rathet than a fighter. So either Wolverine gets blinded by animalistic rage and forgets about Batman’s clever trick, or he charges past all the trickery and simply guts him.

  38. Michael says:

    Some people seem to be forgetting that Bats has gone up against much much tougher opponents than Wolverine before and come out in the end. And are we talking current Bats? Because didn’t he just get back from a jaunt through time where he was in all sorts of conditions? I haven’t read many comics in awhile so I may be mislead.

  39. Kalkin says:

    Wolverine is a one trick pony. He just cuts stuff to pieces. Batman can do anything and he’s prepared for everything. Furthermore Wolverine’s immortality becomes a weakness, since Batman doesn’t have to be careful about killing him.

  40. Tool says:

    Wolverine has been alive a long time and isn’t just a raging beast. He has fought thorughout alot of wars and has hand to hand combat skills as well as weapon and stategy skills. He knows his strengths and weaknesses but is full of fury more than fear. His awesome adamantium claws would be more than enough to rip that pampered pretty boys rubber suit up and put him out of his misery. Batman has skills and gadgets but I just don’t see them coming close to ever measuring up.

  41. Tool says:

    LOL I just read everyones post, 26) spider very funny. 29)gene funny as well, I could see that in a comic.

  42. B.Clouser says:

    Wolverine is overrated and get’s more powerful with each passing story only because one comic book writer wants to see if he can out-do previous Wolverine writers when it comes to helping him survive through massive punishment. The most recent “immortal” Wolverine character was not the Wolverine I grew up with. He was very tough, but he was on the level of other mutants in his team.

    So I don’t like to look at him as the guy who got ripped in half by the Hulk and then nuked – only to survive as a severed head. Or the guy who was eaten by the Hulk and then somehow…amongst acidic stomach juice, regenerated to burst forth from the Hulk like a screaming, clawed, alien. I see him as Wolverine – the loner, the brawler, the short, stout guy with attitude who answers to no one. He’s tough, but he’s mortal. That’s something people need to remember.

    Back in the day Wolverine had his heart punctured and for many issues he was regenerating it. He was in a severely weakened state. It took his regen a while to bounce back from that. That’s Wolverine.

    So for me, Wolverine is a tough loner with claws. He’s awesome, but he’s not a god. And that makes him more awesome to me because he’s actually vulnerable.

    The Batman has the smarts and the physical prowess to exploit Wolverine’s weaknesses. He would find a way. He does every time. He has the brains and the brawn to take on a regenerating bad ass. He has the gadgets the tactics. He would find a way – that’s what Batman does. While Wolverine survives – Batman finds a way. Every time. People like to see him as throwing little smoke bombs, or batarangs and tossing out a few kicks, but they underestimate how far this guy goes to get the job done. He built a weapon to take out Superman for crying out loud. When this guys wants something done he does it. And if a tough, killer mutant crossed his path, you’d better believe he would use whatever he had to make him a stain on the sidewalk/pile of metal laced bones.

  43. Jessica says:

    I think this fight would be a really close call. I mean, with Batman you got the prowess, the resourcefulness, and the gadgets. With Wolverine you got the pure fighting machine. Plus he has a healing factor and claws. I suppose that Batman could come up with some kind of magnet gadget but if you think about it, there are two scenarios that can play out with that. The first is that he uses the magnet to keep Wolverine in place while he beats the crap outta him. But Wolverine has adamantium claws and could rip through the device with them. The second is that he can rip out the adamantium skeleton but if we remember correctly, Magneto did that and Wolverine still survived. And yeah, Batman has awesome fighting capability. But so does Wolverine. He did study with a Japanese Samurai and has been in wars long before Batman was even born. If I had to choose, I would say that Wolverine would still win. You can be cool and calculating in a fight, but you just can’t beat a wild animal in his element.

  44. Lucifer says:

    I voted for Batman.
    Still in marvel and dc comics if there is anyone who can say…just “BRING IT ON,BUB” its the wolf.He has some 200 years of fighting xperience…several times of death xperience…and every one defeated by him was very powerful..for example Hulk…but can wolf smell the Night..can wolf hear the sound of Night…i guess not.They both have the metal in them..one is Adamentium…and the other one is Determination..The Night dont kill any one,but if he has to(as the wolf wont die forever) he is the most fatal and cold blooded assassin the world can ever xperience..

  45. MAMBA says:

    Both guys are great,they should have them teamup to take a criminal or something. I cant decide on the 2.