WoW: Dragonflight Class Meta — Tier List Predictions

While some of Azeroth's heroes are battling the Scourge invasion, others are conquering the fourth season of Shadowlands in anticipation of the new expansion. At times like this, the big question arises: which class to play? The answer can be given by a thorough analysis of all the new features and changes, which we did for you — sit back and enjoy the Tier List of Dragonflight Class Meta.

Dragonflight Class and Talent Changes

Blizzard developers have shown great enthusiasm for working with Dragonflight talent and class changes. They decided to completely abandon the old trees and move to improved ones, which allows players to unlock the potential of the class at maximum. 


The new system is quite simple: the talents at the top of the tree are chosen more often, and at the bottom, they are more specific, which allows you to create unique builds. Talent trees will divided into:


  1. Class tree — allows to choose both general abilities, available for all specializations, and auxiliary ones;
  2. Specialization tree — more narrowly focused, situational, tied to gameplay.


It's also interesting that most of the abilities have been moved to trees. Now you have to keep a close eye on your talent selection to make sure you don't miss out on a key ability. As a result, after level 70, players will have 31 points for specialization and 30 for another tree. 


Classes have also received global changes. Prot paladins and warriors have redesigned the spell reflection system:


  1. Now you can't block spells: without shield, while stunned, while maintaining or casting ability, from the back, DoTs;
  2. It is possible to block: magical attacks of creatures, and combinations of physical + magical damage.


This will greatly affect the PvE balance and Arena combinations in general.

Dragonflight DPS Tier List — M+ Best Choice

Very soon players will be able to fight not only with the inhabitants of the Dragon Isles but also to show their strength in passing Mythic+ dungeons. We collected all the necessary information about specs and compiled the Dragonflight DPS Tier List for you:


  1. Mage — for a few weeks now in Shadowlands Season 4, these guys are the best performers in M+. Fire spec is very strong, allowing you to destroy packs of enemies and quickly gain percentages;
  2. Hunter — Surv Spec has unexpectedly shot to the top of M+. These guys win due to their burst damage, excellent mobility, and stable tunneling in Solo/AoE targets;
  3. Rogue (Outlaw)/Warlock (Destr/Demon) — the first ones let you skip unwanted opponents, control the battle and deal good damage. Warlocks are the best 2-target Damagers, they have great Solo/AoE damage and stun multiple enemies at once;
  4. Monk — the classic choice of a good DD in M+. WW Monks are an indispensable AoE damage, and their burst DPS makes them good at bosses;
  5. Warrior — Fury spec is strong in Shadowlands S4 for several reasons. Its survivability, stable ally buffs, and useful Solo/AoE damage.


These six classes and specializations rank in the top 100 among the others on the WarcraftLogs website. The others are also good, but more often fall far behind. Among them are:


  • Frost DK — heavily dependent on affixes and choice of dungeons. They show good results only with proper rotation and well-matched characteristics, enchantments, and gems;
  • Enhancement Shaman — since Shadowlands S1 they heavily depend on burst, windfury procs. Require perfect Mastery/Haste balance;
  • Shadow Priest — very situational, demanding to equip, balance secondary characteristics, selection of legendary items, distribution of talents, and keeping rotation;
  • Retribution Paladin — hard-to-deal tunnel damage. Able to give a good burst in AoE/Solo, but feel uncomfortable in long battles due to unstable QD.


Don't feel bad if your class didn't make it to the top because everything can change with the release of the expansion. The above data is just an analysis of the current WoW Shadowlands season. 

WoW Meta Predictions

There are only two options for development in the first season of the new expansion. Here are WoW Meta Predictions about it:


  1. The entire Tier List presented above will completely change — Blizzard are used to turning the balance upside down, which makes the situation with the Meta drastically different. Mages may find themselves at the very bottom when classes that are not even on the Tier List get to the top of it;
  2. Everything will remain in its place — the changes of ancient talents are not as global as they may seem at first glance. Most of the abilities from Artifacts and Covenants have moved to talents. Players got variability in building builds but not an advantage over others. It applies to PvP and PvE.


Do not forget about the introduction of Dracthyr Evoker — it's a new class, and Blizzard tends to such novelties. The first place in the PvP/PvE top will likely take Evokers. Secondly, we should expect a mix-up in the middle of the dash list. Most likely, at the start of Dragonflight expansion everyone will be let down to maximum balance until the first raid with Dragonflight class sets opens.

Dragonflight Meta Predictions & Tips

Thinking about the future balance is always interesting, but it will become clearer about the best specializations only a few weeks after the release of the new expansion. Dragonflight Meta Predictions is the best way to choose a class for leveling. If you are still undecided, you should pay attention to our tips:


  1. Play as a class that is used to or like visually — it does not matter what position it is on the Tier List. If you know how to play as a Druid, you should continue your travels in the Dragon Isles as a Druid;
  2. Do not spread yourself thin — in World of Warcraft it is customary to assume that the player always has a Main and a few secondary characters. That is not just because — it is Main that you spend the most time, dressing him up in the best gear, spending all the gold. It directly affects his power, which means the alts will always be weaker;
  3. Enjoy the game — do not chase the tops, copy their builds or talents. Blizzard gives players more variability, and opportunities to experiment and create unique characters. Let your imagination run wild;
  4. Use the Dragonflight talent calculator — this will allow you to figure out the necessary abilities, build the initial rotation and allocate the first points for leveling.


The new expansion promises to bring a challenge to the game: M+ has been greatly redesigned and made more complex, and the enemies in the open world can fight back even the strongest heroes of Azeroth. If you encounter difficulties on the leveling stage or want to pass the high key in time, you can always turn to the professionals engaged in boosting. Dragonflight boost is a great solution not only for beginners but also for anyone who can't devote much time to the game. Remember that professional boosters are always waiting for you on the Wowvendor website and in Azeroth.

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