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    The pose is beautiful and the shirt effect is amazing!!

    Excellent job!

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    More bios:

    Liane Benson (Lawyer/USA Agent) – Ms. Benson assumed the identity of Nightshadow’s lawyer, when he was caught by the police, but in fact, she is an agent of the Urban Security Agency, dedicated at organized crime. She gives to Nightshadow and his crew of vigilantes tips and jobs that put them in direct conflict with dangerous criminals.


    The Huntress (real name unknown – Bounty Hunter) – Almost an urban legend, this mysterious bounty hunter crossed half the country to finish her contract: a hit at the masked vigilante Nightshadow. She will rely on her expertise with firearms to get her target.


    Lord Albert Glover (Philantropist/Member of the Inner Circle) – One of the most known figures at Freemont’s high society, Lord Glover is a man admired by his intelligence and sophistication.
    But, behind the philantropist’s mask, hides a man involved in the city’s black market. He is one of the kingpins of Freemont.


    Sharon Williams (Reporter) – The implacable reporter, Sharon is the most fierce investigator of the Nightshadow mystery. Sharon, unfortunately, finds herself in trouble, as her numerous snoops around the Tomasinos business will put a target at her head.


    Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet (Bartender) – The Scarlet found a partner in Nightshadow, while Scarlett has found a friend at Paul. She ended up becaming his martial arts trainer, helping him to be more prepared to his enemies.


    William O’Reary aka Red Thunder (amateur MMA fighter) – the first vigilante to publicly display his acts of “heroism”, William constantly talks to the press about his doings, and has attracted many fans. But, Paul thinks he’s also a trouble magnet, with his constant public showing, he might blow the cover of all the vigilantes.


    Vanessa Queen aka The Viper (Hostess of the Purple Rain Club) – Politics, CEO’s, wealthy husbands, curious wives… a lot of the most affluent names on the city has felt The Viper’s whip at their skin. This exotic beauty known that her clients can give a great business opportunity: blackmail. She will become an important source of info to the vigilantes, but there’s the question: can they trust her?


    Please comment!!!

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    Loved the Redeemer. It reminds me of a Post-apocalyptic Iron Man

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    More chacacter bios:

    Marcus Wallace (Police Officer) – Marcus is looking forward to climb on the justice ladder, as he wants to become a Detective, but with the still increasing corruption on the police, he will find himself in a crossroad, id doubt to decide which path to take on.

    Angelo Tomasino (Don of the Tomasino Family) – After his ambitious take over of numerous businesses of rival families, Don Angie wants to keep pushing his power to finally become the only ruling Mafia on Freemont, but he is making a mistake: underestimating the fearless vigilante known as “Nightshadow”
    Don’s photo

    Vincent “Vinnie” Tomasino (Owner of the Pink Flamingos / Underboss of the Tomasino Family) – Vinnie is known for his charisma and good looks. But behind this facade, hides a cruel man. An affictionate for torture and fire, he loves to practice his habilities with somebody that double-crossed or snitched his family.
    Vinnie’s Photo

    Thomas Rosenberg (Lawyer / Consigliere of the Tomasino Family) – Another member of the Tomasinos that hides his true self. Thomas is a long time friend of both Angelo and Vinnie, helped a lot of family associates, pulled a few strings and always passes an image of a secure, confident man. What people don’t know, though, is that he’s becoming increasingly paranoid, and he’s planning to get out of this mobster’s life.
    Thomas’s picture

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    Here’s more character synopsis of characters from “THE WATCH”. Some characters don’t have pictures, because their appearances weren’t changed, but most of them will appear now:

    Daniel Wilson (Paul’s father / Detective) – The truth about Daniel’s death was discovered by Nightshadow and reporter Sharon Williams. He was working undercover at the Barzini family, but was betrayed by his then-partner, the acting-mayor Frank Townley, that had a debt with the other family, the Tomasinos.

    Amanda Rodriguez (Paul’s mother / Receptionist) – After struggling to accept her son’s double life, Amanda is seeing a brighter future ahead for her, as she started to work at Von Cransterburg Hotel, in Downtown Freemont. Little she know, this hotel is a frequent place for shady business meetings

    Amanda’s Picture

    Troy Jackson (FIREWALL / Student) – Troy spends most of the season as Nightshadow’s behind-the-scenes sidekick, offering support, verifiyng areas, hacking documents, cameras and anything digital. But after an ambush that put Nightshadow and Scarlet in danger, Troy knows it’s time to bring the Firewall to the streets.

    Troy’s Street Attire

    Firewall Mark I

    The Butcher (Serial Killer) – Still acting around Carlton Heights and East Carraway, the deranged leader of the Lunatikz is even more aggressive and maniac. With Nightshadow’s consistent vigilante acts against him and his crew, he will not rest until he sees the masked man dies in front of him

    The Butcher’s picture

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    Your characters are awesome! Great work!!

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    @Nug: Thanks, mate!

    Now, it’s time for the Starlords group shot!!


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    Here’s more Starlords:





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    @Hammerknight and Stulte – Thanks! And, yeah, the background helped the vibe. Still not satisfied of how came out though.

    So, time to kick out my “Season 2” of “THE WATCH”! And, for our first character, of course is:

    Shadow II Uniform

    After confronting gangbangers, perverts, mafiosi and even the police, Paul Rodriguez finds himself in a big scenario as Nightshadow. With his partners Troy “Firewall” Jackson as support and briefing, and Scarlett “The Scarlet” Mitchell as partner and martial arts trainer, Paul gets ready to dig deeper at Freemont’s criminal underworld, as he finds out the real reason about his father’s death: something related to a “Inner Circle”.

    And, to finish, here’s a small wallpaper of THE WATCH – Season 2

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    @ams said:

    @ luizpauloromani – How about this? Gold trim with the insignia as a belt buckle?

    That’s exactly hat I was talking about! Awesome!!

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    My new HM brainstorm: a new team called Starlords.

    Here’s the first couple:



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    Wow, The Mist is spooky-scary!! Great job!

    About Stonebourne, I think the new main colors are great, but I think you should let, at least, one detail in gold, so the resemblance with the old uniform would be evident.
    Also, I think you should keep the main Insignia. For me, it’s his trademark.

    Overall, great job!!

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    THE WATCH – First Season Characters

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    For the Character Contest #73 – Random Names, I present you:


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    @JR19759 – Thanks, and done!

    Here’s more characters:

    Sharon Williams – 36 years – Reporter


    A reporter at Channel 9, the city’s main TV news network, she is known to be unstoppable at the search for the truth. Being one of the people that followed Detective Wilson’s murder, she believes that the case is not what it seems. And with the new vigilante on the streets, she will probably have the golden case at her hands.

    Marcus Wallace – 28 years – Police Officer


    As a beat cop, working at one of the most dangerous areas of Fremont, Wallace is respected by his courage and honesty. Willing to become a detective, he will find another reason to reach his objective: the mystery of the vigilante that acts in his area.

    Frank Townley – 52 years – Mayor of Fremont


    The acting mayor of Fremont is a frequent target of criticism by thepress and the population, because of his unfinished projects and empty promises. But Townley doesn’t even care, as long as his associates at the Inner Circle keeppaying him to keepa blind eye at some criminal activities. He’s even planning to run a re-election campaign. After all, more time at the City Hall, more money in his pocket.

    Angelo Tomasino – 50 years – Restaurant Owner / Head of the Tomasino Family


    Even if he still publicly assumes the position of a legitimate businessman, it’s no secret that Don Tomasino is head of the most respected and feared mob family on Freemont. Running numerous legal business and illegal rackets, Tomasino has the police and the politicians in his pocket, ruling calmly over the city.

    Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet – 23 years – Bartender


    Scarlett makes her life in a high class nightclub in Downtown Freemont, but the constant routine of serving celebrities, socialites and mobsters became a boring routine. With no boyfriend, no family and no time to lose, she became the Scarlet, another vigilante acting at the middle class neighborhood of Redwood Hill.

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