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    Here is my Guardian Angel, an epic side view

    My Guardian Angel concept came from my view of today’s people needing an inspiration, a new breed of hero to give hope that there still is good in today’s world. I am still writing stories about him, now that college is done for a bit, I should be able to finish it up!




    That head shading is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually, that shading is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    @JR19759 said:

    That head shading is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Actually, that shading is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My guess is you are talking about Guardian Angel? Thanks though! I spent a good deal on him, means a lot :)



    Yeah, I was, but you can apply that last comment to the last couple of your works, the point would still stand.


    Found an old picture… a Frankenstein creature I made a while back before I lost all my creations.



    Hey, it’s Sicarius! His personality, is well, he pretty much is a demon version of Deadpool in my eyes



    Name: Richard Spane
    Alias: Fear
    Abilities: Super Genius, Obsessed with psychology, Expert on Fear, Advanced in biology/chemistry, wears a suit to give him enhanced abilities such as strength, his larger arm with the claw is sharp and has an unmatched strong grip while also able to produce gas that engages the fear response, proficient in firearms and hand-to-hand combat, and rebellious.



    My Redeemer Series

    A Meteor crashes on earth with unique properties and a new element to which the government uses to try and create super beings to defend Earth and fight against waring nations. However, the element has altering effects to some subjects. They lose their minds or become deformed in ways unimaginable, even receive abilities of nightmarish use. One subject, subject 777 Clark Winchester, survived the experimental procedure and now is considered a super soldier. Upon learning of the results of others from the procedure with the new element and his own power, he goes rouge to fight against the Government. He steals the highly classified and powerful “Redeemer” armor and escapes with it to use it in his pursuit to destroy the original meteor and any remaining elements of it. While on his personal mission, he goes against the Government who wants him for this unique response to the element and against the abominations that the element has created.

    Armor Mach 2

    First Armor

    Heavy Armor

    Elemental Armor



    Loved the Redeemer. It reminds me of a Post-apocalyptic Iron Man


    @luizpauloromanini said:

    Loved the Redeemer. It reminds me of a Post-apocalyptic Iron Man

    Thanks man!


    Name: Norman Clark
    Alias: The Blur
    Abilities: Can reach speeds of inhuman ability (Said to be faster than the speed of light), can vibrate at such a rate it affects him at the molecular level which can make him “phase” through walls, wears a special material suit that can withstand his abilities, wears special boots that give extra jumping height and made to withstand hard landings, has the ability to produce electric shock/energy and can be powered by it, quicker healing, heightened senses, thicker bone density, and enhanced strength. More powers are said to be untapped.
    Bio: Norman was wheel chair bound due to a car accident since he was 17 years old. He never had many friends and got into comic books. He became in love with superheroes and always idolized the Flash. Coincidently, he worked in a lab as an assistant and on one night during a storm, he stayed after hours to finish up a project he was working on for paraplegics like himself. During the storm, a machine that involved the use of molecular experiments was left on without Norman knowing. He dropped a tool which rolled in front of the machine. Norman went over to the tool and leaned over to reach it on the ground, making his wheelchair lift slightly unbalanced. Thunder cracked loudly, which startled Norman and thus caused him to fall out of chair and right in between the machine, which recognized him as matter and began to activate. As the machine began to draw energy, it caused the attraction of lightning to break through the glass ceiling and strike the machine, thus super charging it with the lightning’s properties. Norman began to float and become shocked by the machine and the lightning all within seconds. His skin was fried into a crust like outer shell and he went into a coma. The next day, the other scientists and workers found him and immediately called 911. Upon the paramedics attempting to pick him up, they dropped him, thus causing his crust like shell to crack apart, revealing a completely non burned Norman. He was in a coma for around 3 months when he finally awoke. He soon realized he had full feeling and movement of this legs again and astonished the doctors. It was unexplainable and with further tests, professionals established he was one of the healthiest men they have seen in years, to which he was released from the hospital. Upon walking home, he felt so good, a feeling that he has never felt before, a feeling of pure happiness. He began to jog, laughing of happiness because he had forgot what it was like, and he soon was running. As he was running, he could feel himself not reaching a maximum heart rate or not feeling out of breathe. He pushed harder and harder and harder until he started to notice everything around him was slowing down and he could see in slow motion and he stopped suddenly, causing him to fling himself in the air and crash through a weak wall. As the days grew, he became more and more aware of his abilities, to which he recalled his favorite hero, the flash. With a smile he knew what his future contained…

    A color/shading variation


    Magnus Maximus

    Love it! Nice work!


    @Magnus Maximus said:

    Love it! Nice work!



    Name: DeathTone

    Playing around with some of AMS’s poses.



    Tronus! He can copy any fighting style and adapt to any sort of damage. Truly the closet thing to impossible to defeat.

    -Would have been waaaaaay to hard to shade him, since the masking tool was not cooperating with me.


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