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    Cool characters, mate! Keep up the good work!



    @Nug: Thanks, mate!

    Now, it’s time for the Starlords group shot!!




    Here’s more character synopsis of characters from “THE WATCH”. Some characters don’t have pictures, because their appearances weren’t changed, but most of them will appear now:

    Daniel Wilson (Paul’s father / Detective) – The truth about Daniel’s death was discovered by Nightshadow and reporter Sharon Williams. He was working undercover at the Barzini family, but was betrayed by his then-partner, the acting-mayor Frank Townley, that had a debt with the other family, the Tomasinos.

    Amanda Rodriguez (Paul’s mother / Receptionist) – After struggling to accept her son’s double life, Amanda is seeing a brighter future ahead for her, as she started to work at Von Cransterburg Hotel, in Downtown Freemont. Little she know, this hotel is a frequent place for shady business meetings

    Amanda’s Picture

    Troy Jackson (FIREWALL / Student) – Troy spends most of the season as Nightshadow’s behind-the-scenes sidekick, offering support, verifiyng areas, hacking documents, cameras and anything digital. But after an ambush that put Nightshadow and Scarlet in danger, Troy knows it’s time to bring the Firewall to the streets.

    Troy’s Street Attire

    Firewall Mark I

    The Butcher (Serial Killer) – Still acting around Carlton Heights and East Carraway, the deranged leader of the Lunatikz is even more aggressive and maniac. With Nightshadow’s consistent vigilante acts against him and his crew, he will not rest until he sees the masked man dies in front of him

    The Butcher’s picture



    More chacacter bios:

    Marcus Wallace (Police Officer) – Marcus is looking forward to climb on the justice ladder, as he wants to become a Detective, but with the still increasing corruption on the police, he will find himself in a crossroad, id doubt to decide which path to take on.

    Angelo Tomasino (Don of the Tomasino Family) – After his ambitious take over of numerous businesses of rival families, Don Angie wants to keep pushing his power to finally become the only ruling Mafia on Freemont, but he is making a mistake: underestimating the fearless vigilante known as “Nightshadow”
    Don’s photo

    Vincent “Vinnie” Tomasino (Owner of the Pink Flamingos / Underboss of the Tomasino Family) – Vinnie is known for his charisma and good looks. But behind this facade, hides a cruel man. An affictionate for torture and fire, he loves to practice his habilities with somebody that double-crossed or snitched his family.
    Vinnie’s Photo

    Thomas Rosenberg (Lawyer / Consigliere of the Tomasino Family) – Another member of the Tomasinos that hides his true self. Thomas is a long time friend of both Angelo and Vinnie, helped a lot of family associates, pulled a few strings and always passes an image of a secure, confident man. What people don’t know, though, is that he’s becoming increasingly paranoid, and he’s planning to get out of this mobster’s life.
    Thomas’s picture



    More bios:

    Liane Benson (Lawyer/USA Agent) – Ms. Benson assumed the identity of Nightshadow’s lawyer, when he was caught by the police, but in fact, she is an agent of the Urban Security Agency, dedicated at organized crime. She gives to Nightshadow and his crew of vigilantes tips and jobs that put them in direct conflict with dangerous criminals.


    The Huntress (real name unknown – Bounty Hunter) – Almost an urban legend, this mysterious bounty hunter crossed half the country to finish her contract: a hit at the masked vigilante Nightshadow. She will rely on her expertise with firearms to get her target.


    Lord Albert Glover (Philantropist/Member of the Inner Circle) – One of the most known figures at Freemont’s high society, Lord Glover is a man admired by his intelligence and sophistication.
    But, behind the philantropist’s mask, hides a man involved in the city’s black market. He is one of the kingpins of Freemont.


    Sharon Williams (Reporter) – The implacable reporter, Sharon is the most fierce investigator of the Nightshadow mystery. Sharon, unfortunately, finds herself in trouble, as her numerous snoops around the Tomasinos business will put a target at her head.


    Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet (Bartender) – The Scarlet found a partner in Nightshadow, while Scarlett has found a friend at Paul. She ended up becaming his martial arts trainer, helping him to be more prepared to his enemies.


    William O’Reary aka Red Thunder (amateur MMA fighter) – the first vigilante to publicly display his acts of “heroism”, William constantly talks to the press about his doings, and has attracted many fans. But, Paul thinks he’s also a trouble magnet, with his constant public showing, he might blow the cover of all the vigilantes.


    Vanessa Queen aka The Viper (Hostess of the Purple Rain Club) – Politics, CEO’s, wealthy husbands, curious wives… a lot of the most affluent names on the city has felt The Viper’s whip at their skin. This exotic beauty known that her clients can give a great business opportunity: blackmail. She will become an important source of info to the vigilantes, but there’s the question: can they trust her?


    Please comment!!!



    good stuff man my favorite is the Viper and all your bios are on point



    @son4 – Thanks! I also really enjoy Viper, she looks sexy, in a threatening kind of way.

    Well, during the season 2, Nightshadow and Scarlet fell into an ambush by the Butcher and its Lunatikz. Thirsty for the vigilantes’ blood, Butcher traps them into some dirty hospital beds and, when he’s about to start his “operation”, Troy Jackson, The Watch’s tech master, comes flying at the Lunatiks warehouse, by the window, using a self-made jetpack. This distraction gave Paul and Scarlett time enough to untie themselves and finally put an end to The Butcher. As you can see by the photos, our heroes doesn’t look too happy…




    THE WATCH – Season 3 Bios

    Name: Paul Rodriguez-Wilson
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Radio DJ / Masked Vigilante

    Biography: The Nightshadow figure is recieving constant support and acclaim from the people of Freemont. His efforts in take down the crime syndicates in the city
    has been successful, and he finally took down the Lunatikz, after a battle that almost cost his life. But, now that he knows the secret behind his father’s death years ago, he will finally
    go confront the men who did that crime. But doing this, will cost a high price for him.
    – Moderate hand-to-hand skills
    – Moderate experience with blunt weapons (including his nightstick)
    – Moderate experience with handguns (including his 9mm pistol)
    – Good stealth
    – Leadership

    Shadow Uniform Mark III


    Name: Scarlett Mitchell
    Alias: SCARLET
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Bartender / Masked Vigilante

    Biography: Beyond helping Paul at facing the organized crime, scarlet fights another battle, in her mind. The near-death experience on the Lunatikz warehouse
    gave to our heroine a post-traumatic stress disorder, affecting her crime-fighting persona and her normal life as a bartender. Now she has to count with the help of her
    friends and boyfriend, the Red Thunder.
    – Great hand-to-hand skills (jiu-jitsu/self-defense)
    – Great experience with gymnastics
    – Moderate experience with blades (including her knife)
    – Moderate experience with handguns
    – Good stealth

    Scarlet’s third suit


    Name: Troy Jackson
    Alias: FIREWALL
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Student / Masked Vigilante

    Biography: Troy was once the tech support for the Watch, but after the Lunatikz incident he finally adopted his hero persona, as Firewall. As a good baseball player,
    Troy can use his abilities at bat-swinging to hit some criminal heads, and his efficient brain to crack some secrets about the mysterious Inner Circle.
    – High intelligence
    – Hacking expert
    – Good experience with blunt weapons (including his baseball bat)

    Firewall’s first “armor”


    Name: William O’Reary
    Alias: RED THUNDER
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Amateur MMA Fighter/ Masked Vigilante

    Biography: William is making success with his Red Thunder persona. The vigilante’s charisma and guts to trash-talk all the criminals in the city made him a living spetacle. But his attitude is creating a conflict with Nightshadow. Both are trying to lead the Watch, and this internal conflict can put a serious danger to the team, and mostly to Red Thunder itself.
    – Body at his peak of physical condition
    – Great hand-to-hand skills
    – Leadership
    – High speed runner

    Thunder 2


    Name: [unknown]
    Age: [unknown]
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter

    Biography: After failing at her mission of killing Nightshadow, the Huntress finds herself in a no-way-out situation. She has to give information about her contractor,
    the Inner Circle. Initially refusing to give anything, as time goes by, she eventually starts to work with the Watch. But, it will take a long time for the vigilantes to
    trust her.
    – Expert at ranged weapons
    – Expert at handguns
    – Great stealth

    Huntress’ outfit




    Thanks and please reply! Your comments and opinions are important!



    THE WATCH – Season 3 Bios (The Allies)

    Name: Liane Benson
    Alias: None
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Urban Security Agency (USA) field agent
    Biography: The mysterious agent is the connection of the Watch with the American Government. Even if the vigilantes are quite critical of the government’s supervision
    on their actions, they started to respect Agent Benson. Probably, because she passes a sense of security and confidence. Benson pulled some strings to make a better
    “base” for the vigilantes.

    Agent Benson’s USA uniform

    Name: Walter Grey Thompson
    Alias: SHOTGUN
    Age: 49
    Occupation: Biker / Gun Smuggler
    Biography: Walter is a long-tme associate of the Huntress, and he became an important contact with the Watch itself. Everytime the vigilantes need a bigger firepower
    distraction, Mr. Shotgun can offer the perfect equipment.

    Mr. Shotgun photography

    Name: Marcus Wallace
    Alias: Rookie
    Age: 30
    Occupation: Freemont Police Detective
    Biography: Finally climbing up at the Police ranks, the now Detective Wallace still keeps an eye for the connections of the organized crime and the city hall. With the
    help of his clumsy partner, John Mulhoney, he may be close to crack the case of the decade.

    Detective Wallace’s attire

    Name: John Mulhoney
    Alias: Johnny Boy
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Freemont Police Detective
    Biography: The lazy, blabbermouth and, ocasionally corrupt, detective Mulhoney will have his sloth days over. Thanks to his new partner, the infamous Detective Wallace
    Johnny Boy will finally move his feet to catch some bad guys.

    Detective Mulhoney’s attire

    Name: Sharon Williams
    Alias: @freemontvoice
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Channel 9 Reporter
    Biography: Since the beginning of the vigilante actions in the city, the workaholic reporter keeps at search of the best news about them. Her constantly search for truth
    lead to an uneasy alliance with Nightshadow, and some bad name with Don Tomasino. Sharon must keep her head cool, so she doesn’t find herself in trouble.

    Sharon’s photo

    Name: Amanda Rodriguez (née Wilson)
    Alias: Mom
    Age: 46
    Occupation: Hotel Receptionist
    Biography: Time has passed and Amanda has finally become used to her son’s activities as Nightshadow. She even helped him in some case back then. But
    the ambush against him at the last season and her own “mother’s premonition” is seeing a great danger Paul. Little she knew that herself would be at the very eye
    of the storm.

    Amanda’s photo

    Leave your comment!!



    Here’s my collaboration for the Character contest:

    In Freeomnt, years after the advent of masked vigilantes, the city sees itself at risk of being savaged by deranged villains. The trouble is some of them have acquired powers, provenient from the Indigo Tower explosion, that expelled toxic gas. One of the infected is attacking the citizens by its technology. He is the most dangerous virus of all: he is Trojan




    THE WATCH – Season 3 Bios (The Nemesis)

    Name: Angelo Tomasino
    Alias: DON TOMASINO / Uncle Angie
    Age: 51
    Occupation: Restaurant Owner / Boss of the Tomasino Mafia Family
    At a recent past, Don Tomasino made the mistake of underastimating
    Nightshadow. And, as a result, he with his vigilante partners, disrupted many family
    deals and crimes. Growing angrier at his enemies and even his supposed “partners”,
    Don Tomasino will host a party that will shake the foundations of the city.

    Don’s picture


    Name: Vincent Tomasino
    Alias: VINNIE
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Nightclub Owner / Underboss of the Tomasino Mafia Family
    The sadistic son of Don Tomasino, Vinnie is just as angry with the vigilantes
    as his father, or worse. Planning numerous attacks for them, that almost always
    resulted in failure, Vinnie will plan a counterattack on The Watch. He will fight fire
    with fire.

    Vinnie’s Attire


    Name: Thomas Rosenberg
    Alias: TOMMY
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Lawyer / Consiglieri of the Tomasino Mafia Family
    The paranoid consiglieri is facing his biggest adversity: with the increasing
    actions of the vigilantes and the Police against the Tomasinos, Tommy is trying to figure
    out a way to make a deal to get otu of this life of fear.

    Rosenberg’s excercise clothes


    Alias: none
    Age: 54
    Occupation: Mayor of the City of Freemont / Member of the Inner Circle
    At the edge of losing his sanity, thanks to his paranoia, Frank thinks that
    the other members of the Inner Circle will take him off. So, he’s planning to go out with
    a bang. With the Von Cronsteburg’s Annual Ball, the mayor will find the perfect opportunity
    to do the unthinkable…

    Mayor’s not-really-good disguise


    Name: Albert Willmington Glover
    Alias: LORD GLOVER
    Age: 50
    Occupation: Philantrophist/ Member of the Inner Circle
    : Lord Glover is pulling his strings to become the only member of the Inner
    Circle. And to fullfill his desire, he will put Don Tomasino and Mayor Townley against
    each other. He still has another ace on his sleeve: he knows the secret identity of Nightshadow…

    Lord Glover’s picture


    Name: Kazuhira Nuziko
    Alias: KAZ
    Age: 41
    Occupation: Businessman / Head of the Freemont’s Yakuza
    Kaz always had that mix of charm and cruelty. Maybe, that’s why he became
    the Head of the Yakuza in Freemont. Having Little Tokyo as his backyard, Kaz is
    trying to expand his territory, since the numerous setbacks from the Tomasinos.

    Kaz’ Picture




    Marcus Wallace has one hell of a sharp suit, but you may want to add a back to his coat.



    @Stulte said:

    Marcus Wallace has one hell of a sharp suit, but you may want to add a back to his coat.

    LOL!! Just realized that. Thanks for the tip!



    So, I didn’t post my stuff for a while. So there’s a new team I’ve been creating. I call them the X-PLORERS. I know, lame…

    Here’s first: Franklin Dreyfuss, former detective on Earth, now lives as a bounty hunter. During one of his investigations, he ends up running on…

    …Lavinia Roone, biggest troublemaker of the Armstrong Nebula. Hard to be trusted, thanks for her strong temperament.

    …and that’s Kindan, mechanic of the Slycia Express, a cargo transport spaceship. Loyal and brave, he never backs off on a fight.

    Please, comment and give a suggestion for more characters.

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