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    Finished designing the Aces main cast so I going to post new versions of the characters with full bios , I am really getting into heromachine and starting to realize all the the cool things you can do with it .

    For those who didn’t see the first thread here is a a little intro to the story ..
    The main story revolves around a covert unit of the fictional G.S.O (Global Security Organization) lacking an official name(officially it doesn’t even exist) it is referred to by those who have knowledge of it as “The Deck”. The operatives are a mix of spies , soldiers , former superheroes and villains and the operation utilizes a ranking system based on playing cards . The first story arc will be about the creation of a new team of “ACES” the top operatives who take on the toughest jobs.

    First up is Ne’na Fatal my original…




    Name : Ne’na Fatal
    A.K.A : Too many to list
    Rank : The Dealer

    Bio : By her own design Ne’na’s personal history is shrouded in mystery. DNA scans have confirmed that she is of mixed ethnicity, which gives weight to the rumor that she is the love child of a British MI 6 operative and a famous Bollywood actress .The earliest official reports have her joining the G.S.O in her mid twenties,although there are earlier reports of her involvement with other intelligence agencies,including but not limited too the C.I.A,K.G.B and the Mossad.When an alien race called the “Octo’Zenons” covertly invaded the earth, Ne’na was chosen to create and lead a special team,to hunt down and neutralize the aliens as well as their human collaborators.The operation’s success allowed Ne’na to rise quickly through the ranks of the G.S.O,eventually becoming the director of “Shadow Ops”. Ne’na’s new found popularity within the G.S.O took a big hit when the full details of her “OZ Squad” operation were leaked and she and the other members of her team became the object of hostilities for several high ranking global officials whose friends and family members , were executed by Ne’na and her team . She managed to weather the storm only to be fired a few years later for what was classified as “undisclosed infractions”. When the super villain “Proximus” and his “Doom Cartel” murdered several superheroes and global leaders , Ne’na was tapped by the G.S.O to find and terminate him. She agreed to take the assignment but only on the condition that she be allowed to to take over the “Deck’s” Dealer position which was left vacant when Maxwell Syndor ( her former mentor and creator of The Deck) was also killed by Proximus .

    Special Abilities : None Known
    Skills : Despite the fact that there is no record of her ever attending any educational institutions , Ne’na has an almost uncanny knowledge of world history and geo political policies , she is an expert in counter intelligence and has shown a mastery of several different forms of hand to hand combat , as well a proficiency with firearms explosives and technology.



    those hologram cards are awesome!cool character either way!



    thanks scat the cards took forever but the end result was worth it .



    Next up is Logan ….

    first version…





    A.K.A :None Known
    Rank :The Joker

    Bio: Logan is Ne’na’s “Special Assistant”,his personal history is unknown. He basically just started showing up at G.S.O headquarters,shortly after Ne’na was promoted to Shadow Operations. He has been seen doing everything from drafting classified status reports to picking up dry cleaning. All attempts to identify Logan including D.N.A and retina scan records have been inconclusive, and no one is able to explain how he got clearance for such a high level position when so little is known about him. When Ne’na was terminated from the G.S.O, Logan resigned and his personnel records were deleted before they could be declassified.

    Special Abilities:None Known
    Skills: Logan is highly efficient and competent and has shown a mastery of several varied culinary,clerical
    and domestic skills. He has also demonstrated prowess with technology and field medicine.



    Continuing my remix series we have Rook ..

    Original hm3-beta-16.png




    Name: Vincent Rook
    AKA: Youngblood,Scarecrow,Prometheus
    Rank : The Ace of Spades

    Bio:Vincent grew up in a crime ridden housing project in Maryland,and at an early age he showed a high capacity for comprehension.When tests revealed his possession of an intelligence level that was above genius,he was given a scholarship to attend the prestigious “Advance Academy” A private school funded and operated by the “Horizon Corporation”.Vincent excelled at his studies but was constantly reprimanded for his unwillingness to follow his set learning path, and pushing back against his instructors efforts to weaponize his comprehension abilities. Despite these problems Vincent graduated the Academy near the top of his class and was given an internship at Horizons Corporation’s research and development facility.Vincent’s difficulty with fitting into the corporate mold was soon noticed by the “Drum Circle” a collective of hackers labeled by the government as cyber terrorists . Lucas joined the group taking on the moniker of Youngblood . He was instrumental in helping them preform devastating attacks against several corporate entities ,including his former benefactors Horizon. When the group was infiltrated by G.S.O agent Ne’na Fatal ( who was then known as “Gale”) Vincent and several other members were arrested and sent to prison. Vincent managed to escape his incarceration only to be captured by Fatal , who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, join her newly formed “OZ Squad” as the Scarecrow and receive a full pardon for his cyber crimes or return to prison. He decided to join the team and was given access to the alien tech of the Octo-Zenons. His ability to understand the technology and the OZ ‘s secret code gave the team the edge they needed to be successful. When the group came under fire for actions taken during the invasion. Vincent took the brunt of the attacks against them, being an easy target because of his status as a convicted cyber terrorist.Ne’na assured him that she would protect him but Vincent decided to go underground he assumed the identity of the legendary Prometheus,stealing technology from global governments and corporations and giving it away to the masses.He was found again by Ne’na who made him another offer this time it was to join her new Aces team as the Ace of Spades.

    Special abilities : Superhuman intelligence,comprehension and memory.
    Skills : Vincent uses his super human comprehension skills and intellect on technology,inventing incredible gadgets like his laser/taser gauntlet or brain wave controlled drone mines,but his most advanced device is his “God Box” an artificially intelligent device loaded with apps that allow him to do things like hacking computer networks or creating the accelerated reality models he uses to accurately predict probabilities. He received combat training during his time at the G.S.O is proficient with fire arms although he prefers not to use them.



    This is all really great work! There can never be enough cyberpunk in this world.



    Thanks Weilyn This is intended to be a superhero story but I do see how the large amount of tech in my characters could make it look like cyberpunk , I guess all those William Gibson novels influenced me allot more than I thought.


    I am loving all of your characters and loving this story. And you have a very unique style. I think this stuff could make for a really cool cartoon series.



    Thanks Headless I actually tried to model this thread after the stuff you were doing in your”Army”thread I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your style.



    Moving right along here is Tasha Wu





    Name: Tasha Wu
    AKA: Number 36,Soldier Girl
    Rank: The Ace of Diamonds

    Bio: Tasha was a born in china and adopted by a wealthy American celebrity couple . She grew bored and disgusted with the lavish and shallow life her parents provided for her, and at eighteen she joined the U.S. Army against their wishes.She found military life to be a natural fit,enjoying the order and discipline and getting the chance to push herself and discover her true potential After a couple of deployments ,Tasha was recruited into the top secret “Zenobia” project. A joint military experiment that sought to create female super soldiers. The project’s candidates were subjected to intense physical and combat training and given injections of hormones created out of genetic material harvested from the corpse of “Lady Ultra” a super heroine who was born on an alien planet and sent to earth as a child. The experiment took a bad turn when some candidates started to go insane , and only thirteen of the original fifty survived the project intact. This group called themselves the “Lucky 13″ and they were split up and assigned to various branches of the military. Tasha and four other members of the group were assigned to the G.S.O’s Shadow Operations division under the supervision of it’s newly appointed assistant Director Ne’na Fatal. Things went well for the group until they were sent to Germany to take out a small time super villain crew called the”Vandals”.The group was trying to break into the big time by kidnapping a German popstar and Tasha and her team were assigned to rescue the victim and neutralize the Kidnappers.intelligence indicated that the group did not have any high level super villains, but in reality the groups leader “Doom Sword” had recently secretly received an upgrade to his powers.Tasha’s team was slaughtered and the only reason she managed to get away with the kidnap victim is because her best friend “Yasmine” sacrificed herself to cover their escape.Tasha was upset about losing her team, but became angry when she found out that Shadow Operations had put Doom Sword and the Vandals on their payroll. Tasha left the G.S.O and hunted Doom Sword down executing all of the Vandals in the process,She finally caught up with Doom Sword in Madrid, Spain and after a long battle managed to defeat and kill him, unfortunately a family of tourists from Great Britain was caught in the crossfire and their murder was recorded on a cellphone and posted on the Internet.The G.S.O arrested Tasha and stuck her in a “Cry Box”(cryogenic cells located in maximum security prisons around the world they are reserved for the globes most powerful and/or dangerous offenders) She was released a few years later when Ne’na decided to make her the new “Ace of Diamonds”.

    Special Abilities: As a result of the Zenobia project Tasha has increased healing abilities and senses. She is also capable of bursts of superhuman strength,and possesses a threshold for pain that is beyond normal human limitations.
    Skills: Tasha is the perfect soldier adept at both firearms and hand to hand combat. She’s also developed the skill of hyper focused “mind over matter” which allows her to overcome almost any opponent or obstacle.


    @son4 said:

    Thanks Headless I actually tried to model this thread after the stuff you were doing in your”Army”thread I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your style.

    I don’t mind at all. I’m actually flattered. Like I said I love your work. Smile

    As for Tasha Tan, I noticed you’ve changed her boots a couple of times even before your REMIX. Well, I don’t think you will be needing to change them again, those new boots look like they could have been custom made for her. Another great character.

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