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    Hello, people! My name is Luiz Paulo. I’m from Brazil and recently I created a story based on my HeroMachine creations! I will ost them shortly!



    So here’s my synopsis of THE WATCH:

    “Freemont City, once the Light City of America, now lives in its darkest times. Crime surrounds every single element in the city, making billions of dollars and locking the honest citizens in its homes. That is, until one man decided to change this.

    Paul Rodriguez, a radio DJ, son of a murdered detective, decides to finnaly take action against gangsters, lunatics and others that corrupt his hometown, assuming the identity of Nightshadow.

    “The Watch” will follow Nightshadow’s crusade in Freemont, as he goes deep at the criminal underbelly of the city.”

    I’m writing the story on my tumblr, So far I only put the prologue, but the first chapter is almost finished.



    Paul Rodriguez-Wilson aka Nightshadow – 25 years – Radio DJ


    “Paul helps his widowed mother as a radio DJ on the local station, presenting a classic rock show called “Night Watch”. He’s known and liked by his neighbors, but behind his good humor, hides a feeling of indignation and anger as he sees his hometown being savaged by petty gangs and criminal organizations. Eager to do justice with his own hands, he became the Nightshadow, a masked vigilante who wants and will put the criminals at their deserved place: jail.”

    Uniform 1 – Night One


    This is the outfit Paul uses as he first embodies his Nightshadow persona. Unfortunately, his first night as a vigilante is a failure. As he tried to stop three members of the Lunatikz of hurting an innocent woman, they proceed to overpower and beat up Paul to near-death. And, to crown Paul’s defeat, the sadistic Lunatikz kill the woman, right in front of him, while he passes out.

    Uniform 2 – New Shadow


    Weeks after that disastrous night, Paul decides that he will keep trying to bring justice to Freemont. Now with a new outfit and a card on his sleeve – his old man’s revolver – the Nightshadow watches over the dangerous district of Carlton Heights once again.



    Welcome to the forums.



    Nice story! I always find vigilante stories more interesting when theyat least don’t start out that well.



    @hammerknight: The moderator has spoken! Thanks!

    : Thank you and I agree with what you’re sayin’. I made Nightshadow’s first misssion to be a failure because I think that humanizes him. After all, as you can see in it’s first uniforms, he’s just an average joe trying to make justice.

    Now for more characters of the First Season of THE WATCH:

    Daniel Wilson – 39 years (dead) – Detective


    Once a respectful family man and detective, Daniel Wilson was brutally murdered during a warehouse raid. His death revealed that he was involved with the Barzinis, one of the four families that control the city’s underworld. But, was he? Even after ten years, Daniel’s death is surrounded by many uncovered mysteries.

    Amanda Rodriguez – 45 years – housewife


    This woman passed through tough times. After her detective husband was killed and accused of being involved with the organized crime, she was forced to move out to her old neighborhood, Carlton Heights, a crime-ridden, poor comunity. The only thing that keeps her hopeful is her son, who works in an honest job. Still, she still worries about him, after all, bullets don’t choose its targets.

    Troy Jackson aka Firewall– 16 years – Student


    Paul’s teenage neighbor. While most kids from Carlton Heights dream of being at a basketball team or in a gang, Troy was extremely dedicated at hacking. He could easily infiltrate at the city biggest bank’s database with his always trusty laptop. As Paul begins his adventure as a masked vigilante, he finds in Troy his first ally in fighting crime.

    The Butcher (real name unknown) – age unknown – Serial Killer


    No one knows where he came from, his name, age or any connection with any of the crime organization, except by his own band of deranged misfits called Lunatikz. It’s said that over 50 people have been attacked by the Butcher, but only a couple have lived to see another day. Most of his victims’ bodies were never found.



    Welcome to the forums. Cool start. Got some good designs there.
    Please make sure you read the forum rules if you haven’t done so already.



    @JR19759 – Thanks, and done!

    Here’s more characters:

    Sharon Williams – 36 years – Reporter


    A reporter at Channel 9, the city’s main TV news network, she is known to be unstoppable at the search for the truth. Being one of the people that followed Detective Wilson’s murder, she believes that the case is not what it seems. And with the new vigilante on the streets, she will probably have the golden case at her hands.

    Marcus Wallace – 28 years – Police Officer


    As a beat cop, working at one of the most dangerous areas of Fremont, Wallace is respected by his courage and honesty. Willing to become a detective, he will find another reason to reach his objective: the mystery of the vigilante that acts in his area.

    Frank Townley – 52 years – Mayor of Fremont


    The acting mayor of Fremont is a frequent target of criticism by thepress and the population, because of his unfinished projects and empty promises. But Townley doesn’t even care, as long as his associates at the Inner Circle keeppaying him to keepa blind eye at some criminal activities. He’s even planning to run a re-election campaign. After all, more time at the City Hall, more money in his pocket.

    Angelo Tomasino – 50 years – Restaurant Owner / Head of the Tomasino Family


    Even if he still publicly assumes the position of a legitimate businessman, it’s no secret that Don Tomasino is head of the most respected and feared mob family on Freemont. Running numerous legal business and illegal rackets, Tomasino has the police and the politicians in his pocket, ruling calmly over the city.

    Scarlett Mitchell aka The Scarlet – 23 years – Bartender


    Scarlett makes her life in a high class nightclub in Downtown Freemont, but the constant routine of serving celebrities, socialites and mobsters became a boring routine. With no boyfriend, no family and no time to lose, she became the Scarlet, another vigilante acting at the middle class neighborhood of Redwood Hill.



    For the Character Contest #73 – Random Names, I present you:




    THE WATCH – First Season Characters



    My new HM brainstorm: a new team called Starlords.

    Here’s the first couple:





    Great group shot.Smile



    Yeah, that group shot is really atmospheric. The dark background makes a hell of a big difference.



    @Hammerknight and Stulte – Thanks! And, yeah, the background helped the vibe. Still not satisfied of how came out though.

    So, time to kick out my “Season 2” of “THE WATCH”! And, for our first character, of course is:

    Shadow II Uniform

    After confronting gangbangers, perverts, mafiosi and even the police, Paul Rodriguez finds himself in a big scenario as Nightshadow. With his partners Troy “Firewall” Jackson as support and briefing, and Scarlett “The Scarlet” Mitchell as partner and martial arts trainer, Paul gets ready to dig deeper at Freemont’s criminal underworld, as he finds out the real reason about his father’s death: something related to a “Inner Circle”.

    And, to finish, here’s a small wallpaper of THE WATCH – Season 2



    Here’s more Starlords:





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