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    Man, your stuffs are outstanding! They are way more detailed than an average HM creations.

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    Alias: Redfin
    Real name: Martin Fright
    Affiliation: The Shadow Freaks

    Martin is an inborn mutant orphan who was adopted by two human couple after being found abandoned in the rails. He was named Martin and was cared and protected by his parents. A lot of people were terrified by Martins appearance and he never got proper education as most schools thinks he doesn’t fit in with any other children and his adoptive parents were forced to home school him instead. Growing up, Martin finds it hard to adapt as he has very few friends who are either criminals or social outcasts. He joined his first gang when he was 15, he was used by the gang as their frontman as he was very naturally skilled with firearms. In one of their gang operations, they were caught by Brutus and Freddie Mcpyre from the S.H.S.A. He didn’t go down without a fight, outsmarting the two officers and almost killing Freddie before being overpowered by other Superhuman agents. He was brought to a rehabilitation camp designed for criminal masterminds. Martin caused lots of trouble in the camp, beating two prisoners almost to death. Because of his outstanding skills with firearms, S.H.S.A. recruited him and told him the advantages of being a member. Martin refuses as he found it too pretentious of them to recruit him after all he’s done. Instead, he joined with the group which fits him most. The Shadow Freaks, a bunch of outcast who works for those who can pay.

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    Grayman as a human.

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    Alias: Grayman
    Real name: Sir Jason Franklin
    Affiliation: The Shadow Freaks

    One of the most well-known researcher for his time, Jason made quite a lot of innovative inventions that made life easier for most people. His most controversial discovery is his experiments on wolves in an attempt to cross-breed them with humans in order to create a super-soldier with superhuman scents and speed. This caused many people to be outraged as they knew that his formula would be used with live humans. The formula is so close now that Jason is certain the test subject would be fine but that doesn’t please the public, and he received threats from big corporations that if the experiment were to continue, his company would be shutdown and his reputation would be destroyed. Desperate but confident, Jason injected the formula into himself but as usual first tries, the formula went wrong. Instead, the wolf DNA overlapped his human DNA giving him the skin pigment and abilities of a wolf while maintaining his human intelligence and body. Now with a permanent hideous appearance, Jason was forced to shutdown his company and create a totally new identity. Jason framed his own death and now roams around the city anonymously as the Grayman. His potentials were not wasted as he now uses his skills with the Shadow Freaks where he feels home.


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    Great characters man! very creative.

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    Great concepts,great poses and overall great characters, good job man!

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    That’s terrifying dude! (In a good way)

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    Real name:Berg Tucker
    Affiliation:The Shadow Freaks

    Berg was a well known wrestler who grew rich because of his career.That is until he was diagnosed with cancer.Depressed, Berg was desperate to find a cure where he stumbles upon a military general who offers him an untested cure for cancer, Berg unconditionally volunteers and went with the general.When the cure was injected upon Berg, all traces of his cancer disappeared for months but the cure took its toll.Berg became stronger and he grew a few feet taller as well, all of his hair fell and his skin turned pale brown.Berg was barely recognizable after another month, his wife left him and the wrestling team he was with rejected him from getting his career back as they suspected he used some kind of drug enhancement.Depressed and alone, Berg took on the alias: Krank and joined a group of mutant mercenaries called the Shadow Freaks.

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    Now that’s a team I wouldn’t want to face! Nice work, they all look menacing.

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    I really like the quality of your work! everything looks so sharp and hand-drawn, my favorite is definitely motherboard.

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    The Time Thieves are the most notorious criminals of the year 2045 as they made the public curious as they introduced the unharnessed ability of time travel using a time device developed in a supersecret military base which not even the government has knowledge of.It is unsure what the Time Thieves want with the past but what is sure is that they made nothing but chaos in every timeline they ever visited.A unit of elite super-soldiers have been dispatched to deal with the Time Thieves.


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    This one is:
    Codename:The Blacksmith
    Real name:Robert Black
    Affiliation:The Time Thieves

    Robert Black is part of one of the most advanced branches of scientist in the military. After his family was killed in a robbery, he quits the branch and used his knowledge to research ways to find the killers of his family. He uses his knowledge to create an exoskeleton, giving himself superhuman strength, speed and stamina. He also created a hammer made of pure energy able to vaporize almost everything in its path. His intentions seems to be alright at first but then he crossed the line when he killed 10 police officers who arrested him after he killed the murderer of his family. From then on, the Blacksmith has joined with Maximus and the Slasher in their path of complete chaos.

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    Thanks Scatman, glad you like him! Its been quite a while but I’m finally back from the grave.Here’s a character.
    Real name:Unknown
    Affiliation:The time thieves

    Slasher is the 10th attempt by the government to create a humanoid super-soldier capable of doing cold-blooded assassinations. Instead, the scientist who created it, got more than they bargained for when slasher started displaying human-like behaviors and started disobeying orders given to it via, a computer installed in its brain. It escaped the lab, killing everyone who created it. After escaping, it met the Blacksmith, who reprogrammed its computer to follow him instead. From then onward, it became part of the Time Thieves.

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    I’m kinda new at this but here is my take on Peacekeeper.

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    Wow you guys are really helpful! I really appreciate the tips and pointers!Laugh
    I only made one character today and here is: Maximus
    Real name: N/A
    Affiliation: The time thieves

    As mentioned earlier, Hercules is after the criminals who stole a time machine and escape to the past. Maximus is one of the criminals and he is bent on doing whatever he can to avoid capture. Maximus is a mutant who worked for the future S.H.S.A. but unfortunately, somebody corrupted his mind, making him rebel against the S.H.S.A. and forming a group called the “Time Thieves”.


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