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    And a scene with the two of them together:



    Herr D

    His eyes on the hammer with a mild look of concern–nice touch. Smile


    The Atomic Punk

    A “steamy” romance.



    That’s adorable.



    Love the pipe and gauge work!Awesome pic!


    Alexander of Limbo

    very nice Smile



    WOW! all this is amazing!
    Have much imagination.
    and I saw that almost all of your creations are with women
    jaj Goodbye.



    @ Herr D
    Thanks for pointing that out Smile He was supposed to look at her face, so I edited the picture.

    @ The Atomic Punk
    Haha, indeed!

    @ Myro
    Thank you!

    @ Scatman
    Thanks! The pipes were added very much as an afterthought, so I’m glad they worked out!

    @ Alexander of Limbo
    Thanks, man!

    @ Mr.jack
    Thanks a lot, man! Though there are actually more male characters in this gallery than female ones.


    Maxander of Arboga: Airbourne Captain 2nd rank, KLS Mistpoeffer.

    A: Lieutenant! Report!

    F: By the looks of it, a Pássaro class twenty-fiver under Spanish flag, captain. Crept up on us from behind.

    A: How the hell did they manage to creep up on us!? We’re above open water for God’s sake.

    F: Dunno, captain. None of our crows manage to spot her.

    A: Damages?

    F: They’ve only fired one salvo, captain. Some light breaches in the hull, two mariners injured by flying shrapnel. Nothing serious, sir.

    A: Where are the Schorpione and the Kortena?

    F: Dunno, sir. They were ordered to leave for Rotterdam two hours ago. We are attempting to contact them, or any other ships in the area, but we nobody’s responding.

    A: Any contact with the Spanish vessel?

    F: None, sir. We’ve tried, but no such luck.

    A: … Let me get this wrong, Lieutenant. An enemy vessel, carrying four times as many guns as ours, has had their starboard broadside fixed upon us for the last four minutes, only having fired a single warning salvo?

    F: That’s right, captain.

    A: And she is motionless. She merely hovers between us and the shore, making no attempts to contact or taunt us?

    F: Sure seems that way, sir.

    A: Those men are no Spaniards…



    awesome job!!!



    Thank you Smile

    Casimir Bogiakov: Head Feldsher, KLS Mistpoeffer.

    S: So. Doc. Is it bad?

    B: It’s infected, madame.

    S: That’s bad?

    B: Quite bad.

    S: Can ya fix it?

    B: I can. But I believe preventive measures should be taken against injuries of this kind.

    S: Whaddya mean?

    B: You really should stop cutting your own skin.

    S: Yeah, no, not gonna happen.

    B: … Why, madame?

    S: I need ’em. For reminders.

    B: Some people keep a journal.

    S: Nah, that wouldn’t work. Can’t read.

    B: You don’t say…

    S: And it’s not like I’m not careful, Doc. I mean, I never cut through anything important.

    B: The skin, madame, is the largest organ of the human body. I assure you, it is quite important.

    S: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Will you fix it or not?

    B: I can cleanse the wound with a tincture of iodine and close it with sutures. You will need to apply an antiseptic tonic to it thrice a day for the following two weeks.

    S: Sounds good to me!

    B: I also advice you to make smaller and shallower incisions in the future, and that you use a sterile blade.

    S: Got it.

    B: May I also remind you that you are in the service of the Union Navy, and that these constant infections hinder you from carrying out your duty?

    S: Ah, but how am I gonna carry out my duty of shooting airships if I don’t remember what airships I’ve shot?

    B: … Madame, I don’t even know how to respond to that.

    S: That means I win! Hurry up now, wash it off, stitch it up. We’re shipping out in eighteen hours, and I’ve got things to do ashore.

    B: I am already finished, madame.

    S: Really? I didn’t feel anything at all.

    B: I can imagine.

    S: Thanks Doc! I’m off! See you next month!

    B: Hopefully not, madame.



    Weilyn, go here for Comic Life, http://plasq.com/ Enjoy!



    Thanks, mate!


    Herr D

    Your dialogues are getting very identifiable. I’m afraid I’m not sure how much is your skill improving and how much is me getting better at noticing the madness / foibles of those around me. I’ve–basically played the role of that doctor again recently . . . and I’m not even qualified to do the metaphorical first aid. Embarassed



    I have been placed in that role far more times than I would care to remember.
    With Amalia I wanted to create a character who practices self harm, but is still dissonantly cheery, while also being placed in an environment that doesn’t know what to make of it. Amalia quite literally can’t remember meaningful events unless they are connected to an intense physical sensation, and pain is a simple way of achieving that. She also has a great deal of disdain for her own body. She feel disconnected from it, so she really doesn’t care much what harm comes to it.
    In short, she has a warped mind. There is a reason for it, but she doesn’t know of it herself.

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