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    Where did YOU come from?Not that you aren’t already an amazing HM’er ,but these last few are just mind blowing!you rock!
    Sorry I just love that ship,and Amalia is just beautiful!I wish I had that posing ability,Either I just can’t do it or i am extremely lazy.Anyway nice work Weilyn.http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif



    I’m loving the airship crewmembers, but I’m not sure which is better- the HM images or the dialogues!


    Alexander of Limbo

    this is just great! Keep em’ coming



    @ Scatman
    Thank you! I’ve been investing more time in zypping lately, it might be that http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif
    I always struggle with posing, but I’ve found it helps immensely to have a reference picture. For Amalia, for example, I just googled for “resting head on arms” until I found something that looked good, and then I just copied it.

    @ Trekkie
    Haha, thanks! The dialogues are really fun to write.

    @ Alexander
    Thanks, I will!

    Nolwazi Nandi: Quartermaster, KLS Mistpoeffer.

    A: Quartermaster! I would like a word with you.

    N: Of course, sir.

    A: I have been looking through your papers, and I can’t find any records of your service in the uKhahlamba War. Have you misplaced them?

    N: No sir. I didn’t serve in the uKhahlamba war.

    A: Is that so? Where did you serve, then?

    N: I didn’t, sir. This is my first assignment.

    A: Oh. Pardon me, madame, I shouldn’t have assumed.

    N: That’s quite allright, captain.

    A: …

    N: …

    A: Out of curiosity, quartermaster, how did you lose your eyes?

    N: Through a laboratorial incident, captain, at Ulundi university.

    A: What sort of an incident?

    N: The lecturer stumbled and spilled aqua regia in my face, captain.

    A: I see. And I take it your arm was burned as well?

    N: No captain. Seperate incidents, captain.

    A: Aha. Would you mind telling me how that happened?

    N: A fire in the dormitories at the Al-Azhar University, sir. My arm was caught and crushed under a falling beam.

    A: I see. Al-Azhar, that’s in…?

    N: Cairo, sir.

    A: Oh, right, Cairo.

    N: …

    A: And, well, what about…

    N: The leg, captain?

    A: Yes. What about the leg, quartermaster?

    N: Frostbite, sir.

    A: Frostbite?

    N: Yes, sir, frostbite. My horse died from a stroke on the way to a lecture on cartography at the University of Uppsala. Had to walk through the blizzard for six hours before I reached an inn, sir, at which point the leg had turned blue from the cold.

    A: And the innkeeper didn’t tend to it?

    N: I believe he did the best he could, captain. He just wasn’t entirely sure what colour I was supposed to change back into.

    A: Ah. I can imagine.

    N: …

    A: Well, this conversation took a bit of a dark turn. Let’s change the subject, shall we?

    N: Certainly, sir.

    A: I understand you have studied all over the Union. Did you receive a scholarship?

    N: No, sir. Insurance money, sir.


    Loving everything you are doing.



    Story and Art, you got the best from both worlds! This is what you call a Weilyn Evolution…


    The Atomic Punk

    Love sailing on the KLS Mistpoeffer. If I wasn’t already a mech warrior princess, you would make me a steampunk madboy. Wink



    Thank you very much! Smile

    Another pic of Amalia, for a future group shot.






    I assume her eyebrows are beneath her hair?
    On the quality of your current work, I’m going to have to work harder on my shading now.



    @ djuby

    @ JR
    Thank you! I’m not sure if I’m going to keep doing the shading. I like the results, but it’s so tedious.
    I intentionally left the eyebrows out to make her look more, you know, odd. Maybe it doesn’t work. What do you think?



    I think the shading around her eyes makes her look odd enough, but it’s up to you.



    Yeah, you’re right, it does look better.






    We are the flames of the Emperor.
    That which displeases him we set aflame.
    That which we set aflame we destroy.
    That which we destroy was never there.



    So I just went George Lucas all over the rukh Frisis:




Viewing 15 posts - 346 through 360 (of 379 total)

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