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    I like the black bishop, I may have to steal that idea at some point (as that seems to be the thing to do at the moment Wink)


    Herr D

    You actually called me a muse instead of amusing! http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif [blushes three different colors, gills gurgling with glee.] Thank you, and–you are VERY capable of accepting potential inspiration. –I’m not sure what that’s called? Btw, I’m pleased to note you’re also aware of how animals look like those funny headpieces some clergy wear. Did the Rev’s contest get you thinking about making your chesspieces look more like pure opposites?



    @Weilyn said:

    Thanks, man!


    My entry for ReverendAreions challenge.




    @JR19759 said:

    I like the black bishop, I may have to steal that idea at some point (as that seems to be the thing to do at the moment http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-wink.gif)

    Thanks! Steal anything you want.

    @Herr D said:
    you are VERY capable of accepting potential inspiration. –I’m not sure what that’s called?

    I’m not even sure what that means Laugh Thanks again for the bio!
    The Reverend’s contest wasn’t really an inspiration for the chess pieces. I just wanted to create as much contrast as possible.

    @RobM said:

    Thanks a lot!

    I made a couple of dwarven engineers a while back. I mentioned they worked on an airship, and figured it’d be fun to make the ship as well.

    The KLS Mistpoeffer, Union Exocoetus class Airship-of-the-Line, 4th The Hague Squadron.

    So cool. And I absolutely love the coloring.



    Thank you! I’m not entirely sure about the windows, to be honest.

    Amalia Shaw: Multi-awarded midship gunner, KLS Mistpoeffer.
    “When life gives you cannons…”


    Amazing, that last one… How did she acquire those scars btw?


    Herr D

    Amalia Shaw: Multi-awarded midship gunner, KLS Mistpoeffer.
    “When life gives you cannons…”

    MAKE CANNONADES! Fusillades? I figure those scars are for the number of ships she’s shot down or the number of years she spent as a prisoner of war. As for the windows, maybe mask a small piece of translucent cloud to each? That way they’d be reflecting sky?



    Herr D- I can think of a few people who need some ‘cannonade’. That is such a good phrase



    Thanks, guys! Herr D got it right: one scar for every destroyed vessel. She’s a bit mental. Thanks for the idea for the windows!
    And yeah, I came up with that cannonade pun and just knew I had to build a characater around it Laugh

    Mistpoeffer with updated windows:



    Beautiful! Both Amalia and the airship are fantastic!



    Thanks CantDraw!

    Nevin Tippett: Upper deck marksman, KLS Mistpoeffer.


    J: Mister Tippet?

    T: Yes, Mister Janz?

    J: May I ask you a question?

    T: You certainly may.

    J: Where is your beard?

    T: I… I beg your pardon?

    J: Where is your beard, Mister Tippet? If I may be so bold.

    T: Well… I never really had the propensity for a beard.

    J: Oh. That’s somewhat rare among your people, is it not?

    T: Yes, I suppose. We Scotsmen tend to sport quite impressive beards.

    J: I’m sorry? Scotsmen?

    T: Yes. I am a Scotsman.

    J: Oh. I thought you were a Dwarf.

    T: That I am.

    J: … I’m afraid I’m not following.

    T: You seem to have gotten dwarfism, the deformity that causes abnormally slow growth in humans, confused with Dwarves, the short, stout, subterranean race. I am of the former variety. The latter are known for their beards.

    J: Huh.

    T: …

    J: Oh, all right, I get it! It’s like saying: What is the difference between a beluga whale and an albino orca?

    T: What?

    J: What?

    T: What is the difference between a beluga whale and an albino orca?

    J: … I’m not quite sure, to be honest. Perhaps it was a poor example.

    T: Perhaps.

    J: …

    T: …

    The awkward silence was shattered when a Spanish cannonball tore through the cabin, to the great relief of both men.



    Good thing he wasn’t Irish.Wink


    Alexander of Limbo

    love that conversation, it made me chuckle Laugh



    Thanks a lot, guys!

    Willem Janz: Upper deck boarder, KLS Mistpoeffer.


    J: We appear to be losing altitude, Mister Tippett.

    T: That we do, Mister Janz.

    J: A few engines fell off an hour ago.

    T: Yes, I heard. Gas is leaking out at a remarkable rate, as well. Quite a large hole on the starboard side.

    J: I imagine that exacerbates things. We managed to extinguish the foreward blaze, but the tillers have been damaged.

    T: Reparably?

    J: Possibly. The rukh Frisis are working on them, but I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.

    T: How so?

    J: Well… They are not arguing.

    T: I see.

    J: So… crashing into the ocean?

    T: Presumably.

    J: …

    T: That is a strange use of the word, isn’t it?

    J: What word?

    T: “Crash”.

    J: … Why?

    T: Well, “crash” is onomatopoeic, right?

    J: Right.

    T: But an airship hitting the ocean doesn’t produce a crash. It’s more of a big splash.

    J: So your point is that we should avoid saying “The burning airship crashed into the Atlantic” in favour of “The burning airship splashed into the Atlantic”.

    T: Well… yes. It’s more accurate, isn’t it?

    J: … I can’t argue with that. Sounds quite a bit nicer, too.

    T: Indeed! Crash is such an agressive word.

    J: Yes! Yes.

    T: …

    J: …

    T: Hey, is that a beluga whale down there?

    J: Oh, it is!

    T: This certainly has been an exciting day.

    J: …

    T: …

    J: Are you sure that’s not an albino orca?

    T: … No.

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