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    The Atomic Punk

    Bon anniversaire!



    Im a slow wit, but Happy Birthday! That Guardian is awesome btw.



    Cosmos Guardian Now that is cool



    Thanks and here is John Carrol, a former student of the Institute and current terrorist and mercenary.

    John Carrol is a telepath. He hears every voice in his nearby vicinity. There were too many voices to cancel out and the only thing which could cancel it out for a bit was music.


    Eventually, the field in which he could hear voices grew faster than he could cancel them out and eventually, he was hearing the entire world’s voices. This soon drove John mad and drove him into isolation, hoping it would help the cacophony in his head. Carrol soon came to the realization that the only way to get silence was to kill everyone on the planet. This led him to become a terrorist and mercenary whose only concern was causing mass casualties. He is an expert with weapons and he can overload people’s brains by forcing the thoughts of a hundred people in their brains, resulting in brain hemorrhaging and death. Carrol is on BSH’s most wanted list and is one of the Institute’s greatest failures. Carrol was eventually killed by the hero Spitfire.


    Herr D

    Happy Belated B-day. Ironic about the timing. I love that some people are referring to the deadlocked Congress as ‘children.’ Frankly they probably need more public shaming to get them to do their jobs. I’m generally incapable of winning a popular vote, but maybe that’s partly because I have a work ethic? It’s a mystery to me. Confused


    Thanks and that’s probably it. Just messing around with more Cosmos stuff.


    Here is Squelette, a french immortal sorcerer and foe of Luc Dubois. He was an early colonist of Acadia. He was also a small time sorcerer who heard of a mystical ritual to make one immortal. After a native shaman refused him this immortality, Squelette massacred the native’s village. The shaman then gave the colonist his request, but without eternal youth. Squelette’s body withered and decayed, leaving just a skeleton. Squelette lived on the outskirts of society, trying to gain back his youth. He travelled with his fellow Acadians to Accadia(New Orleans) and he has been there ever since. Hundreds of years have passed and he has grown in power, but his eternal youth still eludes him.



    I love how that cosmos officer looks in the first shot. Really nice work, Vamp.



    These last two characters are really cool. Cosmos Officer has a great look, and I like your unique take on immortality for Squelette. Awesome!



    Thanks and here is Moehner (pronounced like Boehner).

    Moehner is a former member of SPARO, the superhuman black ops group. Moehner has the ability to charge objects to explode, including his fists, allowing for explosive punches. He is immune to the force of his own explosions, but not the shrapnel. He has a mean streak and after being with SPARO for a bit, he left to become a powered mercenary.



    Riley Clay is the son of Adrian Clay, founder and CEO of Clay systems, one of the top tech firms in the world. Riley hated his father’s greed and often spoke against him. He also despised the crime that riddled the city he lived in. He began to run charities and the like, but his father stopped him as it was a waste of money. This made Riley furious. Then he discovered his powers. Riley could breathe fire. Now he had another way to help the people of his city. So Riley became Spitfire, a firebrand of a hero devoted to helping save lives. When Adrian discovered Riley’s little hobby, he disowned him. It was the last straw, running around in colored tights to battle other men in tights.


    Riley was now abandoned and without a home. He had no money and no ideas for a future. SPARO offered him a purpose and job. So Riley became a SPARO operative, a good one at that. He did this for a while, but soon SPARO’s less than moral tactics got to him and he quit.


    Riley went back to the states and back to being a masked hero. Also, his father had died and he had inherited the family business, which he put to use in charitable ways. Spitfire was now a more world weary, but just as passionate crime fighter.



    Adam Morse was a member of the Cadets, a teenage superhero group. He went by the codename Psych, which tied together his telepathy and his joking nature. He was the optimistic clown of the team. Then that changed. Snowball, his best friend and teammate, died in the course of a mission. Psych had believed in the hero system, of good conquering evil, but his friend’s death changed that. His idealism became cynicism and he broke off from the team.


    He became a darker hero. He was willing to do more to get the bad guys, willing to cross a couple lines with his mindreading. He was on a dangerous path into becoming a villain. SPARO saw what he was willing to do and offered him a job. He hoped that by having someone to guide and watch over him that he would not slide into further evil. He became a SPARO agent, doing what they asked. He did things that were darker than ever before. They made him into a weapon. He worked as a living sonar for people, and he could make people do things. He became a killer, using both his newfound accuracy and his growing telekinesis. This life of black ops wore on Adam and soon he had to leave it. He had seen and done too much.


    Adam went home. The Cadets had broken up after what had happened to Snowball and they were all off doing their own things. Adam was still a hero at heart, but he needed a change. There was a darkness within him, a darkness he needed to harness to fight evil. He decided that he would use this darkness, use what skills he had learned, to continue fighting evil, but under a new name. He was a different person and he needed a new moniker, so he became Psyche. He would be a hero with darkness inside of him, a hero that would use the darkness for light, and a hero that knew what lines he must straddle, but not cross.



    Nice character evolution!



    Thanks and here is another cadet. On another note, I do plan on doing the 30 days challenge, but time has slipped away from me. It will be done in the end, it may just come later.

    Paige Holbrook has the ability to phase through objects. This led to her fighting crime as Phase. She found friends in the Cadets and was second in command. She was also in love with the first in command, Kid Paragon.


    On the day Snowball died, Paige was also forever changed. The villain knew the Cadets were coming and he was prepared. While fighting drones, she was struck by a special beam. This blast made her lose control of her phasing. She began phasing in and out, eventually phasing out of our reality. She slipped into a hell world full of floating rock and monsters. Paige was trapped in this world for a year. She was forced to do anything to survive. She killed any monster that came in her way and she ate anything that she could.

    Then, after a year, she phased back into our reality. For her, a year had passed, but for her friend’s it only had been a minute. In this minute, Paige had changed. She was scarred, physically and mentally. Her hair was disheveled and had turned white from the constant fear. This fear also turned her more violent.


    After she came back and Snowball died, she retired from heroing. She and Paragon got married and slowly, she readapted to normal life and her old positive self returned. She came out of retirement and works with her husband as Spectra.



    Here’s Snowball. He is a mutant who is composed out of snow. He and Psych were best friends and the jokers of the team. Snowball died when a villain activated his self destruct device. The base was nuclear powered and it was about to meltdown. Gadget could stop it, but the rods were too hot. Snowball jumped onto the rods, killing himself, but cooling them enough to stop the melt down. His death would change the Cadets, fracturing them.

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