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    Real Name: Harold “Hal” Foster

    Alias: Wormhole

    Status: Villain;active

    City of Origin: Aeolus

    Territory: Aeolus, but has worked in Argent City and Accadia.

    Skills/Abilities: Decent hand-to-hand fighter

    Powers: He has several vortexes attached to his body, the exact location of where they dump out is unknown. He can generate attraction to the vortexes and create others with his mind. He can use this power to teleport himself.

    History: The exact nature of his powers are unknown, but on August 25th of 2010, Harold's abilities activated and with their activation, he nearly took out his whole building. It was a miracle only five people died. He evaded capture.


    He then began his life anew as a supervillain. Since then, he has pulled off several successful heists and has evaded capture or escaped the authorities whenever confronted.




    Real Name: Jacqui Hayes

    AKA: Spectrum

    Modus Operandi: Heroine

    Status: Active

    Affiliation: BSH

    Relationships: Engaged to the hero, Mako

    City of Origin: Heliopolis

    Territory: Heliopolis

    Skills/Abilities: Speaks french

    Powers: Light manipulation:

    Light blasts




    History: Jacqui was born to George and Renee Hayes in Heliopolis. Her mother was french and came to America to teach at Florida State University. Because of this, her daughter learned french at a very early age. She was given a good education and a good childhood, both of which factored into her choices.

    She was at Florida State, getting her degree in business when she discovered her powers. Being smart and trusting her parents completely, she instantly told them of her gift and her intentions of heroism. It took some convincing, but she finally became the heroine, Spectrum. She has been a hero ever since an has made a name for herself in Heliopolis, working with other heroes in the sunshine state. She even found love in Mako, her fiancee.




    Simple but sweet.Laugh



    Love Spectrum, she's really cool. I can't figure out how you did the rainbow gradient, but it's really effective. Cool





    For the rainbow gradient, I assume you're talking about the hair and insignia. If so you do it by masking a gradient (no color 1 or line color) onto an individual hair in the color of a rainbow. This means you'll need about seven items to mask onto and seven colors to mask on. It takes a bit, but it turns out nicely.


    If you mean the hand, it is a bunch of colored gradients (No color 1 or line color, with color 2 50%) layered on top of each other onto the hand.



    Yeah, I was talking about the hair and insignia. That was my best guess, but I think you'd be able to have one that was just solid colour at the bottom, wouldn't you? Maybe green, because it's in the middle? Confused

    I can see how you did the hand one, that looks a lot simpler but still just as effective.Smile



    Thanks guys and here is my last image post for a few days. I'm going on vacation and won't have access to a computer, but due to the magic of smartphones, I can check up every now and then.


    Here are two foreign exchange students to the Academy, the Peruvian speedster, Jaime Vasquez and the English forcefield generator, Desmond Kelley.




    Hammerknight said:

    Legion would be handy to have around.

    This made me chuckle.

    You've got some great characters already up Vamp. some of my favorites are…

    • Zephyr – I don't know what it is I like about him, but whatever it is I really like it.

    • Cosmos – I really like him a simpler design but very effective. I would suggest one thing though, either I would add short black sleeves under the triangular top on his shoulders or I would kind of round them. I think it make them look better, but the character is top notch.

    • Spectrum – The rainbow effects are just cool


    Thanks MB and here is my fantasy Character Sheet


    Name: Horatio

    Class: Mage

    Race: Human

    Skills: An adept magician who can use a few spells without needing to utter them

    Powers: Magic of a high caliber, but specializes in using energy based spells.

    History: Born. Became mage. Fought. Died.




    Here's one of my older creations who I'm submitting for the Lust Contest. Dracula and his wives.




    Real Name: Unknown, but has gone by Laura Palmer, obviously an alias

    AKA: Lethe

    Modus Operandi: Memory specialist for hire, has worked for both sides

    Status: active

    City of Origin: Unknown, but given affinity for Argent City, it is assumed that is her hometown

    Territory: Aeolus, Argent City, and Accadia

    Skills/Abilities: She is an able seductress and speaks several languages

    Powers: Lethe can manipulate memories to erase, create, find, or alter memories. Skin contact is necessary for her powers to work.

    History: She popped up 3 years ago, working for anyone who could give her money. She worked for crimelords, for BSH, and even SPARO for a while. She still sells herself to the highest bidder, though she has strict guidelines for nonviolence, in fact she is often used to avoid violence by erasing witnesses' memories. Her usefulness has kept her alive and as long as she is useful, she will remain doing what she does best.









    Name: Adam Clay

    Race: Homunculus

    Rank: Detective

    Affiliation: Department 13, formerly the homicide division of the APD

    Status: Active

    City of Origin: Aeolus

    Skills: Adam is a good detective and a great shot with a pistol.

    Special Abilities: As a Homunculus, he has superstrength, above average senses and cannot die as long as the stone within him has energy. The stone within him contains the life energy which keeps him alive. As long as it contains lifeforce, Adam can heal from any wound. He can replenish the stone by absorbing life force from plants or other energies like electricity. If it runs out of energy or is destroyed, he will die.

    History: Adam was just a normal detective before the case which would forever change his life. It was a string of serial murders. Half a dozen people had been found stabbed with a very unique blade, an ancient ritualistic blade. He and his partner, Isaac Chambers had traced the murders back to a man by the name of Darius Cole.

    Darius then revealed Adam’s true nature and issued him an order to kill his partner. Through pure force of will, Adam resisted his command and killed his father. With his whole life now a lie, Adam couldn’t stay with the APD, so he quit. Department 13 offered him a job and he has been with them ever since.




    I like how your doing the bios, nice job. Keep up the good work.



    Thanks and here is my new contest entry, inspired by AMS's literart entries, Hester Prynne.


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