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    Nice effect. Very nice.



    Great stuff as always the last few got me in the mood to watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen



    Thanks guys and here is Sebastian, Department H’s resident vampire.



    These are awesome man! I like the arms behind the back pose. Looks really cool.



    Yeah, it’s a cool pose, but something about the arms looks slightly off to me. Confused



    @Kaylin88100 said:

    Yeah, it’s a cool pose, but something about the arms looks slightly off to me.

    I know what you mean. It’s almost like he’s got gorilla shoulders or arms or something…..

    : did you enlarge the upper arms in any way?



    First of all thanks, and to adress the arms issue, they are not modified in any way, they are just rotated to about +- 4 depending on the side. This may have made his chest broader than it should have been.

    Here is a fantasy soldier.

    Here is Astraeus, the greek titan of Dusk.


    I must say Invisible Claude is one of the most well executed designs I’ve seen. It’s so simple but it works so well. And I love the werewolf transformation, I’m a sucker for transformation shots as-well.



    Thanks everyone.

    Now that I’m finally back to a computer after a weekend of vacation, I present the Hernandez brothers. The mutant gene in humans works like a dimmer switch. In certain people, the dimmer is started and through time and use, the dimmer is turned more and more on, until the mutant reaches their maximum level of power.

    In the case of Enrique and Domingo Hernandez, there activation was much quicker, due to the circumstances of their gene’s activation. The two of them were in their living room and a fight amongst some heroes and Geiger, a nuclear villain, was raging outside. One of Geiger’s stray blasts hit the boy’s apartment and they were irradiated instantly. This could have killed them, but instead it activated their mutant gene. (In similar cases of an accident activating a power, it usually just activates this latent gene)

    Instead of being slow, the boy’s dimmer was sent hurtling towards full power in mere seconds. Enrique, who was only seventeen began to feel his body grow stronger and more feral, claws bursting out of his finger tips. His body pulsated as he became more fit, his bodies abnormalities being corrected. Domingo who was 21 did not get off so easy. His skin hardened in seconds, pain rushing through him as his skin became an exoskeleton. Wings erupted from his back and his eyes burned as they became compounded and he was on the floor, writhing, all through the process.

    As quickly as it began it ended and the two boys were left mutated. Domingo screamed ran flying out of the window, the pain from the transformation making him half mad. His wings began to move and his now compound eyes locked onto who had done this to him, Geiger. He flew full force on him, tackling him to the ground. He then found out he had two retractable stingers which he used to attack the villain like a wild animal. It was so sudden and vicious that Geiger couldn’t defend himself and he quickly lost conciousness. The heroes around him witness this event with terrified looks and now that it had ended they turned their attention to the insect like brother.

    Enrique was not sitting idly as this happened. He also jumped out of the window after his brother and he landed safely on the street, almost catlike in his motions. He ran after his brother and could barely stomach what Domingo was doing to Geiger. When the heroes pointed their attacks on Domingo, Enrique tackled them down, trying to stop them from hurting his brother. The brevity and the confusion of the situation led the brothers to fight the heroes. It was during this that Enrique found he could heal himself. However the fight came to a close and Enrique saw the errors in his actions and tried desperately to talk the half-crazed Domingo down. Unfortunately, a mix of anger, pain, and madness led Domingo to ignore his brother’s pleas and continue the fight, which eventually led in him fleeing.

    Enrique went with the heroes, hoping to help his brother and as result became Jaguar.


    Domingo became Wasp, his madness and new found viciousness turning him forever against his brother.


    Renegade, a martial artist hero.


    Krean, a soldier from a far away, but frozen land.


    The leaf golen is really cool. It reminded me of some of the forms in which Swampy appeared to Constantine in Hellblazer.



    Thanks and here is Nergal, the Burner. He is Babylonian sun god and ruler of the underworld. He personifies the danger of the sun which he used to rule with an burning iron fist. His tyrannical rule eventually led to him being sealed into an amulet and thrown into a tomb.



    Krean is awesome!

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