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    Name: Audere
    Affiliation: Hero
    Abilities: Skilled at Parkour and use of several small gadgets he carries around including a retractable Bo staff
    Info: Born François Inderes to a journalist and philosopher. Audere started off as a punk free runner in Paris at the age of 11. He wore a mask so as if he was caught on camera or by the police none would be able to identify him straight away. As he grew older he perfected his skills and soon people were looking out for the famous masked free runner. At school he was the model student. He was Smart, well mannered and athletic and this put him as far away from being considered the masked free runner as possible. Even during his college years he continued free running. One day however he saw someone was getting mugged and decided to step in. He used what he knew of free running to his advantage and as a result defeated the mugger. It was on that day he decided to use his abilities for good and become the hero Audere which was Latin to dare.



    Mr Abelle looks great! I’m a sucker for suits Laugh



    I know suits just inspire intimidation and superiority. Suits are great on Villains for that reason



    Name: Brother Titanium
    Affiliation: New Soviet Union
    Traits/abilities: Wears a military grade titanium suit that increases his strength, durability and allows him to channel electricity through his hands.
    Information: The partner of Comrade Steel. Brother Titanium’s armour was designed to be able to take out tanks and other ground forces in the event of war. After Comrade Steel and Brother Titanium stole the power suits they tested them on the countries militia and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Though he is not as intelligent as his comrade he is more powerful and that perhaps makes him more dangerous.



    Name:Captian Solar
    Triats/Abilities: Ability to absorb sunlight through his solar paneled gloves and boots and turn it into bolts of energy, flight, superstrenght and the ability to heal himself with solar energy
    Information:Captian Solar uses his gloves and boot to gain the power of the sun in order to defeat his enemies.



    Name: Cap (real name unknown)
    Affiliation: Anti-Hero/Nomad
    Traits and Abilities: Ability to survive any form of narcotic, and carries satchels of small pills and chemicals that he randomly
    Mixes and consumes this in turn depending on the mixture gives him different powers.
    Always seen wearing a woollen cap with a Visor hence his name.
    Info: One of the more morally questionable heroes Cap believes in his own set of morals which don’t always follow the Clark Kent bible. His abilities change with the combination of chemicals he takes in. His chemicals themselves are usually in short supply due his unlucky streak of getting into trouble at the worst of times. His only disadvantage is that he himself is never quite sure on the outcome of his powers which works greatly against him. Some of his powers can come in handy at times while others cannot. An example would be when he was pinned down by a group of hitmen and by taking the chemicals found the result was his nails could grow longer faster. He cannot take any more than 2 sets of chemicals at a time or he could die.



    Name: Fr. Gabriel
    Affiliation: Catholic Church (Excommunicated) currently religious gun for hire
    Traits and Abilities: Marksmen and sadistic religious man
    Info: Excommunicated for zealous and violent acts towards his flock. He now works as a gun for hire “cleansing the world” of sin.



    Pretty damn cool! You may have forgotten about his eyebrows, though.



    Thanks very much but i have a lot to upload in little time so be expecting more to come



    Name: Mr. Smiles

    Affiliation: Villain

    Traits and Abilities: Carries a butchers cleaver and has scars across his head and neck. He cannot talk as his throat has been slit. Wears a damaged mask on his face that is always smiling.

    Info: Mr. Smiles is one of the most dangerous psychotics in the world. He has been subjected to 8 labotomies and has only gotten worse as a result. He is known to carve people to death with a butchers cleaver while wearing a mask. His throat was once slit open by an employer who later ended up dead in a meat factory. From that day he could never speak again.



    That guy scares me…



    I know. He is meant to be scary



    Name(s): Flash Light and Incendary

    Affiliation(s): Hero’s

    Abilities: Flash Light: Can turn light into solid energy and redirect this energy any way he sees fit.
    Incendary: Can cause an explosion by placing his hands on an object and shifting the elements of siad item to make a chemical imbalence



    Name(s):Priestess,The Druid,Mystic
    Affiliation: The New Order of Magic



    As said in my story “As Cold as Ice” I have been thinking about changing Ices Costume From the original:

    I have created three new outfits for her and would like some kind of feedback so I know what costume best suits her:
    1. Punk Rock Lover Ice
    This look was inspired by the fact she has her own cloths now and can mix and match to her own desire. Her hair is short to
    look more punk and I have created a fictional band that is seen in her outfit.
    2. Classic hero Look Ice.
    This was an attempt at making Ice have a more silver age/classic super hero outfit for Ice. As a result we have a classic mix
    of Blue and white and a more feminine look.
    3. Black and Blue look
    While staying close to my original design of Ice I decided to expand on it making it more badass looking yet feminine. This was
    one of the first new designs I made for her new costume and includes the helmet she wears while on her bike.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 186 total)

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