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    Thanks Vampyrist. Rave Goblin has been a character I have been working on for a while, and like yourself, I love the idea of good and evil being interrupted by a huge party. Rave Goblin is a character whose agenda really does not transcend partying, in fact during his conception the only constant I was positive of while creating him was that a complete backstory would have been amusing but silly. πŸ˜€

    Anyways, I am glad you enjoyed him.



    I love that some of your characters and color sets you use for them are really unique, that’s what i like really much (+1)

    what you create in HM matches for me perfectly with text story/backstory you write here, and thats also good (+1)

    also, nice diversity among characters! (+1)

    overall: great work so far, keep it going! (+1)



    Name: Ruby Flame (Kalinda Gupte)

    Affiliation: Hero

    Abilities: Flame Manipulation and Flight

    Information: Kalinda Gupte lived in Mumbai, India all her life. She was a museum curator, who always had a fascination with artifacts representing the Sun God Surya. It was this fascination that lead her to an excavation site that was said to have uncovered and ancient temple dedicated to Surya. It was here that she discovered the Ruby of Surya, which was said to contain powers equal to Surya. Upon approaching it, the gem shot towards her, and rammed itself into her forehead. After a week long coma, Kalinda woke up to discover she could not only fly, but produce flames from her body. However, she was unable to remove the Gem from her skull for some unknown reason. Inspired by the actions of other heroes around the world, Kalinda became Ruby Flame. She can often be seen teaming up with American heroine LimeLight, Ruby Flame is one of the few Superbeings to not hide behind a mask.

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    Name: Deadnite



    Abilities: Controls over a dark energy ideally suited to those of a more murderous nature. In addition to astral-projection, Β he can fly and fire concentrated bolts of this energy towards his opponent.


    Information: Arnold Frisk was a convicted felon turned drifter, until the night he was attacked in his sleep by some unknown force. His body become shrouded in agony, as he tried to subdue the cause of the pain. It wasnt until morning that he discovered he had survived, or at least he realised he had survived after re-entering his body. He was blessed with abilities he had never even believed possible, and was tempted to use them for criminal purposes. Arnold decided, however, that this was truly a chance to start over. To make a fresh start, and to protect those who needed help, rather than act selfishly.

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    Herr D

    It might be interesting to read a non-broody, “#$%^”-it I CAN BE GOOD despite this, full-of-sarcasm and angry chomping-not-biting humor. Like thus:

    Chapter 3: Sheer Bloody-minded Bloodying Of Minds

    Of course I managed to get out of the brawl without killing anyone, despite their determination to make me kill some of them. Quite a few head trauma were in the E.R. that night, but then, hey! They were pretty obviously brain-damaged ANYWAY … so no net loss. I mean, really, Zika-infant skulls shoulda had space left over with these guys.

    The sad part is that I never found out what the second pinhead was talking about. When I found him in the recovery room and unplugged his call button, he was ready to tell me anything I wanted. But the doofus COULDN’T REMEMBER! So much for rescuing THAT bimbo.


    [snippet yours if you want to write around it;Β I miss seeing new writing from you]


    Cody Rinker

    Cool stuff, how do you post stuff on here?


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