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    Just had an idea of revamping some of my old heros and villains.Maybe give them a more awsome suit better story or just change them a little for the better. It just came to me as i was looking over some of my old work and thought some of them could be better. The first idea that came to mind was Fox so i upgraded her just now. I hope you all agree that the new fox is better than the old one.



    Name: 11
    Affiliation: Mercenary
    Abilities: Strenght, expert swordsmen, titanium body
    Story: The Forgotten Swordsmen
    Info: 11 is a mercenary shrouded in mystery. Whether he is man or machine is to anyone’s guess. His memory won’t even tell him if he is a man or not. He gets faint memories now and then that allow him to see some of his past.



    Name: Sin
    Affiliation: Anti hero
    Abilities: Expert at archery, hand to hand combat, art of deception, and illusion.
    Info: Sin is known throughout his city as a man willing to track down and take care of those who hurt people leaving the word sinner carved into them. He carries a bladed disc, a sai, small throw able blades and a crossbow attached to his wrist. He is feared in the criminal underworld as a ghost or a demon due to his choice of attire.



    “Revamped design of my old character”
    Name: The Clown
    Affiliation: Anti hero
    Abilities: Extreme Nerve damage allows him to withstand pain that would normally knock any normal sane human being out.
    Info: Bradley Campbell worked as a cop in the big city and was an honest one to booth. Born and raised to catholic parents he was always told if he lived a good life good things would happen to him and that evil would always be punished. He married a beautiful woman and had a son, whom he would often entertain with magic tricks. The police department was having trouble with the mob and as a result the mob needed to send a message. One night when he returned home Brad was assaulted and knocked unconscious by mafia hit men. When he woke up he saw that they were holding a canister of something and had his family tied up. He was then forced to inhale what was in the canister and started laughing. Every time he was forced to take breaths of the gas resulting in more and more gas being pumped into his system. He laughed as his family were brutally tortured and killed in front of his own eyes. He was then brutally beaten and thrown off the peer believed to be dead. Washing up on shore he suffered a nervous breakdown when he woke up asking why he had to suffer and why he couldn’t feel anything. His body had suffered nerve damage as a result of the gas, and all he could think of was how he laughed. He took up a variety of different weapons (including a pistol, a bat and a knife) and found a creepy smiling badge in the sand. He seeks justice but has a cracked perception about what is right and wrong?



    Great bio on The Clown! Awesome concept!

    Also, weird comment perhaps, but I love your choice of signature.



    Revamped design of my old character”
    Name: Mr. Satan
    Affiliation: Hero
    Abilities: Mr. Satan cannot feel pain inflicted on to his body, he still bleeds but unless it’s noticeable he won’t be aware of it, Dudley however feels the pain from the wounds the next time he is in control,
    Info: Dudley Bradshaw is your typical spoilt rotten playboy millionaire. Dudley lives a life of freedom doing whatever he wants whenever he wants without worry of any consequences. He has an on again off again relationship with the beautiful Cassandra Hoffkins, whom he describes as the perfect woman. However, Dudley has a secret that he cannot share with anyone, a secret that puts his life at stake every chance it can. For you see Dudley suffers from Multiple personality disorder and his other side is the vigilante Mr. Satan! Mr. Satan is a foul mouthed, intelligent, reckless, unpredictable and dangerous individual that is willing to put himself at risk in order to make the city a better place. Mr. Satan has no respect for Dudley and doesn’t care about Dudley’s opinion on any subject. The only way the two are able to meet and converse is through a broken black framed mirror in the basement of Dudley’s house.



    Name: Dusk Baron
    Affiliation: Villain
    Abilities: Absorbs solar energy from the setting sun to use in a variety of different ways
    Info: Unknown



    Name: The Four Horsemen (Conquest, Death, Famine and War)
    Affiliation: Villains
    Info: Conquest- Unknown and never seen leader of the Horsemen. His abilities are Unknown but he is feared by his

    Death-Known to be an unstoppable killing machine and Leaves the corpses of his victims hanging from a Noose as his
    calling card. Almost never seen by survivors. Other Abilities unknown

    Famine- A quiet almost shadow like Killer. Brutal with his tactics often leaves a disgusting looking body either poisoned or
    Carved up.

    War- The most brutal of all the Horsemen. He is the dog of the Four. He only follows orders and is an unstoppable killing
    machine. His tactics vary from cutting his targets to pieces, to shooting them so much there is little left to recognise
    the target. He is only used for a job that requires someone dead and he can kill as many as he wishes.



    Name: Mr. Abelle (first name unknown)
    Affiliation: Unknown (Possible mafia connection)
    Traits: Sadistic personality that despite his vocal objection to using violence seems to enjoy inflicting pain, Carries a cane despite showing no sign of disability, the cane itself has a skull positioned on the top of it and sharp bottom to it, a skilled fighter, skilled manipulator and negotiator, and intelligent
    Info: A dangerous individual who follows his own set of morals. Other members of the organisation he works for seem to be as afraid of him as the people he is sent to deal with. His actions are impulsive yet effective at times still always staying at least five steps ahead of his opponent. The only question is can he be stopped? (Appears in the Devil Within)



    Name:Lady Lumenation
    Affiliation: Heroine
    Abilities:Abilitie to emit high frequencys of light from her body.




    I am currently in a bittersweet situation which is to say that my laptop is acting up and I will be getting a new one. Before that however im going to upload all my works to the forum old or new. Some I have been holding back for a while due to the feeling that they could have been better and placed them in a file so I could perhaps revamp them at a later stage.


    Herr D

    Good luck with the laptop thing. I’ve been cautioned from various sources concerning customer service for Dell and Acer products and Acer hardware. Specifics did not agree everytime.

    On another note, as a former advocate for mental health, I should mention that schizophrenia is almost never associated with Multiple Personality Disorder anymore, that they are treated as very separate conditions now. MPD is believed to be induced completely by trauma, child abuse, etc., where schizophrenia and related illnesses have a genetic component and, once triggered, usually don’t result in behaving like or believing in separate internal personalities. Dissociation is still a part of schizophrenia as a category, and that, among other things will continue to confuse the general public about advances in the field. Terminology is one of the biggest problems–and every field needs better writers. If every field HAD clearer writers, that would be something, huh?



    Name: Agent Jackson
    Affiliation:Member of the S.T.A.R.(Secret. Tactical. Adavanced. Reacon)
    Traits: Milatary trained soldeir and right hand of Major Qautermain



    Name: Arsenal
    Affiliation: Member of the S.T.A.R. unit
    Traits: Nicknamed the Blind Marksmen, Blind without his mask on, Expert marksmen, holds several weapons on his body some of which are visible.
    Info: Ivan Zolnerowich was born a bastard son in Moscow Russia. An intelligent child at a young age he started taking up odd jobs to keep his mind from getting bored and practiced different forms of combat. Of all his activities archery and shooting were his best. He rarely missed a shot. On his 21st birthday he suffered a terrible accident that left him blind, but his other senses had increased tenfold. He was then recruited into a secret organisation and given a mask that not only allowed him to see again but allowed him to see far better than he ever could.



    Name: Anti- Matter
    Affiliation: Villain
    Abilities and Traits: Abilities to turn anything to its smallest form, flight, and can blast bolts of antimatter towards his opponents.
    Wears an Iron mask due to severe scaring on his face.

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