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    And another villain:
    Shmatu is one of the oldest demons to leech on mankind. He is the living impersonment of all greed and desire, able to trap opponents in highly realistic illusions that his prey become lost in. He lives in a huge golden castle created by his acolytes in Tanzania in 2024, when he resurfaced to battle The Judge.



    They called him a living shadow. But Dereth Green was more than that. He was a very lonely, very grim, and very deadly shadow. He was orphaned at five and raised by his uncle, who also trained him at Ninjutsu. Growing up in the over populated, and crime ridden city of Gallows, he decided to use his skill to extinguish crime. First appearing as a hoodie-clad teen who would beat up thugs, after his uncle was killed by Prototype Warhammer (AKA. business tycoon Harry Case) for threatening to expose Case Industries secrets, Dereth became much more serious. Spending nearly all of his uncle’s funds on equipment, he became the living legend, Darkshot, who has guns of solid gold. Darkshot, who is the shadow of his victim. Darkshot, who is ever watching from the dark…



    My remake of NHA247’s Chemical Spill



    Felix Vilgott was a Swedish construction worker, but when digging up land for the foundation of his new project, he accidentally struck an ancient chest which had been resting there for millenia. Cracking open, the bow bombarded him with extraordinary energies. When he regained consciousness, he lay in the U.A’s sick bay, where Silver Star offered his membership. Agreeing, Felix became the vigilante Warlord. He possesses super human strength and is virtually indestructible. According to reports, he has been known to destroy buildings with a single punch.



    Finally, the father of Z’lak, the Golden Immortal, the Father of Flatha, Z’lok the Mighty! Even stronger than his son, he seldom leaves the Chamber of Secrets, his throne and symbol of office. He, like his son, is one of the few Flathonians able to use and channel energy. He has seven sons, with Z’lak the eldest and most favored. Little to none is known of more of his powers except rumors. According to the Extherium:
    “…So, the Father of Flatha indulged his appetite for power within his Chamber of Secrets, while his Knomana Drivir [Seven Children] plundered the cosmos, stealing her jewels in his accursed name. And he laughed and lounged within his Chamber, and his laugh was such that the Goliath that stood sentry outside his Chamber shuddered in fear, almost toppling the entire residence of the Emperor… And then Z’lok whispered from within his Chamber, calming the Goliath so it once more sat still like a satisfied child. For his tongue is both hard as a diamond, and soft as it’s lure…”





    Z’lok is awesome! Love the purple energy in his eyes and the background. And his story is great.



    Hey, show some respect for those affected by ancient Swedish energy chests! We lost twelve souls to super villainy that way last year.

    Seriously, though, Warlord looks great! Z’lak looks awesome, too! Would love to see his full body.



    Thanks, all! Here’s my next project:
    A mysterious man with the ability to absorb and channel solar energy. Some believe that he is the actual Apollo, the greek god of sun. He does little, if anything, to negate or confirm such rumors, so debate as to his origin exists. He is not a member of any group, preferring to deal with ‘Those with dark hearts’ on his own.



    The Extherium:
    “And so those who claimed the path of light became the beacon for man kind, leading them in a world put into mist by those who claimed shadows. And they were the last hope for man, for when light dies, shadows rule both within and without…”



    And…. I’m back!
    Here is Skullface, a project gone wrong. He is unable of thought, and only exists to kill. The only way for him to be nourished is by drinking the blood of a living mammal, and since he lives in New York…



    The name is Grin. Death-Grin.
    Heh. I always wanted to say that.
    Anyways, my real name is Loki, but its all Hush Hush, so don’t let them nasties heroes know who I am, hey? And lemme tell you the most awesome thing, when I was being made, the creator made me wear pink! It was mortifying.
    What? I don’t have my fourth-wall breaking licence yet? Aw.
    Anyways, let me tell you, my creator had a certain character in mind when he made me, whoes name is Dea- What now? I’m going to infringe copyrights?
    Ah, fine, lets get all boring.
    Name- Deathgrin
    Sex- Male. Totally manly.
    Personality- Off my rocker.
    Costume- Why is there a pic here, bud? To look at yourself in?
    Secret Identity- If it’s secret, why’d I tell YOU?
    Powers- Super strong and agile, with huge stamina. Good at killing people.
    Equipment- Me guns and me good grammars.




    Here is the Riddler, a being from another realm who makes it his business to wander the Dimensions of Existence. He is known to be mischievous, but below his mask of a joker, lies ageless wisdom. If you seek knowledge, seek him. If you answer his riddles, he will help you. If not, you will owe him a favor…



    Haven’t been here in awhile and i missed out on some great stuff!Love Zlok’s eyes and perspective and last hope is very close to a creation I had in mind,so it is very inspirational in many ways!



    This here is Beast, former pirate during the Han Dynasty of China. He once managed to steal a small jade statue from it’s owner, an old man who was traveling on a merchant vessel. This man was apparently a sorcerer and Huang who warned Beast, back then named Chang Xi, that if he took the statue and did not return it to the sorcerer himself after three nights, the statue would curse him.
    Chang scoffed at the old man, and left him stranded on a small island. Three nights passed. The statue, which Chang kept in his pocket started burning, turning him into a monstrous creature known as the beast.
    However, this transformation did not teach him any lesson; instead Chang was delighted at his new found strength and immortality. He is still alive, nowadays killing and slaying for little more than pleasure. He is an enemy of the Spirit.

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