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    Solarspike is an enigma to everyone. If Sinister Sam knows anything about him- as he probably does- he’s not talking. Capable to storing solar energy in his body to charge the spikes on his body and throwing them like throwing knives. He is also a sadistic maniac who enjoys pain- both inflicted and felt. Sinister Sam is fond of his evil ways, and loves to disgust and intimidate superheroes using Solarspike.



    Here is the leader of the Crest, Sinister Sam himself.
    An orphan from NY, Samuel Slade was a surprisingly charismatic individual. An accomplished con-man, he earned the nickname of Lucky Sam. His luck ran out though, when he tried to bamboozle the disguised demon Rylann Quinthos. Rylann was amused by the boy, and claimed, “Well well, young pup, well well. Looks like you like to fool people, hm? But ’tis you who was fooled by my illusions! But you amuse me, man child… and so I’ll give you a gift…” Touching the boy’s forehead with his thumbs, he made him his avatar. As Rylann was one of the strongest Demon of Baleen Tha Jun (The Old City), this meant Samuel became amazingly strong, later capable to match power-houses such as Mammoth and Silverstar. He also became nearly invincible, with skin that couldn’t be even scratched by the greatest weapons. He was also unable to die, being immortal. He became the crimelord of the gang Dark Fists, and his amazingly immoral acts earned him the name of ‘Sinister Sam’. He created the Crest after being annoyed by the Guardians and other heroes one time too much.



    A group pic of the Crest. First one I ever made!



    Skyhawk is a mysterious vigilante who soars in the night, stomping all crime wherever he is.



    Oh, those wings are cool!



    Hello, hello, I’m BACK!
    Um, anyone?
    Between the crickets and the cobwebs I’m guessing this place is more frequented by creepy crawlies than HeroMachiners, but no fear, my nonexistant followers! I’m here!
    Now, to be honest, I’ve been around for some time, actually. But I’ve been avoiding this place, I don’t know why. It’s like avoiding an ex; you have no reason to, but you still do. I’ve also grown tired of my good ol’ Extherium universe, so now, the Extherium will be more of a showcase for random stuff rather than universe specific caped couch potatoes devised in my hollow brain.
    Here is something I made for the great ONE PART, MANY CHARACTERS contest. I mean, it gave me the brains to rip apart the traditional order of things and get even more creative. Anyways, here it is, my samurai guy thingy:

    The Warrior of Sixteen Souls, Zu’Valun. A warrior created when sixteen warriors sacrificed themselves to the Elder Dragon in order to create the ultimate guardian of the Empire of Floating Roses, and the ultimate enemy of the Sta’Ra Dynasty.




    Okay… I’m back again.
    Don’t ask me why I haven’t posted for so long, because if I told you… I’d have to kill you. I’ve always wanted to say that.
    Okay, no more digression. Here’s my first guy in my new character series, which is basically showing a bunch of super heroes evolving from their golden age, one-shade persona, to their modern, fully zypped ones.
    With the great ability to control fire comes great need to burns stuff up- at least that’s what Firebrand says, much to the queasiness of other heroes. This easy-go-lucky, somewhat over-caffeinated young fellow was once completely rendered into a burnt out cinder in consequence of a terrorist bombing. Inexplicably, he made a full recovery- from fourth degree burns, I may add- with not a scratch on him, with the power to emit and control fire, though he hasn’t figured out how to use it to fly yet. He can also not be burned by anything less than nuclear fission.
    Golden Age Firebrand:
    Modern Firebrand:



    Firebrand looks very good. Nice comeback!



    Okay, since I have no life, I decided to do another one. Here is…
    That awkward moment when you realize that the Earth is alive. By you, I mean Dr. Hebert White, a man intent on raising Environmental Awareness. He raised the environment’s awareness, alright; the Earth’s spirit, Mother Terra, gifted him with powers that made him the Earthson, the champion-protector of Earth. He has superstrength, can fly and run at incredible speeds, breathe underwater, heal himself in seconds, and survive at the most extreme temperatures. But his life is bound to Earth, and the moment he leaves Earth’s atmosphere, his life leaves him.
    Golden Age Earthson:
    Modern Earthson:



    And to reinforce that I really DO have no life, here, take another. No-ones gonna say I make a sloppy come-back. This guy is a tribute to two of my favorite characters. You probably know AT LEAST one.
    Are you really blind when you perceive more than people with eyes? This question may be applied to Robert “Bobby” Harris, AKA the Blindbat. Trying to fight his imminent blindness, Bobby drew on his well-to-do dead uncle’s funds and his own intellect to fashion the Bat-Helm. It would emit sonar waves in the manner of a bat and emit them directly into his brain, thus substituting sight. It was during the construction of this that his sweet-heart, Jenny Evans, was raped and killed by a few thugs. In grief and wont of justice, he also fashioned himself a whole suit, to be able to exact vengeance on his foes. He learned to fight while at the same time combing the Bat-Helm’s integrated computer records for any trace of the thugs in question. Eventually, he managed to find them, and defeat them, but he considered his duty to help others as well, which he proceeded to do, under the alias of Blindbat.
    Golden Age Blindbat:
    Modern Blindbat:



    Modern Earthson looks fantastic. I love his insignia and that belt looks too cool.



    I really like the updated characters. Blindbat looks badass!



    Thanks, guys.
    Okay… this here is…
    Mandat “Manny” Quinn was born a mutant, with sickly, waxy white skin and a pronounced hunchback. However he was also born with something else- the most highly functioning non-psychic brain on Earth. He enjoys his games of the mind, and can lead awry even the most dogged hero. His strength of intellect comes at a price though, for somewhere in his complex mind, there lies a flaw that turned the human Manny Quinn into the monstrous man known as… Mannequinn.
    Golden Age Mannequinn:
    Modern Mannequinn:



    That face is insanely creepy Surprised



    Your new stuff is great!

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