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    T’was the contest before Christmas, and all through the forums three pieces rang out! “Pick me, pick me!” So I did! 341.PNGSmile


    Herr D

    –And we nestled down in our trusty balloon
    And then fell asleep looking at stars, cloud, and moon.
    In the top of the basket, there arose such a clatter,
    I sat bolt upright to see what was the matter.
    The GPS shorted out and started a fire!
    Sand from a sandbag put it out, and our flyer
    Was safe, tho we’re lost. Startled by a ringtone–

    (Sometimes the wrong ringtone can be VERY upsetting.

    . . . Well, their GPS had malfunctioned while they slept, so that wasn’t quite such an over-reaction . . . )

    I screamed, and I grabbed, and I

    — the phone!

    *That wing makes great fire! I’ll be traveling and so in less contact than usual till next weekend.



    Well done, Herr! Merry Christmas! Do I hear any other challengers?



    I do hope this isn’t a late entry! It’s not my best, but I quickly pieced this together when I saw this contest running. Anyway, I see we have to include a story so.. Here’s my best shot!

    “We are the Angels of Vindication. We are sworn to destroy all life that is of the unknown. We take this oath and pledge our blood to the Order. With each burning day and dreadful night, we swear to fulfill our duty of eradication. No single race, order or planet can contend with our superiority. We are Hatred. We are Pain. We are Suffering. We are the Angels of Vindication.” You’d get tired of hearing that over and over a thousand times too if you were in my place. To say rejection in becoming an Angel is one thing; actually fulfilling that rejection is another. I’ve been running for days on days to escape this order of corrupt beings. As I write these words of betrayal, I swear to fulfill them. The Order is sinister and malicious and will not stop at anything to become the only beings in this universe. It is my sworn destiny to destroy these vile creatures and restore peace on Earth once more. I am the One. The being they fear. I am Legacy.”

    Well that story probably sucked… I kinda used the items predictably so that’s probably my downfall. Well, hope I can put up some contention and hope I’m not too late! Thanks!


    The Angels of Vindication



    Matt, although this thread IS about the misuse (or cleaver use) of the pieces, you gave Herr D a real run for his money! I was tempted to give it to you (very tempted) but Herr’s picture just aced you out!

    Matt, if you follow this link you may find a few tricks that will help you with this contest in the future (MPO)…..-the-ages/
    Herr D fly this week’s contest in please!



    Ok that link didn’t work try this

    @Keric said:

    @Keric said:
    I can found some tutorials for you…

    If you go onto the item colour selection screen in the top right corner there is a small slider labelled alpha, this controls the transparency of the colour selected. Slide it to 0 to get full transparency.
    figure A

    Masking begins on page the last page of lesson 1 (controls have since changed figure B should help)



    Haha, in no way did I think I would even come close to Herr D. xD The cleverness of the humor was funny! Hopefully I can add more competition to later contests and such! Thanks for the guides, I can definitely use them. Still new to HM here so I’m still trying to grasp everything you can do with it! Thanks and congrats to Herr D for the win!



    Herr D

    Embarassed Awwh, guys. Thanx. Matt, for someone new, you ARE doing well. Drums as part of guns is only really obvious if you’re heard the 1812 overture, right? [looks around, sees blank looks] Never mind.

    [winds up bluest tentacle, feints, throws with big red one] Items three! GO! Deadline approximately 6pm EST next Monday, hopefully judged well before midnight.




    Thank Herr! If I may call you that haha. That means a lot coming from a veteran like yourself! And I believe “The only winner of the War of 1812 was Tchaikovsky.” -Solomon Short. Haha, thanks again man.




    G’acknar the mighty’s parents got transfered to Earth! Now after 100 battles they want him to take tests?
    No way that is totally v’nask!



    Hey guys,
    I’ve taken quite a long break from HM and this contest but I think I’ll be back for a while now. Congrats on the win Herr!

    Anyways… heres my entry.
    The metal being never had any name before, never had a family or ever felt any emotions. One day when all the humans working around him and ordering him around they made a mistake… they gave him sentience and the and the first thing it felt then was hate. An intense hate against all of mankind. After taking over the facility the being took over the world destroying humanity….

    Not the greatest story but its something! :)




    “Behold! Minimus! The Brave! Though he is small is has the bravest courage of them all! Fighting dragons by day and slaying demons by night! He is the greatest knight to ever- Oh who am I kidding…” Perhaps the smallest out of the group of superheroes, he is the least accomplished of them all. While his fellow superheroes are off fighting crime or saving kittens from a tree, the best he’s ever accomplished is returning someone’s lost wallet. To the wrong person. With his sword and shield, he may one day be a force to reckon with. Today is just not that day for the young robot Minimus.


    Herr D

    Hey, nice turnout! [guzzles drink, tosses into trashcan] Let’s do this!
    Taking the last letter of screen names for convenience, consistency, and Krankheit. Sick of TYPING, in this case–too many resumes–
    Story score: C4.4G3R4.5
    Bkgd score: C3.5G2R3.5
    Item chair: C3.2G3.2R5
    Item hair: C3.2G4R4
    Item handle: C4.5G3R5
    Whistles: C1G5R1
    Items-story: C8G5R6
    Emotional: C9G9.5R9

    For story, G gave us an iteration of the creation destroying the creator, and not without flavor. I give that an average score among artists like us. C gave us a great sulk, very concise and emotive. R only slightly beat him there with a plucky under-robot . . . Under-robo-dog? Whatever.
    In backgrounds, G got rated down for an almost jarring lack of gore. Not even a bloody footprint or broken wall? As for R, good juxtaposition and placement. As for C, the testing center somehow looks right being spartan, and the elements chosen were story-oriented and appropriate.
    The chair was a chair, a facility logo, and a robot head–G, if you had named the facility The Seat Of Power, or something, your score here would have been higher. As a robot head, built-in antennae and eyes are the most ingenious.
    The hair was hair, C3P0 sides, and, uh-hmm. If I had been sure whether that was a broken or unfinished arm or a nanite-cord device, I would have scored that higher, too.
    The handle was a handle, a lock-belt (and horns?), and limbs. An alien race probably DOES have a belt that you position and then lock in place by touching the button on the end. There’s only one reason I found the limbs idea more ingenious. That freaking elbow. It looks just right. The pose incorporated it perfectly.
    As for the items contributing to the story, a score of 5 means they didn’t fail to belong. That elbow actually did rear it’s ugly — uh, elbow again because it CREAKED at me. C’s chair was part of the indignity suffered by poor G’Acknar. Almost a time-out for the alien Rastafarian samurai. Worth a few more points.
    I tried to give a rough emotional value in numbers based on how the pic as a whole affected me. G won that category. I did, however, identify strongly with all three entries. C and R had much more dramatic and story-matching posing, so this score is a lot closer than the whistles category
    The whistles category is an experiment. I’m not sure I like it yet. A one means no glaring errors in graphic logic. G did a lot of masking separate items, so much that it was practically highlighting and shading. He got back quite a few points here. Obviously lots of work.

    By my rubric summation, that means the robotic Reepacheep by mattisagameR won. Pick 3 and prepare to judge next week!

    : I hope you saved that, b/c some blood spatter in the background and some editing on that backstory will give you a fantastic thread entry, contest or no. I hope to see it.

    : As your consolation prize, b/c you deserve one, know that I taught my 4-year-old to have her ‘bad guys’ say “v’nask!” as their bad word so she won’t feel the need to say a REAL bad word she probably overheard from television. (I’m not always fast enough with the remote. As a public service announcement, all parents should consider turning the volume down before turning off the television.)



    Congrats Matt! Second entry is your first win! I knew it would happen when I saw Minimus! The Brave! I said Awe then wanted to ask where I could order one!

    @ Herr cool, I taught my neighbors daughter to ask, “What does the fox say?” (she’s 2 or 3)



    Wow, I didn’t think I would win this! Thanks for choosing me as winner Herr. :D and thanks for the congrats Keric! Looks like it’s my turn to take the reins! Here’s this week items!


    Yes I am quite aware I spelled challenge wrong in the file. xD I will judge one week from today! Good luck everybody!

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