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    Storm Crow is a little bit closer to my heart, so let’s go with that. I’ll try and pick one soon as well. Any preferences on your end?


    StormCrow it is :)! And for me, I have no preference still. To help you out, maybe choose one that could fight alongside StormCrow or fight against him!


    My redesigned version of Suleman’s Storm Crow! I hope you enjoy it! It was hard for me to do because I just had laser eye surgery and all the brightness and color had me squinting haha.

    Suleman’s original design:

    My version: I added retractable wings to help him move swiftly in the air and glide! 

    Thanks for letting redesign one of your beloved character’s Suleman!



    Neat! I dig how you modernized the faux-70s aesthetic into a true modern superhero costume. I can dig it. Great work with the pose and the background as well!

    I’m currently having some time and motivation issues, but I will get back to you with my half of the art trade eventually, it will just take me a long while before I can get back to it. Sorry to make you wait.


    I’m glad you like it! And take your time! If you need anything, you know where to find me! Been there with the motivation thing.

    Also, I wanted to share this. I played around with Storm Crow in the app called “Werble”. This is the result.



    hello im new here i want to share my creation with you 🙂


    hello im new here i want to share my creation with you 🙂

    Hello, and welcome to this fabulous little community!  I’d love to look at your stuff! You have a link to your gallery or creation? 🙂


    Here is a 2019 update to my first ever Hero, Guardian Angel!



    Guardian Angel is a great character! I love some of the poses you have for this guy. My first ever character is Talon. Hes the one i use when i practise with different poses. Great Work yet again mate. Loving the helmet design too!


    My CDC Entry #1 for this week!

    The Mad Hatter. No one knows what or who he…it is. The Mad Hatter is of unknown origin and talks in rhyme and tongue twisters to confuse anyone within the Mad Hatter’s presence. His intensions are unknown so it is always in question whether he is good or evil. To further question the Mad Hatter’s existence, when his hat is damaged, it leaks a bizarre energy or entity that smells of sweet honey. No one knows what happens when the hat is removed because when it is, there is no memory left to recall. The Mad Hatter is quite the complex and ever bizarre entity that can’t be explained as human, angel, demon, god, or cosmic creature. Beware the Mad Hatter.



    My Next entry for the Wonderland CDC

    Cheshire! A sly and stealthy being within the bizarre dimension known as Wonderland. He can appear anywhere at any time.


    Didn’t get to add her to the CDC last week, but here is my Bad Ass Alice!

    When she was little, Alice was sucked into a blackhole from her father’s experimental teleportation device on accident. She was not suppose to be in the lab, but snuck in to watch her Dad work. She was teleported into a different reality, a new dimension, where Wonder Land is real…but not quite like the stories told to children. She grew up within this bizarre and unorthodox world. Being not from this world, it gives her certain immunities and strengths. She was taught the ways of Wonder Land by various characters and is a force to be feared within this realm. She does not belong and it is widely known across Wonder Land she does not. Whether it’s for curiosity or evil, she is hunted. However, most of the time she is the hunter and the various entities are the prey. She is always surviving and adapting, becoming the demon in Wonderland.



    I absolutely love your take on the Wonderland characters! Youre imagination with all of them from Mad Hatter to Alice is superb!! i Really wish i had entered the CDC now to see what i had come up with. Great Work yet again!


    Thanks Nighthawk! Always love being complimented on my imagination!


    For Ams! The Golden Hawk! I couldn’t find something I was happy with, so I’m sorry for taking so long! I still find it looking more like a Blue Jay than a Hawk. I hope you enjoy his upgrade!

    Edit: Here’s a link to Golden Hawk for a better image. Golden Hawk

    and an alternate helmet version

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 627 total)

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