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    Name: Alex Teller
    Alias: Vanity

    Heavily inspired by the movie “Horns”

    I have a bio about him, but I need to clean it up a bit haha






    Well shoot. Remind me to come back for this one in a weeks time.



    Man your spewing out awesome at quite a rate, just don’t run out anytime soon ok! 🙂


    Thanks for the kind words everyone! And Skoul, I literally have a iPhone Note’s app filled with stories and concepts…If I could make them all…I’d crash this site haha



    I scrolled up from the bottom of the page and when I laid eyes on the character, I quote “OH WOW”(jaw drop) end quote.


    Name: Jackson Wallis
    Alias: Executioner

    Bio: A sadistic and disturbed man his whole life, Jackson wanted to become nearly indestructible so he could carry forth brutality in his wake as carelessly and freely as he pleased.  He subjected himself to an experimental drug that increased his bone density, skin thickness, muscle mass, strength, and height.  He is a walking tank of a person. The side effect of his increased testosterone cause him to become easily agitated and go into a frenzy upon battle with relentless brutal force.  He has a mechanism attached to his body that is constantly circulating his blood flow the drug keeping him a cruel force of nature.  He later become enjoined to a group calling themselves the “Son’s of Anarchy” and are a constant battle for Vanity and a nuisance for Guardian Angel.

    P.S. Since he like 8ft tall, his feet didn’t fit in the picture.





    Wow….just wow!


    Name: Hector Clayton
    Alias: The Reaper

    Bio: In possession of mystic and possessed chains, Hector took to the life of crime. He wanted to become feared, so he fabricated a mask of bone with steel fangs to give a menacing look.  He wore a black coat and decided to go by the name “The Reaper” and goes by the slogan, “Fear the Reaper”.  Since he a master manipulator and genius in psychology, he creates a group called “Son’s of Anarchy” to battle any vigilante or force willing to face them against their pursuit of total Anarchy.


    For the Comic book contest, entry number one


    My Movie poster for the Contest this week



    All i have to say is wow! Totally voting for that in the poll dude 😉


    All i have to say is wow! Totally voting for that in the poll dude 😉

    Thanks man! 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 406 through 420 (of 627 total)

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