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    Mad Jack

    Mad Jack

    KILAUEA (Hawaii):


    EDIT: Just saw that this character is actually a year older, from 2012:

    <saveDate>Tue Jan 3 13:18:26 GMT+0100 2012</saveDate>


    Mad Jack

    The last two updates:

    TARHEEL (North Carolina):


    Mad Jack

    Mad Jack

    So, before I go back to posting more villains, I want to show you one of the guys who has to fight them when no superhero is in sight – or at least keep the villains in check until the heroes arrive.

    This is Officer 313 from the “New Amsterdam Metahuman Unit”, a special police division which investigates crimes involving superhumans. He wears a special cybersuit equipped with robotic appendages which provide him with various tools and gadgets that come in handy when fighting a vastly superior metahuman.

    Officer 313


    Mad Jack


    I got a challenge for you all:

    I just finished a group of native american superheroes from different tribes and now I need a name for that team before I can go on and post them. All I could come up so far was: “maybe something with clan in it?”.

    Any suggestions?!

    But please: Nothing pejorative or offensive like “Redskins”! Something that sounds both proud and credible – in the best case a name that even a real native american would agree to.  😉



    – Clan of Tribes? (sometimes, simple things are best things 😀 )
    – Primal Clan? (not sure if it is even logical, or decent)

    Don’t have more ideas for you, sorry.


    Mad Jack

    Thanks for the suggestion Lull, but I decided in favor of the name “The First” which was proposed to me over on deviantArt. 😉


    While creating the following characters I tried to avoid typical sterotypes, but there may be still be people asking the legitimate question why some of them wear feathers and warpaint and run around half naked. Well, my opinion is that every good superhero wears a costume of some sort and what kind of costume would a proud native american superhero wear? I think it would be traditional things like exactly those feathers and warpaint. I hope you agree with my logic. 😉

    And now let’s start …



    Jason Firewalker has the pyrokinetic ability to generate high-energy plasma that bursts into flame when exposed to oxygen. He can direct these flames into searing thermal energy blasts, surround himself with an aura of protective flames to deflect physical attacks and is able to super heat the air around him to create powerful thermal updrafts that lift him into the air. His can also generate heat which is intense enough to burn targets to cinders without him ever touching them or setting them on fire.



    Sam Longshadow can separate his astral body from his physical form in form of a living, three-dimensional shadow that can become both extremely solid or completely intangible and thus invulnerable, take any desired form and shape, turn any part or all of his body two-dimensional, create constructs and weapons out of itself, manipulate the ambient darkness and other shadows, teleport distances via shadows, alter it‘s size at pleasure, and much more. When he wraps his shadow form around his now unconscious physical body, he transforms into a monstrous, completely black entity with the shape-shifting ability to stretch, deform and expand himself to any size. This entities variable muscle mass also grants him massive superhuman strength, durability and stamina.


    Mad Jack


    William Nightraven has a unique physiology naturally adapted to flying that includes a pair of huge bird-like wings, hollow airfilled bones which decreases his weight far below usual, and a greater proportionate muscle mass than ordinary. His eyes can withstand high-speed winds and enable him to see in absolute darkness, and his respiratory system has a special membrane that enables him to extract oxygen from the air even at high velocities or altitudes.



    Joseph Running Wolf is a lycanthrope and can alter his physical form to that of a werewolf. In this transformed state he is able to take on the characteristic traits of a wolf, including its heightended senses and stamina as well as strength and speed far beyond those of normals wolves or men. Although he is influenced by some wolfen instinct when transformed, he keeps his human mind and gains razorsharp claws and fangs.


    Mad Jack


    Michael Spirithunter has the innate ability to tap into the Earth’s natural mystic energy, giving him a number of nature-based mystical powers and enabling him to cast a near infinite variety of spells for effects ranging from flight via levitation, illusion casting, energy projection, opening of dimensional portals, astral travel, teleportation, magic shields, matter manipulation, weather and plant control, sensing and neutralizing magic, prophetic vision, temporal alignment to view the events of the past, and of course ommunication with animals and spirits in an area in order to request their assistance.


    Standing Bear

    Charles Standing Bear is capable of transforming into a humanoid grizzly bear while retaining his full level of intelligence, personality, and ability to speak. The transformation process grants him additional height and weight as well as superhuman strength, durability and stamina much greater than an actual bear of similar size. Like a real grizzy bear, he is capable of running at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and also possesses a highly developed sense of smell which enables him to track a target by scent with an impressive degree of success, even if the scent has been eroded over time. Despite his great size and bulk in his transformed state, his agility and bodily coordination are at peak human possibility and his natural reaction time is highly enhanced.


    Mad Jack


    Thomas Thundertalker has the ability to generate extremely powerful sonic waves of varying amplitude with his voice and achieve various effects with the shockwaves his sonic screams generate. On a lower pitch they can cause people to experience varying levels of physical and mental pain, confusion, disorientation and/or nausea, and even unconsciousness – even if they’re not directly attacked – and on the highest pitch he is able to level an entire city with just a whisper.

    Since the power of his screams depend at least partially on his emotional state, he has to stay focused at all times and thus became sparing with words and somewhat uncommunicative in order to prevent himself from causing too much destruction with his superhumanly enhanced lungs, throat, and vocal cords.


    Mad Jack

    The First



    Cool stuff, Mad Jack!  I really dig the vibe of “The First”; something a bit different for HM.

    I also love how you did the side-by-side comparisons on the re-worked characters.  You stayed very faithful to the original designs, while adding more detail.  Nice work!


    Mad Jack

    Thanks Vespertine!


    Here’s my entry for the Character Design Contest ♯134- Itemised:

    The Walker – End of Days
    The Walker - End of Days
    He’s back from the future – and he didn’t like what he saw!


    Mad Jack

    My entry for Character Design Contest ♯138- Am I Evil?

    Mr. Big, owner of a popular Los Angeles nightclub and superpowered leader of one of the city’s biggest African-American gangs, who is highly respected in his territory for keeping peace in the neighborhood by enforcing one simple rule: No capes!
    So, if you’re wearing a cape or mask – no matter if you’re a superhero or a villain – and want to see another day, better stay out of Mr. Bigs ‘hood…

    Mr. Big

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