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    Herr D

    No, I mean the energy contrasted to the hair on your drakan around post #80. Fire in general is fun, just a lot of layers. Non-fire energy can be any color you want.



    @Herr D: Thanks for clarifiying for me. And for the compliment Smile



    Another character and contest entry.



    Gleida is the Antian form of Golden Rose. (I’ll go ahead and post short background Golden Rose) Golden Rose is a Lake Felis, who are Felis who live underwater. Golden is also an offensive songspeller, and her magical ability transfers to her Antian form. (Her hair isn’t actually gold, it’s only golden in color)

    (I know it’s not HM, but I’m still trying to figure out how to do Golden on it)


    The Atomic Punk

    Too cute!



    @Atomic Punk: Thank you

    Okay, with school starting back up again, it’s been a little hard finding time to make and post characters. Recently I’ve been working on Warders again, mainly redesigning the completed characters and adding a few more. Currently I’m working on VR and Wisp.

    Virtual Realty Take 2 WIP:

    Any critiques are greatly appreciated!



    Alright. I just finished redesigning Virtual Realty. This one took a lot of shading. Again, any comments and critiques are greatly appreciated!

    VR Original:


    VR Take 2:


    VR Bio:

    Name: Irena Vann
    Aliases: Virtual Realty/VR
    Age: 16
    Alignment: Superhero
    Associations: The Warders
    Powers: Control over electronics, track electricity, can travel through electronics, can turn left arm into certain types of metal
    Skills: Professional gamer and programmer
    Irena was always the girl in the corner. She was always called names like Weirdo and the usual garbage little kids call those who don’t belong. Irena one day, tired of all the name-calling, picked up her favorite toy, a little toy duck that played music, and disappeared. Her parents came into her room right as she reappeared. Her parents shocked, they locked up everything she owned, in order to prevent Irena from disappearing again. 11 years later, Irena became the most wanted programmer and the top professional gamer, but she makes sure she does not use her powers when competing. Irena joined up with the Warders so that she could discover the identity of her rumored twin.



    Just finished redoing Wisp.

    Original Wisp:


    Wisp Take 2:


    Wisp’s Bio:

    Name: Alexandra Nye
    Aliases: Wisp
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Superhero
    Associations: The Warders
    Powers: Turn intangible, flight
    Skills: Knows how to easily deflect questions
    Alexandra was the unofficial popular girl in school, even though she didn’t want to be. She hated crowds and socializing. Even if she was with close friends, she never was one to speak. Unlike other atypicials, Alexandra never was really born with powers. Long story short, there was mutations that happened in her genes, which caused her to gain the ability of turning intangible and flight. Nowadays, Alexandra helps Grace manage the Warders while maintaining a relationship with Luke, another member of the Warders.



    Your gallery here just caught my eye and i have to say, you have a gift. The Warders and Felinae characters are awesome.



    @Calvary_Red said:

    Your gallery here just caught my eye and i have to say, you have a gift. The Warders and Felinae characters are awesome.

    Thank you Smile



    well done. well done. (claps slowly)



    Ok, second-to-last remake for Warders. I’m not done with the group though. As I’ve said before, any critques are greatly welcome. I love hearing what others think about my work.

    Original Fadeout:

    Fadeout Take 2:

    (Pose credit to Keric)

    Fadeout’s Bio:

    Name: Samantha Taylor
    Aliases: Fadeout
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Superhero
    Associations: The Warders
    Powers: Able to turn invisible; enhanced agility & senses
    Skills: Black belt in karate; gymnast; security specialist
    Samantha Taylor always was able to turn invisible. But when she went to school for the first time, her teacher Lillian Goodman, aka the ex-thief Agility figured out that the girl who was never found in games of hide-and-seek was more than what meets the eye. Lillian became Samantha’s mentor in honing her abilities. Now, Samantha makes sure her younger cousin Grace doesn’t do anything irreversible, while also living alone in an run-down apartment.

    I love this character’s design, both the old and new.


    Delirious AL

    I really like how you use line colors other than black! Really adds depth to the characters, even without much shading. Laugh



    Final remake of the Warders, but not the final original member.

    Rane Original:


    Rane Take 2:


    Rane Bio:

    Name: Rane Pale
    Aliases: N/A
    Age: 21
    Alignment: Neutral
    Associations: Informant for the Warders
    Powers: N/A
    Skills: Skilled with a gun, persuasive
    Rane Pale is a unorthodox reporter for the Houston Star. She has a column in the newspaper about odd local events. She was very fierce about reporting when she was younger and a reporter for the school newspaper, but she has recently mellowed out somewhat. Her methods are not widely known, but the information she provides is usually very reliable.



    And…here is the final original member, Swift’s sister, Louise.



    Name: Louise Smith
    Aliases: N/A
    Age: 14
    Alignment: Hero
    Associations: Warders
    Powers: Unknown at the moment
    Skills: working knowledge of robotics and machines
    Louise is a enigma. She is the first example of a supposed norm born to an atypical and a potential, and yet she has a unusual way of working with machines and robots. She claims to “talk” to them, as well as know where a machine is after she has had contact with it.
    Louise lost her right forearm in an accident when she was 12; when the paramedics came, her forearm was beyond saving. She had to have it amputated. But when her parents tried to get a prosthetic arm for her, she refused, saying that she rather have no arm than have a arm she was unfamiliar with. One day, she locked her room door for 2 weeks without letting anyone in, except Grace, who brought her her meals. After the two weeks, Louise startled her parents when she showed them the arm she fashioned for herself.
    Louise is the communications expert, as well as resident mechanic for the Warders. Besides Rane, she is the only norm who is directly associated with the Warders.



    Original Warders (as in the original six members and associate) Group Shot


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