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    Ok, I have a completely new character. This is Alyide, the faerie pyrotechnic archer.





    I based her off my current Skyrim character, who’s actually a wood elf named Alyssa.

    (For those who are wondering, the metal plating in her hair allows her to use magic. It’s something only the faeries do)
    Alyide is the only faerie who is able to handle magical fire well enough to actually research it. She is also the only faerie to still have her sight after a magical accident, though her sight has been reduced to only seeing something like this:
    (I’m only using her own picture as an example) She calls what she sees an aure. She is also known to be a little…eccentric at times.



    I love that one. Especially the head/face.



    Thanks, Anarchangel!



    Brilliant shading on the face, and those eyes look really cool! (How were they done? Different-coloured circles on top of each other?)



    They were. I used the circle and the crescent insiginias. I would make the crescents all white and then put the circles over them and the eye in different locations, with the circles being partially transparent and different colors.



    Woah. Plenty time poured into this lass. And the result is stunning, too. If you can keep a secret… if I saw her in the street, I’d go and propose to her, to hell with public embaressment.
    This is a secret aright? Then again, I HAVE just poseted it on the internet…
    Ahem, back to proffesional critique. Those eyes are stunningly done, and stunning in result. Maybe it wasn’t your intention, but the contrast of her her clothes (Pale yellow and Brown) is very interesting. That bow is also nice, and the fire looks good. The only thing I can think to point out is that the ear looks sort of TOO visible. It should, I feel, he partially hidden behind her left cheek, so that the effect of the turning head remains undisturbed. Oh, and nice ‘headband’ too.
    Now… I’ll just go back to daydreaming about her- er, I mean making stuff. On HM.



    @Maaz: Thanks. I appreciate the critique. This character did take a long time, especially the eyes and hair. I just noticed the ear, I’ll try to do something similar to what you said next time I do one of my characters.



    Ok, I’ve been working on three pieces recently, and I’ve finished one I’ve been meaning to for quite a while now.




    Lvesani is a shy, soft-spoken peasant from the village of Odeli in the country of Amosu on Antia. She is one of the more ignored girls of Odeli, especially when it comes to romance. She was born with a illness that left her unable to handle heavy-duty work for extended periods of time. The only thing that keeps her from falling further down the society ladder is the tiny whistle she wears around her neck, which she plays while her brother Lageis weaves stories of Antia’s former glory.

    (Note: Antians closely resemble humans, but they have the ability to control magic while humans cannot)



    Pretty good.



    I LOVE THOSE EYES!!! Alyide is beautiful! And the aure vision; was that filtered with a photo app or is that 100% Hero Machine? If it is you’ve got to share how you got that effect!



    @WMDBASSPLAYER: It’s 100% HeroMachine. I just deleted all the items other than the highlights/shadows and then saved it as a separate picture. I’m glad you like the effect.



    Three new pictures this time: one remake and two new characters. Again, I enjoy reading your critques and opinions!

    Swift Take 2


    Original Swift:

    Swift’s Bio:
    Name: Grace Smith
    Aliases: Swift
    Age: 15
    Alignment: Superhero
    Associations: The Warders
    Powers: Ability to breathe underwater; superspeed
    Grace Smith discovered her powers when the school bully went too far by pushing her into the public pool after hours, when there were no lifeguards around. Instead of drowning, Grace found herself breathing normally in the water. Now, since her father, Aerospace, retired from the superhero business, Grace has taken up the mantle of being the guardian of coastal Houston and has formed a group with her friends, sister, and cousin called The Warders.

    I think this would be more like she’s an adult rather than 16. And the reason her costume is like that is because it’s a wetsuit.



    Quena is the rebel leader of the drakan branch. She is a poison breather, and she is the dracoguide of Dark-night Star. She has refused many offers of power and wealth in return for her leadership from the drakans that support Haletri.



    (Iwani is a faerie) Iwani is an assassin. When she is sent after a target, that target is doomed. Many secret assassination guilds have tried to get their hands on her, but every time she commits an assassination, she disappears as fast as she appeared.


    The Atomic Punk

    Swift’s new costume is amazing! It has a very Silver Age vibe!



    Thanks, Atomic Punk! Smile I was wanting to make her new costume more streamlined, and well, the classic look came out in the process.



    I love Swift’s new look. Looks like a painting.

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