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    Herr D

    . . . then you’re pretty well on track with style and tone. Straight informative prose can be like you already have it, or it can look like an RPG rollup sheet (a lot of people do that here.) The only style I haven’t seen used that is encouragable (which I explain I am when people call me incorrigible) is old newspaper article style. You know; summarize and then draw it out more with each new paragraph . . . it might be neat to see more than fake headlines like I make once in a while, but not many people read as enthusiastically as they click and stare.



    @Anarchangel: Thanks! I had a lot of fun making her.

    : Thanks! I will say, the idea of her was partially inspired by your Strange Justice group.
    @HerrD: I really appreciated your critique. Plus, it’s nice to hear that I’m going the right way with writing these bio’s.

    I redid the group portrait of Fantasy Force, now including the shaded versions of MysIllusion and Shieldrush, as well as Fox.



    And I just realized…I forgot to post the bio’s for Arthur and Arsenal. I’ll have those up later.



    Two characters this time: a time traveler, and Fantasy Force’s main opponent (who is also my entry into the current character contest).






    Name: Unknown
    Aliases: Warp
    Age: Unknown
    Alignment: Neutral
    Associations: none
    Powers/Skills: Magic, time-space manipulation

    In the Astra Universe, humans are naturally immune to first-hand magic. This also means that, normally, a human cannot directly use magic. But, as with most things, there are exceptions. Rarely, a human will be able to directly use magic as effectively as a fairy. Warp is an example of said humans.
    Warp was a mage in her original time of the Medieval Age. She was performing experiments on the extent of her abilities when something strange happened. A odd vortex opened up, and sucked her inside, granting her the ability to manipulate time and space. Two unfortunate side effects though, was one: the complete wipeout of all her memories of her past and her identity; and two: immunity to the effects of time on her body.
    Through much trial and error, Warp has built herself a working map of the existing timeline. But sometimes, this map fails her, and she has to find a way to fix it. Although, it can be said that in her earlier ventures, she would mess up the timeline out of pure curiosity.

    I will say, shout-out to Mad Jack and his Walker character. I was heavily inspired by him for Warp.





    Name: Austen Marius
    Alias: Cy-Magus
    Age: 35
    Alignment: Villian
    Associations: None currently known, arch-nemesis of Fantasy Force
    Powers/Skills: Magic, able to see wider selection of electromagnetic spectrum through mechanical eye, superstrength

    From a young age, Austen was gifted with power, money, and smarts. Unfortunately, the one thing that he lacked was a moral compass. What he had instead, was a intense greed for power. Power greater than his unique and already powerful gift of magic, unique in the fact that humans very rarely have the gift for magic.
    When he was in his twenties, he was caught in a fire and, because of the severe injuries he suffered, he became a cyborg. But though he at first mourned the loss of his natural body parts, he grew to love his metal parts due to the enhancing effect they had on his magic, as well as the additional abilities they granted him: superstrength, and enhanced vision. But that did not satisfy his hunger.
    Austen soon learned of Fantasy Force, as news of their feats reached him. Through deductive reasoning, he figured out that Arthur’s sword is the source of Arthur’s powers, and that Oberon is an alien. It’s sort of obvious, seeing as there is a surprising lack of humans with wings and that Austen already knew about the Felianti-Terran Alliance, unlike the majority of the human population. And he also knew that Felians had an innate gift for magic, much like his own. And so, Austen’s identity as Cy-Magus began.
    His main goal was to capture Oberon and force him to explain how Cy-Magus could unleash the true potential of his magic, as well as obtain Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. But when Arsenal came on the scene, his priorities changed.
    After watching Arsenal summon multiple weapons out of nowhere, Cy-Magus determined that he was going to have that power for himself. And he almost did, too: he had kidnapped Arsenal before she joined Fantasy Force, but set her free when he found out that she did not know where her weapon-summoning abilities came from. But that does not mean that he is done with her, Oberon, or Arthur yet. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

    Again, any suggestions or critiques on either the pictures or the bio’s are welcome and greatly appreciated!



    Excellent! Both of these look great. I always love your use of color.



    Fantastic! Great colours and great shading!


    Mad Jack

    @Linea24 said:
    Two characters this time: a time traveler, and Fantasy Force’s main opponent (who is also my entry into the current character contest).
    I will say, shout-out to Mad Jack and his Walker character. I was heavily inspired by him for Warp.

    Huh, that must be a first – feels good to be inspiring though. Maybe they’ll meet somewhere in time and space someday and have to fix each others mess … ;)



    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: your use of colours is nothing short of spectacular.



    Both characters look fantastic! Warp’s dress is gorgeous, your outfit designs are really quite lovely.



    @Cantdraw: That’s high praise coming from you!

    : Thanks!

    Jack: Haha. That sounds like it could be quite a timely situation Cool

    : Thanks Smile I like how you use items very liberally.

    : Thanks! Gotta say, though, her dress and hood took A LOT of masking.



    I’ve been wanting to do an update to Warders. I’ve since come up with a better background for the whole group, as well as a couple of new members, (some very familiar) and more detailed bios of each member. However I’m not going to remake all of the members, unless I suddenly have an urge to. Plus, I’ve finally came up with a much better explanation of Lilac’s “Antian form”. Also, please please please disregard what I wrote about her on the first page. That’s pretty much something that was a rough draft.

    Here are the first two new members of my remade Warders:

    Crystal and Linea


    I’m not eager to do Crystal Rose’s Felis form…


    Name: Crystal Rose
    Aliases: Crystal
    Age: Appears 17 in human analog, real age is the Felis equivalent of 29
    Alignment: Superheroine
    Associations: Warders, Tunnel Felis, Amethyst Village
    Powers/Skills: Control and telekinesis of earth element, highly skilled in magic
    Notes: On Earth with her sister Lilac Rose as part of the Exchanged-Protection Clause; Terran counterpart: Virtual Reality


    Crystal close-up:



    Name: Lilac Rose
    Aliases: Linea
    Age: Appears 21 in human analog, real age is the Felis equivalent of 16
    Alignment: Superheroine
    Associations: Warders, Tunnel Felis, Amethyst Village
    Powers/Skills: Control and telekinesis of earth element, highly skilled in archery
    Notes: On Earth with her sister Crystal Rose as part of the Exchanged-Protection Clause; Terran counterpart: Louise.


    Linea close-up:


    Crystal and Linea’s bio:
    (Note: I accidentally deleted Lilac’s/Linea’s bio, so the one I’m posting is Crystal’s original one with things about Lilac included)

    Crystal Rose and Lilac Rose are Tunnel Felis from the village of Amethyst. Because of the odd situation the representative-picking committee was put in because of Louise’s and VR’s conjoined state, they had to quickly choose a Felis closely tied to Lilac Rose. Fortunately for them and Lilac, Crystal was always very close to her little sister, and often had teamed up with her to fight off attackers.
    When Crystal arrived with her sister on Earth, she was the first of the two to note the distinct difference between humans and Felis, and the fact that there was no way that she and her sister could fulfill their duty without drawing too much attention to their odd forms. Lilac lamented about the lack of creatures similar in appearance to her and her sister. Crystal, however, had heard about their Terran counterparts’ former group, and, without her sister knowing, sought out ways to make the Warders aware of them.
    Lilac and Crystal were rescuing young children and pets when they were finally found by Rane Scotts, the official head of PR and unofficial informant/recruiter for Warders. Rane was going off of a rumor, started by Crystal, about two cat-like creatures helping little kids. Rane offered them a chance to blend in perfectly with the normal human population, and Lilac and Crystal accepted. Of course, it did take a bit of convincing on Rane’s part to talk Lilac into accepting.
    To be able to go out with the other group members and not look suspicious required Lilac and Crystal to be able to maintain a human(oid) form. Unfortunately, Felis are not shapeshifters, and magic can only do so much. But with the group’s main techie, Louise, out, the Warders would have to turn to other sources to help out their newest teammates.
    Through a little bit of persuasion, the Warders were able to get a small bit of funding for finding a solution to their predicament. With the help of freelancing gadgeteer Scope, the Warders were able to create a solution to Lilac’s and Crystal’s blending-in problem. The solution was to create human analogs that the two Tunnel Felis could control remotely, as well as receive sensory feedback. The analogs were made out of a classified material, and relied on the two Felis’s natural attunement to materials of the earth element to work. The appearance of the analogs were determined by Lilac and Crystal, with some inspiration from various Terran media. Crystal’s analog was heavily based off of various anime she saw with Mathie (Fadeout) while waiting for a solution to arise. Lilac’s was inspired by typical fantasy archer wear, as well as Antian traveling fare.

    Again, any critiques on either the pictures or bio are greatly appreciated!



    Just reposting a couple for the current character contest on the blog. Nothing to see here~




    Great characters.



    You have a great gallery. My favorite is MysIllusion. She’s awesome.



    I’m pretty sure this has happened to everyone at least once, but all my data that I had saved on my computer was lost. That is including all the text files I had saved for characters I created after Mass Indecision, as well as pictures of said characters that I haven’t uploaded to here yet. I’ve also lost all my bio’s and worldbuilding documents. I haven’t lost all my text files, just the ones dating later than this guy:Linea24-Mass-Indecision.png
    So, yeah.

    (Why u do dis, new computer??)

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