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    @Herr D: These cats don’t do dairy. The lactose in it would cause great harm to them. But they do eat things like flies, spiders, etc. to supplement their photosynthesis.



    My best friend wanted me to do her OC Lilly, so here she is:


    (No bio for this one: she’s not mine)



    I was looking through some of my old notebooks when I found a mention of Nimilua being known unofficially as “The Angel” because of her kindness and selflessness. Now, in my opinion, my first attempt at doing Nimilua wasn’t very good at embodying that important aspect of her character. So, on that note, I decided to redo her as well as revise her bio.

    Original Nimilua:


    Nimilua Take 2:

    Nimilua’s Revised Bio:
    Nimilua is the Warder of Silver Rose. She is renowned for her magical ability and her kindness & selflessness. Because of that, she is known unofficially as the “The Angel”. She regards the drakans as equals to the fairies, a view rarely held among fairies. Her magical ability is outstanding even among her fellow fairies, as she has been able to forge a Warding bond with the Cloud Felis Silver Rose, something that few Felians are unable to do as of recent times. (I’ll do a picture & a blurb about the Felis Warders next)



    Okay, blurb time about the Felis Warders as well as a blurb about their beginnings.

    About the Felis Warders

    A Felis Warder pairing is what happens when a Felis and a Nafelis are connected by an almost unbreakable mental and magical bond. Both feel a strong tugging on their minds until they meet each other, and a mental and magical bond is formed. It is a result of the instability of the magical field that happens when a very unusual event occurs and disrupts the magical flow of Felinae and Antia.

    The occurrence of a bonding is rare in modern times, with more and more Felis retreating to their sanctuaries hidden from all Nafelis. The few Nafelis who do solidify the bond are usually Dragons, fae, drakans, and fairies as they live with or near Felis of their same element.

    When a Felis and a Nafelis who can bond meet each other for the first time, they forge a mental—and magical—bond with each other. This bond allows both to contact each other over great distances via telepathy, combine their strength when they are close enough to each other, locate each other even if it’s dark, etc. They become a force to reckon with, especially when they combine their strength with each other, becoming one entity for a few seconds.

    Beginnings of the Felis Warders

    The first two Felis Warder pairings were Davos Firefist & Sweet Wind and Davite & Deyine. Davite and Davos were the current children of the faerie Dav family 700 years ago. The two siblings had found their future Wards lost in the forest, and when they met each other, a connection between each pair’s minds was formed. Davite bonded with the Crystal Felis Deyine, and Davos bonded with the Icicle Felis Sweet Wind. The four found that not only were their abilities were greatly strengthened when they were around their partner, but that they could also easily locate, communicate telepathically, and even work through their mentally bonded partner. Each complimented the other’s abilities: Davite was a swordfighter who would often wear heavy armor while Deyine relied more on her Felis Powers and magic; Davos fought with his fists and fire magic while Sweet Wind was able with a sword. They fought in many battles together, and, soon, were renowned throughout the continent of Ayliani as the Warders.

    Davite and Davos settled down to have children (not with each other, as they are siblings and in-breeding is forbidden in faerie society) and Davos noticed that one of his daughters complained about a tugging notion in her mind, similar to what he felt shortly before he met Sweet Wind. Soon, his daughter Davifi came home one day with an orphaned Mountain Felis, which had a rose with it that had a magical inscription saying that its name was Ethereal Rose. She said that it was calling for her, just like how Sweet Wind and Deyine called for Davite and Davos.

    After Davifi and Ethereal Rose left their homes to explore the world outside the forest, they came across a Plant Felis taking care of a minet. It was an odd sight, as Davifi believed that her, her father, and her aunt were the only ones to share a bond with a Felis until that moment.

    Years later, Davifi and Ethereal Rose discovered many other pairings of Felis and Nafelis. It didn’t matter whether the Nafelis was Dragon, Fayish, or Merish, there was pairings to be found within every race of Nafelis. Davifi & Ethereal Rose, as well as the other pairings, got together and called themselves the Felis Warders. Both Felis and Nafelis alike were considered equals; there were no distinction between the two, especially when they would combine forces with each other in combat. A solidary pairing became a truly extraordinary force.

    I’ll post pictures of Davite, Davos, and Davifi sooner this week.



    Here’s Davos and Davite, along with Sweet Wind and Deyine.

    Davos and Sweet Wind


    Davite and Deyine




    Silvera, Silver Rose’s Alternate Antian Form



    (I was inspired by Jeimuzu’s sword when I was doing Silvera’s sword)
    Silver Rose/Silvera is blind, but she uses echolocation to “see”. She can summon lightning, like all Cloud Felis can, but she channels the lightning to her sword and uses the lightning to slow down her enemies. Unlike most Felians, and like Lilac Rose/Linea, she is immune to, as well as unable to use, all and any forms of magic except Felis Powers. She often takes the place of leader of the group, but her stubbornness often hinders in making group decisions.




    Female (mid-transformation)


    The fai-mer (FIE-mur) are creatures that are able to survive on both land and in water. They are able to do this by shifting into a Merish race when they come in contact with water, and a Fayish race, usually fairy, when they come in contact with Felinae’s atmosphere. They often serve as go-betweens for the overworld races and the Merish races. Fai-mer ambassadors can be identified by the special button/pin/hair pin they wear at all times.
    To distinguish between a normal Fayish and a fai-mer, look at the hair color. Fai-mers have very odd hair colors that match their Merish form.



    Love how you’ve done the hand on the mer side.



    That’s outstanding!



    Thanks for the comments!

    Here is my entry for the current contest, as well as a start on a new group of characters.


    Name: Esiwen
    Aliases: Shadesia (“Shade”-light, day “Esia”-sky, cloud, atmosphere)
    Age: undisclosed
    Alignment: Guardian of the Icydili Veri (“Veri”-forest); superhero
    Associations: Icydili faeries, Esi family, Guardians of Tesine (a land on Felinae that is landlocked, where most of my stories on Felinae take place)
    Powers: Flight via use of magic
    Shadesia is one of the Esi family members who have learned the family secret of using magic to fly. While it seems that using magic to fly is very common among magic users, it is not usually possible and as such is often declared impossible by magic researchers. The Esi family, however, somehow were able to manipulate magic in a way that allows them to fly.
    Except for flying, Esiwen is magic-void, meaning she cannot manipulate magic on her own. She uses a heirloom staff she inherited from her father to make up for this flaw.
    As the only Esi member of the present generation, Esiwen is the last of her line. She took up the mantle of being Guardian of her home forest when the last surviving member of her family (besides herself) died in a magical fallout incident that could have easily been avoided. Without another Esi to pass on the magical heritage of the family to any heirs Esiwen might have had, Esiwen made the choice to leave a lasting memory of the Esi family.



    ….And I forgot one thing. Happy New Year!






    She’s fantastic!



    @Linea24 said:


    Very Nice design, LOVE this character!



    Thank you, all!

    I’ve decided to give a few of my “homeless” random characters a place in this new series.
    Here’s a pending list for the Guardians of Tesine, arranged by location. (Yes, I am referencing an actual map, I drew it myself)

    Ashdea Faetians (“faetian”-mountian): Xevina (missing)
    Reason for disappearance: Was kidnapped by a fairy going by the name Merti who was practicing summoning other Felians.

    Ashdea Seldare (“seldare”-plain): Renagade


    Icydili Faitn (“faitin”- valley): Ice Ether

    Icydili Waters: TBA

    Icydili Veri: Shadesia

    Chadesia Seldare: Merin


    Lensa Faeyla (“lensa” lake”): TBA

    Lensas Lyndei & Itinarell: TBA

    West Faein Veri: Davan

    picture pending

    East Faein Veri: Feres

    Faein Waters: TBA

    Apere Veri: Alyide

    Apere Waters: TBA

    Lensa Lynditide: TBA

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