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    Wolf Master

    Come on, you’ve got to stop making such great stuff, you’re making most of us look bad 😀



    Great job on making these look non-heromachined! 🙂



    @JR:  I’ve gotta be careful, I wanna see more of your awesome creations. 😀

    :  Thank you!  Love the table flipping. 🙂

    and Yautja:  Thank you so much, that’s exactly the effect I’m going for 😀 😀

    :  Again, this is my typical reaction to your amazing creations.

    :  You are correct, I use various insignias for shading and lighting effects as well.  And I love “Jeiming”  thank you for coming up with that 😀

    :   Thank you very much. 🙂

    :  Thank you so much!

    :  Thanks, I was happy with the how the colors turned out, glad you feel that way.

    Master:  Thank you so much, I’m blushing.



    Awesome gallery to say the least. Love everything you have created. Personal faves: Brightstrike and Cicada Noir (obviously),Iro Kenshi (both), Graverobber (old), Wonder Dragon (new) and Gastro Stinger. I appreciate you posting so amazing creations for us to feast our eyes on. 😉



    Mech Suit:  Stratus X


    :  Thank you so much for taking the time to look through my gallery.  I really appreciate you sharing your favorites as well, I love learning which creations people a drawn to.  You put a big smile on my face today. 😀






    Oh for f**** sake. You’re doing this on purpose aren’t you. You wait until right at the end of the week, right when I’m thinking “ok, I think I know what I’m gonna do for COTW this week” and then you post and completely screw with my plans. That’s not very nice. Can you at least post at the start of the week or at the weekend like everyone else does?



    How did you? What? How? ………. Glad I made you happy btw.






    Vectorman316.exe has stopped working…


    All I can say is…I’m glad I’m not JR






    Vectorman316.exe has stopped working… All I can say is…I’m glad I’m not JR

    Oh good, a volunteer. You’re doing COTW next week now. After this week I’m gonna need a break. 😉

    But being serious here for a bit (strange I know), honestly, how am I meant to chose between this, Candruth’s Rossus or Lull-carae’s Sweet Death. The item usage and shading on this piece is beyond belief and then you look at the picture as a whole, the background, the colours, the attitude of the character and it is perfect in every way. But then the composition and feel of Rossus just blows me away, and the shading and colours there are damn impressive as well. And as for Sweet Death, well the masking it took to create the pony would qualify it for COTW status on its own, even without the rest of the package that makes up the picture. So really what am I meant to do here?

    All I can say is the three of you may make my life impossible when it comes to doing one post each week, but I have to thank you for being part of this community and sharing such incredible art with everyone here.


    Mad Jack

    Well, JR, what’s wrong with changing the COTW from single to plural – why not make it simply “characters of the week”? I think they would all deserve it. 😉

    Oh, and Jeimuzu: Really wonderful work. In addition to the (almost usual for you) ingenious use of items, that new shading technique is magnificent!



    Admittedly, I’m a little jealous of your style. No offense to everyone else here because there are so many great artists, but I look forward to your postings more than any other.



    Stop doing this. My brain can only handle so much awesomeness.

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 666 total)

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