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    Welcome to the forums, I hope you have a great stay.



    Hello everyone! I am ajax6893. I love Role-playing games and so far I’ve mostly used Hero Machine for creating my RPG characters. I had a bit of trouble setting up my account, but I realized that the password e-mail had gone to the spam box, so now I’m here! I’m excited to share my creations and ask my questions.



    Hi, Ajax! Feel free to ask any questions you like, this is a very friendly community Smile



    Welcome to the forums. I’m always glad to see new people here.



    I just saw this section, so here we go:
    I’m Valyndril, I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been using heromachine for about 2 years. I know a bit how to draw and at first, heromachine was for me a way of brainstorming on my character’s appearance. Now I enjoy experimenting with HM a lot and I think it became a form of art by itself. I mostly got my tricks by experimenting, but I’ve recently started looking at other’s work, and it brings a lot of inspiration. I play D&D a lot and most of the characters I draw are either my own or npcs from the custom campaign setting my boyfriend and I created. I like trying to give my pictures a mood and a personality to my characters.

    About me, well, I’m a girl from Quebec, Canada. I’m 28, still at school, not due to lack of skills, but because I keep changing my mind about what I want to do for a living. I have a kid and a boyfriend. I like metal, techno and classical most in music, read a lot fantasy novels, play many videogames but dont watch much tv or movies… I guess that covers it ^-^

    It’s nice to meet you all!



    Welcome to the forums. My wife will enjoy seeing another girl posting their art here.



    Hey guys, its been a while and life has been pretty hectic. Sorry about my absence…if it was noticed. But I am going to try and get back onto this site more often now.



    Hello all I’m Skoul, NOT SCHOOL! [Ahem] Sorry, too many times have I played mmorpgs and people refer to me as school. I have be using HM for a few years now, but I first discovered it about 4 or 5 years ago, I have been entering CDCs since the comic book cover one, I think. I have had about 5 creations in the polls but no winners. I recently joined the  forums a couple of weeks ago and I have a gallery. I admire a great deal of you guys works and they are what inspired me to improve my skills.

    I look forward to being a part of this wonderful community!



    Hi everyone!!

    I’m Vazkan, and I’m using HM since 2006. But I’ve never registered until today.

    I love to use HM to draw all the characters I could think and I hope I will learn to use it better.

    P.S. I’m italian…and I also hope my English is good enough 🙂

    See you around!!



    Welcome to the forums Vazkan. Don’t worry, your English is fine.

    If you need any help with anything, just ask, everyone’s very helpful here.

    Also, please make sure you have read the forum rules.



    Hey guys

    My name is Jordan. I am the writer & creator of the upcoming comic series, The Red Lion. I was invited to come and check out Hero Machine by Jacoby Bland on Facebook.. So far it seems pretty cool and I look forward to meeting all of you.



    So hi. I’ve been using the Hero Machine since it was just “Hero Machine”, back forever ago. I’ve used it pretty often since then over the years, as I keep being rather in awe of the work that’s gone into each iteration. I generally keep my creations to myself since I really am not that skilled with the Hero Machine 3 yet, but seeing so many truly wonderful pieces of art helped me get the drive to continue refining my own skills. I won’t be posting much here, since the conceit for most of my work revolves around a character cosplaying as various characters from established settings, and–yeah. I read the rules. 😉

    Still, thought I’d finally dip a toe into the digital water and introduce myself. 🙂


    Chaotic Goodness

    Hello, everyone! I’ve been using HM for almost a decade now and finally decided to stop lurking and join in all the fun you guys have been having. I use HM predominantly for quick and dirty character sketches. I’ll be posting some from time to time, but don’t expect quality.



    Welcome, Chaotic Goodness!

    Don’t you worry, we our have our own specific styles. I’m sure you will impress us.



    Hello guys!

    I’ve been using heromachine for my rpgs for a while now, so I have decided to join, mostly to get some help and advice from the talented people here.

    The tool is really easy and fun to use.

    My first language is not English, so please be patient if I make some mistakes!


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