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    Looking at the Statistics at the bottom of the forums I can see we now have just over 200 members who have joined us. Some of them old faces I’ve seen around either on the old forums, the main blogs page, or both and some of them new faces I have not seen before. So I decided to start this thread here in the pub so we could all introduce ourselves to each other. There is not inforced format for this, just say hello, and give as much or as little information about yourself as you are comfortable. I’ll Start

    My Username is Kaldath, however I have been known to go by both DravenDakar and RavenDakar in the past and I am one of this sites moderators. I live in Jackson NJ and work at Six Flags in the Park Service Department, doing Resource Recovery which is just a fancy way of saying I am a Janitor at an amusement park on the overnight/graveyard shift! I was a security officer at the park before changing departments, and intending to return to security work hopefully in the near future. I discovered Heromachine sometime in 2007, when stumbling on the now defunct heromachine yahoo group. I joined the old Heromachine forums in January of 2008 and have been a member of this community ever since. In closing I like to say that it is my pleasure to help Jeff out on these forums as one of the moderators, and if you need help don’t hesitate to ask and myself and HammerKnight will do all we can to get you set!




    Hi! I’m Kaylin, Kaylin88100 on here. I’m 14, nearly 15, and I’m not allowed (by my parents) to tell you my real name. 😛
    I love reading and drawing, which led to reading internet blogs and creating HM images. Incidentally, Kaylin is a character in a book I read once.
    I live in the UK, which means, for those of you that live in the USA (and from what I’ve seen that’s quite a lot of you) I’m about 5 to 7 hours ahead of you. I post something in my afternoon, you’re reading it in your morning. Pretty confusing, huh?
    I’ve never won a contest, but I try and enter every character design one, and I’ve got over 10 Finalists now! I’m so happy.
    I’ve been using HM for about 2 years or so, but I only really discovered the blog last June – just too late to enter the Taurus contest! The first one I entered was Gemini. My first Finalist was in the Cyborg contest. If you’re interested, all my Finalists (I think!) are on my Characters page in the Art Gallery on this forum.
    I also write stories: there’s the start of one, Wall of Silence, in the Writer’s Room. Please, check it out, tell me what you think! I love feedback!
    I’ve probably gone on waaaaaaaaaay too long, so I’ll finish by saying that I love HeroMachine and the community, and I think I’m addicted.
    So, that’s me!



    Hi everyone I am Hammerknight. I’ve been using HM since 2009. I have been doing art in one way or another for way over 30 year. I’m a proud parent of four kids(3 over 20yrs old so not so much kids anymore). Ever since I became Hammerknight back in 2003 or 2004 playing Final Fantasy XI, I guest you can say I’ve been a parent to more kids then just my own. I’m married to the beautiful Isia(Who does wonderful female characters even before most of the female stuff was added). I am not working do to bad back and neck problems, so you can almost always find me here. But only in short burst of times. I am one of the moderators of this forum. I’m a bad speller so forgive me for that. I’m always willing to help, so feel free to ask. Like it says in my signature, I’m a Jack of all trades and master of some. I’ve done alot, and seen alot. I have a military background and I’m a history buff. Art, weapons,constrution, comic books, survival, prison guard, so pretty much a little bit of every thing.

    it is good that your parents are watching out after you. Telling people your real name is not a very good idea on the computer. Tell them that I think they are doing a good job.


    Black Griffin

    so I am a random member who keeps fading in and out of existence, but i doubt anyone knows/remembers me so I’ll reintoduce myself

    I first appeared in september 2006, then again in 2007….ya know I’ve pretty much been wandering through a couple times a year since 2006. My more common forum name is Kormin, so if you see it somewhere the odds are is its me, my real name is Trevor but i doubt anyone cares about that.

    I am very into medieval history, mostly the armor, so if you look at my Corner you will find a great deal of fantasy and psedo-history type charaters. I used to be a competitive swimmer, a fairly good one, but i was forced to drop it due to lack of college funds.

    thats all i can say, so Hello Forumites.



    Right so Im DC-Lover. I am from Ireland and have lived there all my life.Im currently 19 and going to university in Galway. I have been drawing super heros since i was 5 and have been using HM for about a year now. I have also been writing a lot since i was 13 and as a result have some old stories left over that i never showed anyone and use some of the concepts in those stories in my writings. My heros are only used in the stories I write about them so if you in fact want to see some of my heros you will have to read some of my stories. I may put some of my heros who’s story I have not thought of yet up in some sort of post but at the moment while I have ideas i will be writing. While i do enjoy writing stories and creating Heros I dont do it for contests.
    In fact I have never won a contest as I am only happy to write and create. If i ever win one in the near or distant future isnt something that concerns me.
    I hope that everyone who reads my work actually enjoy it and tell others about it.



    Hello everyone! I’m Vampyrist and I’ve been using heromachine for about three or so years and joined the old forums back in June of ’09.

    I’ve only one contest and that was a FNF consolation round with my character Supernova.

    In reality, I’m just a 16 year old male living in the suburbs of Chicago. Go Cubs! My profession as of yet is solely as a student, hence all the free time for HM. Throw in some good ol’ classic movies and reading some good books, that’s how I spend my free time.

    I’m also an avid Whovian who was grown up on the myriad of VHS’s my dad happened to own.

    Anything else you need to know, just see my Power User Profile, a feat I am extremely proud of.


    Herr D

    My screen name is Herr D, and I’m — a makeaholic. HM was recommended to me by a player of Aberrant. I have used more media and multimedia combinations than I care to remember, mostly to avoid writing. The stories themselves come easy, but I hate the incredibly boring and drawn out processes of longhand, typing, etc. I have forgotten more pages worth of pieces of stories I’ve composed than most authors have published. Koontz and King are the exceptions. I am also a startaholic. There was a time I would refuse to finish a piece (of whatever) until it sold, but I’ve never SOLD writing. I have been paid to write instructions for equipment I used, but that’s not the same thing. Several people have told me to try serializing — so I’m trying that now, here.



    I am not neccisarily new.



    CoolWell, hello everyone. My username is Cape-Jacker [obviously], my real name is Hannah, and I also go by Emmi. Hence, you have many options for what you want to call me. I’d prefer you didn’t use Jack but Hannah, Emmi, or Emmi are definitely up for grabs. I’ll be turning fifteen this May [SQUEE! Learner’s permit!!], and I live in Nowhere, Colorado. I found HeroMachine by Googling “make your own superhero” a couple days ago, so you could certainly call me a newbie at this. Post-HM, I was active in track, reading, writing, babysitting, being a grammar Nazi, and living my life, but ever since clicking on that fateful link, I’ve been busy figuring this thing out… Love to all ya’lls!



    Hey guys, I’m Troy, from New Zealand. I’m 24, currently in my final year at University (you guys call it college/varsity?), studying Chinese and Politics. I’m a big fan of craft beer, and I’m trying my hand at homebrewing. Therefore, I probably drink too much. I also make cheese as a hobby, love cooking, but I’m pretty rubbish at it, so mostly love eating. Yeah!

    I will probably get fired from my part time job for playing on HM rather than actually working!

    Nice to meet ya’ll



    Hey fellow machinists’.I after years of playin’ in a few hardcore and cdossover bands(compare genre to Incubus meets Deftones)
    Iplayed for about 17 years in different projects,but always painting and doin’ pen sketching(really just really obscure doodlin’)I am born and bred in Jersey and am currently living in Neptune City ,Jersey.I am happy as a pig in stuff about discovering HM3.Very new mediem for me but learnin’ as I go and it’s real fun!Now married with a 5 year old who also loves HM3 ,he is into the same type of music and loves art…Is my little inspiration.anyway life be it hard is a beautiful mirical and I am happy to be alive!Happy Machining,and as it was told to me DON’T WORRY ABOUT BEING PERFECT JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT!!!!!



    Hey there,this is Red and I’m glad to be here.

    Since Hero Machine is no longer at the UGO site,will the other HMs (Rock Star, Pin up,etc.)be here as well?



    Jeff has moved some of them over already. They are on the main page.



    I am the one and only LiveWyre. Hope that doesn’t sound concieted, but that’s what my old boss used to call me when I would do the graphics for his website haha. I’ve been using heromachine since the days of the original program, then Heromachine 2, then 2.5, and now three. Me and my partner in arms have been writing our own comic continuity since we were but wee lads back in the day, and while he is an artist, I am not, so heromachine was a god send for me (thanks Jeff). Glad to be here on the forums and hope that my characters are worthy to share the same web space with some of the fantastic designs Ive seen so far!

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