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    Heyla All!

    My first post here in the forums. I’ve been using Hero Machine since around March. I actually started with Hero Machine 2.5. Then tried using HM3A, but was confused by the “singles” and multiples use. Then I decided to try again and have been making characters since. My first contest was the SODWA contest and from there I enter only the Character contest and some of the pop quizzes. Well, that’s my history for HM. LOL!

    Thundersong is just one of the names I go by. My favorite name to use though, is Star-River. One day, I may just change my mundane name to Star-River. It was my “professional” name when I did Spiritual Counseling, which I have long retired from, though on occasion if asked, I will still do readings. I mostly now teach one on one the Spiritual techniques that I’ve learned for the past 25 past years. LOL! What else should you know about me? I live in the US, but Not of the contiguous 48 States. I LOVE reading (fav book: “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein), writing (not published, but in the process of writing a book) and drawing (badly), which is why I am glad I found HM!!! I also practice Shamanism or Earth Magick, though I am not a Wiccan nor Pagan, though Shamanism can be put under the umbrella term of Paganism. I collect Crystals, Rocks, Minerals. My Favorite is Hematite and Larimar. I actually collect anything that catches my fancy…LOL! I love most Music, my most favorite song is “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry Brooks. I mostly now watch…”Disney” shows…though Martial Arts movies also catch my eye (my fav show is “Brother Bea”). I think that’s enough for now? TMI??? If there is anything else you’d like to know, just ask!

    Oh, btw…my avatar is named “Weeping Rain”. I like this character a Lot.



    David Juby here. I’m a costume designer and stitcher, and I work in theatre and film in Canada. I also teach the costume program at Sheridan College. I discovered HM3 while on a medical leave, and have become what some would call addicted.



    Hey guys, I’m CKnap iv been on heromachine for roughly a year or 2. I started in 2010-2011, I ran into the old program years before but never got to serious in it like I am now. Most of my creations revolve around my stories, comic book like more or less, in time I’d like to create a small comic book from heromachine of possible. Of you’ve been to my thread you know I’m the guy thay writes extensive bios and some ovoid pose work haha. Anyways I’m just about 22 come next month and I work with furniture at the moment. I love using heromachine to express my creativity as I can’t draw “people” all that well this program helps me in that sense. Iv learnt a lot from some of the masters like Hammerknight, dblade, ams and zyp and sdr, all in a short time. And I’d like to give a thanks to everyone for helping when and where you can. If anyone hasn’t checked out my page come on my and let me know what you think, I love comments and ideas on how to further my work and if you need any help feel free to ask.



    Sorry for spelling errors auto correct on iPhone is a pain



    I’m a 41-year-old corporate librarian for an observatory construction project based in Tucson, Arizona. I’ve been monkeying around with HM for about a year, but have only mustered the courage to enter contests in the last two months or so. I love seeing how people manipulate the HM items to create something new and different. It’s also great to see such diverse creativity and civility (rare for the internet).

    If you’re interested in the observatory check out our website We’re also on Facebook!/myLSST.



    Hello all, I am Hudson Ryder (Okay, the last name “Ryder” is a pseudonym Cool). I live in Colorado, where we wake up and see the Rocky Mountains every day. My interests include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Norse Mythology, and other sci-fi/fantasy topics.
    I have been using HeroMachine 2.5 for as long as I can remember, and I made the switch to HeroMachine 3 Alpha in October 2011. From then on, I’ve been creating characters, to the point that I have more than 200 stored in my computer, and 50 on a flash drive.
    I created an account for the purpose of entering some of the contests on HeroMachine. I’m not yet an expert on creating links to my characters and such, but I’ll get the hang of it soon enough. I aspire someday to make my mark in the HeroMachine Hall of Fame…but until then, I’ll be creating characters and entering contests.

    This is the second picture I’ve uploaded. I call it “Feast in Valhalla,” and it deals with two Viking warriors killed in battle that were chosen to feast with Odin for all eternity. i tried to capture the Viking essence in the colors and objects, but feel free to offer comments and constructive criticism–hope you enjoy!



    Yo i’m Jawsabi but u could call me js U-hu CoolCoolCoolCoolCoolLaughLaughLaughLaughSmileSmileSmileSmile



    Hi Jawsabi, welcome to the forums and could you maybe tell us a little more about yourself? From what I’ve seen of your posts so far you seem like a very interesting person.



    Hi, my name is Hakeber Arol Htur, at least when I’m hit with a backwards ray. I’ve been using Heromachine for years, usually to have fun and bring my written characters to life. I also just like messing with it to see and if I can change the size and shape of things to create unique effects.

    I’m just your average writer thing, crawling up from the muck of WordLand to sling sentences around until I create comedy and horror.



    I’m D.E.S.K.Top668, please call me DESK or my real name (David/Dave.) I’ve been a Machinist since V1 was the only HM out there. I was an infrequent contributor to the UGO forums and hope there’s a few users who might know me from there. While I took a break from posting , I never stopped using HM or even took HM off my favorites.
    Now I’ve spent some time exploring the latest HM, I hope to entertain you with a tale or two inspired by my HM characters.
    A little about myself…I’m 44, have two kids (13 and 10,) one wife (14 years so far) who was the UGOer/HMer Boondock Saint..
    I’m glad I finally joined and hope to learn to use HM better so I can give ya’ll my best.

    Peace – DESK



    Good heavens I’d love to make a Faith No More reference here.
    And I should have done this much sooner.

    Hello! As things stand right now, I live in Austin, Texas and work for a tech company here as a contract security guard. I was introduced long ago to HeroMachine Mk1, lost touch, and have since come back. Boy am I liking what I’m seeing. And getting to play around with…Smile
    A lot of the characters I’ve made either pop up in my head or come roundaboutly via my time playing (the soon-to-be late lamented) City Of Heroes.
    I’m 41, an Army vet, and have a 16 year old son. When not Machining or working, I’m either reading, plugging around on World Of Tanks, or sticking pieces of plastic together (If the box says “Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXC”, why am I holding a 1972 Dodge Challenger R/T? Confused).



    Can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner.
    Hi everyone, I’m JR19759, real name James, and I’m a 19 (20 in January) year old university student studying music technology (recording and stuff like that) in Stafford, U.K. Well, I say studying, it bores me to death half the time.
    I’ve been using heromachine since the advent of version 2. I never joined the UGO forums because I only started participating in challenges and stuff after the site had moved. My first contest was the Golden Age redesign contest (dunno the number) in which I was a finalist. I’ve been a finalist at least 6 times by my reckoning, but I my proudest moment (in relation to heromachine anyway) was when I drew with dblade and djuby on the 100th character contest, which is amazing considering how much better those two guys are with the program than I am.
    I recently got picked up by a webcomics site through something I created on heromachine and posted on my deviantart page and now I’m producing my own comic for them (I think mcknight also got his own series with them as well), which is pretty cool.



    I would like to welcome all the new members, and the returning members from UGO. I thank you all for introducing your self. Have fun and enjoy your stay.



    Hello all I am Vengeance. I started with the old forums ( which I miss very much) back in 2008. I am a life long comic fan., and have been making up my own heroes since I was a wee lad. I have lived on both coast and currently reside in the great mid-west
    Indianapolis Indiana. Most of my heroes exist in a shared universe, called the Event Universe
    I have 1 child (20 years old) I make my day to day living as A food service manager and I am a Apostolic minister



    Love your work Vengeance. I’m glad to see you posting here. The library in Fort Wayne is great, can’t wait to go back to it.

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