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    Delirious AL

    I’m Alex aka Delirious AL. I live in New York and I’m an eternal student. My current majors are Math and Physics, but I’m a wannabe artist. Maybe I’ll pick that up later. Or not. I kinda suck. I’ve been told though that I have a pretty creative imagination. And by pretty, I mean that there is a substantial quantitative amount of creativity involved in my imaginative exploits. Not to say that my imagination isn’t pretty. I guess commas are useful in this sort of situation. But I’m bad at commas. Also, I’m not sure if one can really put a number on an amount of creativity. Unless maybe it’s a scale of creativeness. Like, say a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the creative capacity of a single Bran Flake and 10 being the creative mind needed to invent the escalator. I’d probably be a 7. But even in this case a number is simply being applied to a subjective scale involving various orders of ingenuity. Whoops, I’m ranting.
    Sometimes I talk to myself. Who better to make me want to shut my mouth than myself? It’s a good method developing self-control. Or schizophrenia. Whichever comes first. Laugh



    Hi, I’m the Soupster, or Jonny, either works. In my final year at Uni studying Engineering, and currently using HeroMachine as a convenient little procrastination tool. I’ve had a superhero type story rattling around in my head for a while now, so I briefly used HeroMachine in the summer to get some characters on paper, as it were. Just come back to it now, and redoing some of them to take into account improvements to the story. I’ll put some of them up online soon, so watch the Art gallery section!



    I would like to welcome the both of you to the forums. I hope that you have a great time using HM.



    A Little Bump to this thread to remind people it is here since we have some new people here. This thread is completely optional and you can post as much or as little ( or none ) information as you are willing to share with the rest of us. I made the first post in this thread but a short recap. I live in Jackson New Jersey and work at Six Flags Great Adventure working overnights as a Member of the Park Service Department ( Janitorial ), Though I used to be a Security Officer there for a couple years before deciding to change departments.

    Here is where I work:



    I already started uploading my stuff, but i not introduce myself yet.
    So, Hi i am Gargantua… [silence]
    Well, nothing more to say about me. Like fantasy, like creating monsters.
    Ow, one thing, be merciful for what i will do with english language.



    hi. i cant believe i wasn’t able to stumble upon this thread earlier. my name is pr and i found out about heromachine late january while searching for some stuff i can find useful for a graphic novel we are planning to create. since then HM3 became so addictive that i find myself creating a lot of characters with it which are even not related to the novel we’re making. since i was a child i’ve been a fan of superheroes and drawing them became my passion. as years go by i became fond of fantasy and i find my drawing skills becoming useful in drawing fantasy characters as well. but lately, due to a busy sched and work which is far from related to drawing superheroes, i am forced to stop doing my beloved hobby. but HM3 revived the passion ‘coz of the fact that you can create a lot while saving a whole lot of your time.



    Well I guess I should introduce myself since I started posting pics already. I am qwerty, currently living outside of Kandahar for another 8 months and then back to DC. I am military and I am so glad I found this website as it is my relaxation from this place. I wish I had found it sooner but I was distracted by a city in Rhode Island called Paragon. When that was destroyed I found this site. I wish I could draw freestyle but I suck at it so this site is a godsend for me. It allows me to recreate all the toons that perished on 30 November 2012. Eventually I will make an avatar for myself. I have actually started writing stories of my characters over here when my internet is down and one day when I have the fortitude and gumption, I will post it in the fiction section. Any tips on shading or making metallic gleam is most appreciated. Nice meeting you all.


    Hi there. I am LuciferSam, and after reading some SCP Foundation stories, I wish to start write something, and HeroMachine could help me for creating the characters that will live in my stories :)

    BTW: HeroMachine is still alive, or is it dead at the 3.0 alpha version?



    It is still alive.


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, LuciferSam! Yes, we are alive and kicking. And always welcoming new blood…members… participants…. contributors… guys, gals, and ghouls. As you might have already read, we are a creative, eclectic, excitable, and sometimes opinionated bunch. That’s why we are here. To share and enjoy. Don’t be shy but also prepare yourself for “the frank.”



    I’m CantDraw because I can’t draw.



    Hello everybody! I am known as MithrilFrog here on HeroMachine. I love comic books especially Marvel. This website is a very great thing for me because I love creating superheroes and fantasy warriors and all kinds of stuff like that. I can’t draw humans at all that look very good(unless stickmen count!) so this is a really great tool for me. I love competitions that involve creativity because it makes me really think about designs and cool characters so the competitions here on the forums are awesome. Cant wait to meet everyone in the forums!



    Greetings, all! I’m Jester, and it’s been about a million years since I’ve been to these forums. In fact, they weren’t even these forums when I left for reasons that are ancient and hopefully no longer relevant. A lot has certainly changed. I don’t know if any of my old associates are still here or if anyone recalls who I am, but I’m back. I just recently started picking HeroMachine back up – again, it’s been ages – and the addiction has started afresh. I remember that back then the community was what really kept me going on the program – the feedback, the camaraderie – so I decided to rejoin. It’s great to be back, and I hope to start posting my characters again soon.

    Yours Sincerely,



    Welcome back!



    Welcome back, nice to see you here.

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