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    And now, my first new creation in many months.

    This is The Last Guardian. He’s not a very original character. He is the last surviving member of an intergalactic police force who fled to our galaxy when his was destroyed. I first created him to be a test subject for trying out new posing and other tricks. But I soon grew fond of him and decided I would keep him. So here he is in a more fully developed design along with all the older images I have of him. Sorry for the large size of the older images.

    The Last Guardian
    Original design
    New pose experiment
    Entry for the Legionnaire contest
    Pose experiment
    Fun with a SeanDavidRoss pose


    Thanks FRM!



    Wow! that lighting is amazing!


    Unnamed Flying Tech Guy and Flash are fantastic. You do excellent work on the poses for you characters.



    Wow!!! Your work is stunning! Great job.


    Thanks, guys http://www.heromachine.com/wp-content/legacy/forum-smileys/sf-laugh.gif

    And here is another update of an old character of mine. This is Victory. Since he made a cameo in my last post(in the Guardian-vs image) I figured now would be a good time to give him an update. He was originally another entry into the Legionnaire contest. Now I think I’ll have him be an anti-hero or possibly even a straight-up villain in my universe. Here’s the update and two older images. Enjoy! Again, sorry about the size of the one older image.

    Legionnaire contest entry. Also starring SeanDavidRoss’s Nimble Boy, Kaldath’s Shock Girl, Joel’s Pretty Boy and my Guardian.
    Victory Island



    He is so cool.


    Thanks Legatus Smile

    Here’s a new one for the contest.

    Angel of Death



    wow that is neat as hell!


    Thanks Scatman Smile But after another look I felt maybe the image was a little too dark and hard to see in some spots. So here’s an updated version that’s hopefully a little easier to see.

    Angel of Death(updated)





    Both version of the Angel of Death look great but I actually prefer the first one myself. I think the black skin tone really suits the character and gives him a more otherworldly feel.



    I love the design. As well as your sneaky use of head objects!

    Just a small thing, his arms look a tad small to me. As far as the right one goes, have you tried using more head objects for some foreshortening shenanigans? I first picked up that trick from the old forums in the poses thread.


    First of all thanks Hammerknight, Mr. Chowderhead, and Shiboreth for the compliments. I really appreciate them.

    Secondly, Shiboreth, I see what you mean about the arms. They do look pretty thin. And I think laziness got me as far as the right arm goes as that’s a trick I’ve used before. Anyways, thanks for the advice. I think I will go back and work on his arms. He’s a character that I really like and I want him to be as well done as possible.

    And finally, here’s another update. This is Guiding Light. He was the first great superhero of Earth in my universe. He has all the usual powers of a hero of his type, superstrength, speed, durability, enhanced senses, and so on. But no eye beams or freeze breath. He also carries a staff with some light manipulating abilities. This is pretty much a full redesign as the first couple of designs weren’t very good. As usual, the redesign is first followed by his older images. Older images may be kinda big.

    Guiding Light

    Original design

    In flight(pose by SeanDavidRoss)

    First Redesign

    Redesign in flight(pose by me)



    Good job on him! Also, he has been nominated for HOTM

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