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    @Vampyrist said:

    Payne is awesome! For alternate cryptonyms, how about Fallen Angel or something more like dragoness or Lilith?

    I like Fallen Angel. It’s a possibility. Dragoness doesn’t really fit since her whole gimmick is demon themed. I did consider Lilith at one point but I just don;t like it enough.



    Actually, Seraph is already considered a “fallen angel” so maybe not.



    How about something like Light-Bringer to play on the Lucifer theme, similarly morningstar or phosphorus cover the same ground. Going off of greek mythology, Hekate has often been cast as demonic and if her first name was Katherine, it could fit in. Lastly, how about Fury, as in the Erinyes.



    Lets play another round of Name That Character.

    This guy was originally going to be named Anansi, like the African trickster spider, but then I realized that would leave him open to all manner of “A nancy” jokes. So if you can think of a better one, hit me with it.

    [EDIT] Thanks to JR19759, I’ve now changed Anansi to Aurach.


    Colton Groves is not what he appears to be. A man of immense size and strength, Colton is thought by many to be dumb as a rock. In fact he is a certified genius and has several PHD’s in various disciplines. Unfortunately Colton is also easily bored and has a very short fuse.

    Despite creating several brilliant inventions, Colton was still continually mocked for his size. In his anger he created the dual identity of Aurach to get back at those who would mock him. In the process of doing so, he learned that he could use his inventions to get rich quick and improve his own life. Who cares what people say about you when you can buy and sell them, right?

    Unfortunately Aurach proved to be less than successful as a criminal and making millions as a masked bad guy was harder than he thought. Still, he had fun pounding on those super tough superheroes. It felt good to let loose on someone that could take it.

    Sadly, during a battle with the hero known as Law, Aurach would be shaken to his core and the world would suffer a tragic loss.

    The beloved hero, Law, had gained the upper hand in the battle and was making his usual jokes when he suddenly collapsed. Aurach wasn’t sure what was happening. Was Law pulling some kind of prank? Was he going to pop up when Aurach got close and knock him out? Law never got back to his feet and suddenly everything got very real for Aurach. He rushed to the fallen hero’s side and yelled for the onlookers to call for an ambulance. Law and Aurach had just been fighting moments before but he had never wanted to really hurt the guy. Law had always shaken off Aurach’s blows before.

    Aurach stayed by Law’s side until the ambulance arrived, trying to keep him alive, but fled the scene before the police showed.

    Worried that he had killed his opponent, Colton fell into a seemingly bottomless pit of despair. His grief was only compounded when the news later reported that Law had in fact died en route to the hospital. His sense of guilt was only slightly lessened when it was revealed that Law had died from a cerebral aneurysm. A condition that had been building for some time.

    Law’s death was ruled an accident, despite some claiming that Aurach was to blame. The cell phone footage people on the street had filmed of Aurach tending to the fallen Law went a long way in helping his case.

    Still wracked with guilt, Aurach remained in hiding. But he had made a decision. He no longer wanted to be the bad guy. He didn’t want to hurt any more innocent people. He wanted to make amends. It was then that he heard a rumor about a government sanctioned team of criminals. A team that would be trained to use their powers for good.

    Aurach sought out the woman rumored to be the teams leader, the mysterious Payne. After an initial confusion which resulted in Payne beating Aurach over the head with a smart car, Aurach explained that he wanted to join the team Payne was forming. Payne was skeptical. The rest of her team were being forced to join. Why would this giant spider volunteer. Aurach explained what had happened with Law and how he desperately wanted to make amends. After thinking it through and hurling Aurach through several more walls, Payne accepted. Of course Aurach would have to be arrested first. Knowing full well that she couldn’t trust a team full of super criminals, Payne decided to plant Aurach as a mole within their ranks who could report back to her about any nefarious plans the others concocted.

    Aurach became the first and only member to volunteer for Payne’s new team. Not that anyone else would know that.




    What about Joro. It’s a type of golden orb web spider. Or Auarach (a portmanteau of Au- the chemical symbol for gold and Arachnid). Just going by the colour scheme.



    @JR19759 said:

    What about Joro. It’s a type of golden orb web spider. Or Auarach (a portmanteau of Au- the chemical symbol for gold and Arachnid). Just going by the colour scheme.

    I like Aurach. I might just use that. Thanks :)



    Auarach is awesome!



    Savaanah was never truly accepted among her people. Or even her own family for that matter. They claimed they loved her but Savaanah knew better. It wasn’t love in there eyes. It was pity.

    Savaanah was abandoned by at an early age by her father for her unnatural white hair and strange demeanor. Even as a baby, she never cried. Not once. She never smiled or laughed or showed any emotion whatsoever. People worried that there was something unnatural about this girl. Savaanah’s own mother was among these people.

    As she grew older, little really changed in Savaanah except her increasingly violent tendencies. She spent practically all of her time practicing fighting techniques with anyone who was willing to spar with her. She seriously injured more than a few. People’s pity for the girl was instead replaced by fear. In the end, she grew tired her small corner of the world and even more tired of the way people looked at her.

    So she left her home and her family behind and ventured out into the world, selling her fighting skills as a mercenary. It seemed then that violence was all Savaanah knew.

    Eventually, her travels led her to America. Here she crossed paths with a number of costumed heroes, usually while she was in the employ of some crime lord. People began to take note of this hired gun who was surprisingly able to hold her own in fights against super humans when she herself had no powers. She even bested a number of them. Word spread of Savaanah’s skill and every shadowy criminal wanted to hire her. Her stock continued to rise and rise. But then Savaanah encounted the masked hero known as The Hunter. One of the very few normal human beings who were capable of defeating her in a fight.

    After Savaanah’s first encounter with The Hunter, she was arrested but managed to escape. It was the Hunter who once again found her and brought her to justice. Savaanah began to grow obsessed with defeating the Hunter. She continually found some way of escaping prison and attacked the Hunter. She was bested every time.

    Over the course of her encounters with the Hunter, something began to change in Savaanah. She grew frustrated with her continual defeats and eventually began to show the first true signs of emotion. Unfortunately for the Hunter, that emotion was rage.

    In one final climactic battle, Savaanah released all of her rage in a fight with the Hunter, having learned from her past mistakes. In a surprising turn of events that no one expected, the rage filled mercenary bested one of the worlds top martial artists. Savaanah knocked the Hunter clean out….But then she did something even more unexpected.

    With a deep sigh of relief, the eerie calm that Savaanah was known for washed back over her and she handed herself over to the police. Her reasons for doing so are still unknown. On the rare occasion that Savaanah chooses to speak to someone, she refuses to discuss the matter.

    After spending some time in prison, Savaanah was approached by agents of the United States government. A team was being formed under the supervision of Payne. A team looking to rehabilitate super powered criminals. Savaanah was quick to point out that she didn’t have super powers but was informed that Payne herself had requested Savaanah’s presence on the team. Not that Savaanah (or any other member of the team) really had a say in whether they would join or not. Savaanah knew Payne had ulterior motives for adding her to the team besides her fighting skills but she didn’t really care.

    She had plans of her own.




    Great character! She looks pretty tough.



    Thanks ams, glad you like her.

    Also, thanks to JR for the new name for whatsisface. I decided to go with “Aurach” rather than “Auarach” simply because it looks better as a word without that extra A. Three vowels in a row just always looks weird to me.

    Plus added some half-assed stupid story.



    She is kick ash dude.Wink



    Been tinkering with Dragonfly‘s costume in an attempt to make him fit at least slightly better into the whole insect theme. I mostly just changed the mask and goggles into a helmet and gave him some kind of jacket. I considered giving the colour scheme a complete overhaul but at this point, the character has so much history and his look has become rather iconic in game, it kind of feels like messing with Spider-Man’s colours.

    p.s. I freely admit to not entirely thinking through how he would wear that helmet and a hood.



    Or how about a not entirely faceless mask? This one doesn’t exactly scream “insect” but then neither does the other one.

    Oh well.




    He looks really cool!

    Perhaps the mask could have some sort of wasp-like mandibles. That’s certainly what comes to my mind when I think of insect faces.



    @Weilyn said:

    He looks really cool!

    Perhaps the mask could have some sort of wasp-like mandibles. That’s certainly what comes to my mind when I think of insect faces.

    I did play around with some stuff like mandibles around the jaw area but nothing really seemed to work. Plus one of Dragonfly’s closest allies is a wasp themed hero (Vespa, who’s around here somewhere) so it’s probably best to not use wasp characteristics here.

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 1,638 total)

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