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    I’m going to be a tad lazy with Hellion. I had originally intended on creating a second image of him in his demonic form but it’s going to take a lot of time and effort and I just don’t have the motivation for it right now. I’m going to be moving onto other characters but I’ll update this post at some point with the second image.


    When Ryan Hart first transformed into the demonic Hellion, he hid himself away for weeks. It was Dragonfly who first encountered Hart after his transformation. A deeply religious man, Dragonfly believed he had encountered the biblical devil. Hart’s ability to induce terror in others didn’t exactly help the situation. Dragonfly fled as Hellion, driven mad by his transformation, attacked.

    It was several other heroes who finally managed to subdue Hellion, each suffering through the same fear as Dragonfly.

    Afterwards, Hellion spent several months in AEGIS custody, held in a special rig to control his fire powers. In a surprising twist, Dragonfly visited Hellion a number of times in order to confront his own fears. In the process, Dragonfly proved integral in snapping Hellion back to sanity. The road was long and hard but eventually Ryan Hart regained control of his own mind. He was eternally grateful to Dragonfly for his help and after being released from custody he decided to follow in his new friends footsteps and become a costumed crime fighter. Albeit with a much darker edge.

    Hellion has since become a well respected, if not entirely trusted, hero.

    (Recently, Hellion has learned that his powers go beyond controlling peoples fear. He can actually manipulate other emotions and even gains different appearances and powers based on which emotion he is controlling at the time. He still finds fear much easier to work with though)




    Just a quick bit of fun but this little guy does exist in the same universe as my other characters and is actually one of the east coast’s top crime lords.


    Francis De Luca earned the nickname “Babyface” due to his youthful appearance. He ran one of the east coast’s most nefarious crime syndicates and was known to be ruthless, despite his innocent looking appearance. But Babyface had enemies. Lots of enemies. He became paranoid that eventually one of his many enemies would kill him. Or maybe even an ambitious ally.

    But in a world full of super humans and magic, Babyface had a chance to avoid death…forever.

    The gangster made a deal with a demon (via a witch) to grant him immortality. But this witch and her demon master enjoyed pulling pranks on mortals. They granted Babyface his immortality, but at the cost of reverting him physically to the age of an infant. Babyface was now stuck forever with a literal baby face. Suddenly, immortality didn’t seem like such a good idea.

    Despite looking cute and innocent, Babyface is perhaps even more vicious now than he was before he gained his immortality.

    He’s a cranky baby.




    Is anyone else having trouble exporting characters from HM3 or is it just me?



    I finally got around to creating Vulcan, a.k.a Hephaestus. I still suck at fire though.


    Vulcan is a broken and angry man.

    Disfigured by an I.E.D during the Iraq war (where he met Ares) Lester Owens lost both legs and was badly scarred across most of his body. He was sent back to the states for treatment but he knew his life would never be the same again. Lester fell into a downward spiral of depression and alcohol. Feeling sorry for himself, he pushed away his family and friends and everyone who tried to help him. He hated the looks of pity in their eyes.

    When it seemed he could get no lower, his old buddy Ares showed up and introduced him to the man calling himself Jupiter. Jupiter informed Lester that he was the reincarnated soul of the god, Vulcan. Lester wasn’t inclined to believe such nonsense but Ares backed up Jupiter’s story and Lester had never known that man to lie.

    Jupiter said he could help Lester, but first Lester had to help himself. He left, informing the downtrodden god that if he wanted to join the ranks of the Pantheon, he would have to do something to impress him, rather than wallowing in his own self-pity. Vulcan rose to the challenge and then some. He used his incredible creative talents to forge himself a pair of robotic legs. He could finally walk again! He wondered why he had never done such a thing before and berated himself for not doing so. Maybe the visit from Jupiter was just the kick in the pants he needed. Vulcan proudly displayed his creations to the rest of the Pantheon. Jupiter was so impressed that he welcomed Vulcan with open arms and taught him to unlock all of his potential and abilities.

    Vulcan has been a loyal member of the Pantheon ever since, with one or two lapses in judgement. He has become utterly infatuated with Aphrodite, who wants nothing to do with him. Even as a god, Vulcan retains a lot of bitterness and anger at his disfigured appearance and at one point even tried to kill Eros, who Aphrodite seemed smitten with. Driven to extremes, and apparent insanity by his love, Vulcan thought that if he could remove Eros from the picture Aphrodite would fall in love with him. It was only the wise words of Apollo that managed to bring Vulcan back to his senses and prevent a tragedy. In typical fashion, Eros forgave Vulcan without a second thought, knowing all too well what true love can do to a man.

    The Pantheon continued on with their business but Jupiter now keeps a close eye on Vulcan for signs of any further trouble. As for Aphrodite…She realized that Vulcan would do just about anything for her. A fact that could come in handy for the manipulative goddess.




    And Aphrodite too!….I don’t really know why she’s sitting on a bunch of boxes. That just sort of…happened.

    Anyway, I’ll add a little more info on this lady tomorrow as I need sleep.

    And yes, that is a love potion she’s selling.




    It seems I may have accidentally been making some of my characters too dark. They looked fine on my laptop but I’ve just been looking at them on a friends computer and they were so dark that a lot of the detail and shading has been lost.

    Damn it.


    Blue Blazer

    They look fine to me. It’s probably your friend’s computer that’s effed up.



    @Blue Blazer said:

    They look fine to me. It’s probably your friend’s computer that’s effed up.

    I thought that but they do look kinda weird when viewing them on my phone too. Good to know at least someone can see them right.



    Rounding off the main cast of the Pantheon is a character who…isn’t actually part of the Pantheon.


    Alyssa Wild is a government agent working as the liaison between the Pantheon and the United States Government. Officially her role is to oversee the Pantheon’s activities in and around the United States. Unofficially her job is to keep a close watch on the self processed “gods” and report their activities back to her overseers. If any of the Pantheon step out of line and become a threat to the united states or it’s people, agent Wild is to be the one to sound the alarm.

    While some among the Pantheon resent her presence, Alyssa has done well to acquit herself well and has earned the respect of most of the group and has even grown quite close to a few.

    Alyssa is just an ordinary human, albeit a highly trained one, and has no metahuman powers. However she has, on multiple occasions, proven that she is more than capable of holding her own in a fight with super powered individuals.

    While Alyssa is one of the best agents the United States Government has, many saw her assignment to the Pantheon as a demotion or punishment for her tendency to question her superiors orders. Alyssa doesn’t see things like this however and considers current assignment a golden opportunity to hone her skills and make an impact.

    [Side Note: Alyssa is a huge fan of the worlds costumed heroes and collects every piece of memorabilia she can find. She even has a special room set aside at home just to store it all. Very few people know this fact about the agent though. Surprisingly, Mercury is one of the few who do, after he and Eros broke into Wild’s apartment. Even more surprising is the fact that the blabbermouth hasn’t told anyone.]




    Competing with Comet for the 2nd spot on my list of favourite characters, this is Seraph.


    Seraph is one of, if not the most controversial hero around. She claims to be an angel sent from heaven to protect humanity. A claim seemingly backed up by her array of angelic powers (including the ability to create shimmering golden weapons and even heal people) and the fact that during her first public appearance, she appeared in a blinding flash of light, high above the city (and then proceeded to fall, unconscious, towards the ground, leading some to refer to her as a fallen angel).

    The general public tends to believe one of two things about Seraph. Either that she is exactly who she claims to be and is deserving of incredible praise and perhaps even worship, or that she’s simply another whack-job with superhuman powers who needs to be locked up.

    What the general public doesn’t know is that Seraph has actually led a mortal life ad Talia Rose and has even spent some time in a mental institute, claiming that she was hearing voices in her head. After some time, Talia was released with a clean bill of health but then seemingly vanished. She wasn’t seen again until her very public first appearance as Seraph.

    The self professed angel was celebrated by many, including the catholic church, but Seraph has proven that she won’t just be a mouthpiece for the Vatican and has very publicly disagreed with them on key issues such as gay marriage. Her “God loves gays” quote has earned her praise of many people but has put her further into the doghouse with many others. That said though, she still agrees with the church on many matters, such as abortion etc. Every life is precious to her.

    Whether people believe Seraph’s claims or not, the majority of them respect her for the good that she has done and continues to do.




    For some reason, my depiction of Alyssa Wild is starting to remind me of Emma Peel.

    If you know who that is, you’re either really old or just a huge geek like me. :D



    I was thinking more Natasha Romanoff, but I could see a bit of Diana Rigg in her too.



    @Myro said:

    I was thinking more Natasha Romanoff, but I could see a bit of Diana Rigg in her too.

    Yeah, she is quite a bit like Natasha too isn’t she.



    Shaman was part of a team including Dragonfly and Apollo (before he joined the Pantheon) and many others. Able to control vast mystical energies, Shaman always held back on really using his powers, almost seeming to be afraid of them. It wasn’t until he became possessed by the malevolent being known as Entropy that the full extent of Shaman’s powers were revealed. He battled Comet in a fierce battle, surprisingly holding his own in a fight against an opponent most would consider far more powerful than he was. In the end, after Shaman has weakened Comet enough, Entropy jumped ship and possessed the extra-terrestrial hero. Entropy moved on to carry out his master plan with his new victim and Shaman, now free of the villains control, lay broken and exhausted, seemingly with no more control over the mystical energies he once possessed.

    Entropy was eventually defeated but Shaman was still disconnected from his magics. He spent quite some time in seclusion from the rest of the world, in communication with the spirits. Eventually he returned to society, seemingly having regained control of at least a fraction of his powers. Some have grown worried though that he may have resorted to invoking dark spirits to regain his abilities, as something seems different, some even say darker, about the mystical Shaman.




    Attempt at a new costume for a friends character, Magenta. One of the previously mentioned other heroes on Shaman’s team.

    The costume turned out pretty weird but that’s OK because Magenta is a bit of a weirdo herself and even has a bit of a split personality. She thinks the pink energy she forms into constructs with her powers is actually sentient and talks to her.

    This whole thing has been weird. Even when I tried to export the image, it kept flipping the entire thing around so it was at a weird angle. Eventually I had to just take a screenshot so this is probably going to be a lower quality image.


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