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    i love that eros guy. great stuff you have here!


    Eros’ wings are very cool.



    Interesting concept, cool characters!

    Nuff said…


    Herr D

    A: Mercury does look blue-green to me. If you’re still not satisfied with Apollo, you might try making a separate flame for each finger. More work, but I would think that would be more realistic. Love your trio.Smile



    From Eros hood i personally missing the devil horns :D

    Nice work.



    Juno is the head of The Olympus Foundation, appointed to this position by Jupiter himself. Some saw this as little more than an attempt to curry favour with the woman he claims is his wife. His claims of immortal love (and even his claims that Juno is in fact Juno) have been questioned, given that this woman is a Jewish witch…not to mention gay.

    Juno apparently has no interest in rekindling any eons old love with Jupiter but she does enjoy her new position of power as the the head of the Olympus Foundation. She may be a cold and occasionally petty woman but she does seem to genuinely care about the Pantheon’s philanthropic endeavors.


    This version of Juno is inspired by an attempt to make at least one member of the Pantheon as different from their mythological counterparts as possible while also throwing a proverbial monkey wrench into Jupiter’s claims.

    This is another one I don’t think I’m finished tinkering with yet.




    Nice stuff Arc , I really like the “trouble girls” and the helmet on appollo as well as aries headgear good job man.



    Neptune is that guy we love to hate. He was a jock and a bully in high school and he hasn’t grown much since. The west coast surfer boy had an ego before Jupiter arrived, informing him he was a god. That ego has grown exponentially ever since. Neptune’s self serving personality tends to grate on everyone’s nerves but he’s one of the most powerful members of the Pantheon and most understand that when the big day comes, the day Jupiter claims they will be needed, Neptune’s power will be needed.
    I know, this is not my best work.



    Man, this thing is bugging the crap out of me. Been trying to upload an updated image of Neptune but it just kept showing the original one. The image that doesn’t even exist on my computer anymore.

    I think I got it but I had to rename the image. Seems stupid.



    Artemis is the newest recruit into the ranks of the Pantheon. She may not display the incredible strength of some of the other gods but she has proven to be quite brilliant when it comes to tactics and strategy and enjoys outsmarting her enemies (and Neptune)


    I know the whole Artemis archer thing has been done to death but whatever.




    Your work is creative and quite beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.



    @djuby said:

    Your work is creative and quite beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Thanks. And you’re in luck :)



    Time to take a short break from the Pantheon to bring you Cyber. This ended up being a lot more “costumey” than I had originally intended but I kinda like it.


    Cyber is an information broker and technological genius who often does business with the masked heroes and villains of the world. So long as she get’s paid, she doesn’t much care where the money comes from. She draws the line, however, at revealing secret identities. Of which she has become privy to quite a few.

    Despite having a reputation for playing things straight down the middle and not taking sides, Cyber has recently begun to lean more towards doing business with the hero crowd. Only time will tell whether she falls one way or the other.



    Great characters, and I dig your backstories!



    I’m back again! (Stop screaming)

    Sorry I upped and vanished again but, y’know, life and stuff.

    Anyway, to make up for my absence I’ve created not one, not two, not thirteen bit six new characters to assault your eye holes with.

    First up…

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