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    Yeah man! Life gets in the way, sometimes. It happens to all of us. AQW has me kinda addicted right now. Its about flicted as all get out, but fun.



    Here’s the first guy I’ve created in a while.


    Detectives Emily Virgil and Tim Romero recently found themselves involved in a case where a number of meta-humans turned up dead. The only connections the victims to to have to one another were that they all had super powers and they all had a specific calling card left on their body. A black cross.

    In the course of their investigation, Virgil and Romero discovered a group of religious extremists by the name of The Black Cross. The leader of this secretive group appeared to be the mysterious minister calling himself Savior. Savior and his followers in the Black Cross believed that meta-humans were an abomination and were the creations of the devil. Savior preached about how every last one of these super powered “freaks” needed to be wiped out. He stopped short of actually admitting to any of the murders however.

    Eventually, Virgil and Romero tracked down the killers who had committed these crimes in the name of the Black Cross. They were ultimately unable to press charges against Savior himself though as they lacked any evidence that he had actually had anything to do with the murders. Savior is very careful to never get his own hands dirty. He instead hires a number of other individuals to do his work (or as he claims “the work of the lord”) for him. These people range from heavily trained ex military personnel all the way to average citizens who simply believe what Savior tells them.

    What makes Savior even more deadly than most of the religious extremists of the world is the simple fact that he believes every last word of his own rhetoric. He’s not out to gain power or revenge. He genuinely believes that super powered individuals are evil and will go to great lengths to see them wiped out.

    Savior is not only a true believer but is also remarkably charismatic and articulate. While the Black Cross is still a young organization with only a small number of members, there seems to be a growing number of people who support the group and some are concerned that it’s only a matter of time before Savior and his followers become a truly dangerous threat capable of taking on even the strongest of super humans.


    “Brothers and sisters, hear me! Our world is dying. It has been poisoned by lies and deceit. We have been tricked into worshipping false idols. These blasphemers who believe themselves better than our lord have the audacity to call themselves ‘super humans’, as though they are better than you and I. They have the audacity to call themselves heroes when all I see is a world living in fear of men who can breath fire and end our lives with a flick of their wrists. They place themselves high above us and look down upon us mere mortals as though they are gods. But I am here today, brothers and sisters, to tell you that there is only one god! And these people are not his children! They are the work of Satan! Look around you, brothers and sisters. Look at the devastation wrought by these people in the name of ‘justice’. All I see is destruction. Homes and businesses ruined by yet another battle between these so called super men. They care not for the lives they ruin in their squabbles with one another. We are but ants beneath their feet. Brothers and sisters these people are not super humans. They are a disease. They are a cancer upon our fair world!…But fear not my friends. For we are the Black Cross…And we are the scalpel that shall remove this cancer and return our world to the paradise our lord intended it to be!” – Savior.



    He does not look happy. (Let’s just assume that comment led on to me making a bad pun in reference to his name and move on)
    Once again, great costume design



    I’m sure some hero would make that pun anyway while attempting witty banter :)



    A quick remake of an old character from my old archive. The Egyptian hero, Amaunet.




    That’s really good!



    Elizabeth Black was beautiful. Elizabeth Black was loved. But everything changed when the hero Atomic died.

    The explosion and subsequent radiation given off by the hero’s death killed thousands. Elizabeth was “one of the lucky ones”. Miraculously, she and a number of others had survived. But she didn’t feel very lucky. Not only was everyone she knew dead but she had become infected with atomic radiation. Her very touch was now poisonous. Elizabeth was locked away, supposedly for the safety of those around her. She languished in hell for months, deprived of human contact for the first time in her life.

    Meanwhile though, the other survivors had changed too. And among their number was the individual now referring to himself as Mind-Wave. Mind-Wave orchestrated a plot to escape the holding facility he and the other “infected” were being held in. When the newly named Children of the Atom were unleashed upon the world Elizabeth, now calling herself, Black Betty, was among their number.

    The Children of the Atom quickly proved to be a danger to the world and often fought an assortment of heroes. Black Betty seemed at times to have been driven insane by her new state. But at times she has proven to be the one member of the group who actually has any piece of their original humanity left. She hates what she has become and has considered leaving the group on a number of occasions. But Mind-Wave is devious and has convinced her that he and the other children are the only people who could ever love her now.

    They are her family.

    “Now I am become death” – Black Betty.



    How annoying! When I visit the last page in my archive it says I’m logged out. I have to go to a previous page just to post. But I can’t edit anything on the last page.



    Nevermind. It seems to be working now.


    Mad Jack

    Wow – great work! I love Black Betty! Uhm – I mean as a character… Wink


    The Atomic Punk

    From concept to costume, a great character.



    Black Betty is one of your best! Great look and concept!



    @madjack said:

    Wow – great work! I love Black Betty! Uhm – I mean as a character…

    Well what’s not to love about an atomic psychopath? :)

    I’m glad you like her guys. Betty is a character I originally created years ago when I first made Mind-Wave and the Children of the Atom but this is the first time I’ve gotten around to creating her with heromachine. It’s nice to finally give her a face.



    Remember Babyface, the baby gangster? Well say hello to his little friend (I couldn’t resist), the sweet southern Sally with a siren song that sends (s)everyone to sleep. Lullaby.

    Lullaby will often stroll into a bank, sing a song and send everyone to sleep and then she and Babyface (and their gang) will rob the place blind.

    The image of Lullaby pushing the foul mouthed gangster Babyface around in a stroller just makes me smile. That’s really the only reason I put these two together.


    “Sweet dreams, sugah” – Lullaby.



    I’m not sure how many of you know this yet but the image exporting feature seems to be working on Google Chrome again. The warning about the broken feature is still on the program though so I don’t think Jeff is aware that it’s working.

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