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Friday Night Fights: Winner

Ok, the votes are in, the poll is closed and we have a winner. I pretty sure nobody would have called the finalist we had, let alone the winner, before this contest started, but both contestants fought hard to get to the final, one being the underdog facing off against and beating some of the favourites to win, whilst the other acted as the dark horse, quietly winning through each round by fairly decent margins. However, out of the two, there can only be one winner. And that winner is Vampyrist. Congratulations Vamp, there would be a trophy or something but I kinda forgot to get it engraved, so you'll have to make do with a round of applause.

Anyway, so as to immortalise his win for posterity, here are all of Vampyrists entries for the FNF contest.

Round 1 (Modern)- James Bellamy


Round 2 (Fantasy)- Jared Karkarran


Round 3 (Sci-fi)- Dryk


Round 4 (Superhero)- Cobalt


Friday Night Fights: The Final

Ok guys, it is the moment you've all been waiting for. Unless you haven't, but either way it's still happening. It is the final of this years Friday Night Fights. The semi0finals didn't disappoint, one having only 10 votes between the two entrants and the other having just 4 votes separating them. However, unfortunately we do have to say sayonara to both Vectorman316 and MLS from the competition. You guys may now post your entries if you so wish.

And with that, this is how the final lines up. Good luck to both competitors and may the best 'machiner win.

FNF Elimination Bracket

FNF: Final- Vampyrist vs. Linea24

[polldaddy poll="9453716"]

Vampyrist- Cobalt


Linea24- Zephyr


Oh, and just for extra suspense, the poll result is hidden. You can thank me later. 😉

Friday Night Fights: Semi-Finals

Ok guys, the semi-finals are no upon us. And the completion has already thrown up an interesting result. Previous FNF winner djuby fell in the 2nd round, which has certainly made the semi-finals look a lot different to what I'm sure anyone was expecting. For those competitors that went out in the last round, feel free to post your entries up now if you so wish. For our remaining competitors, good luck, next week two of you will be in the final.

FNF Elimination Bracket

Semi Final 1: Vectorman316 vs. Linea24

[polldaddy poll="9447920"]

Semi Final 2: Vampyrist vs. MLS

[polldaddy poll="9447923"]

You can find full size images of the entries for this round below the jump.

JR out. (Literally)

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Friday Night Fights: Quarter Finals

Ok guys, the qualifying round is over. Unfortunately that means we have to say good bye to one of our competitors. I am a bit surprised that it was Lef who went out in the first round, and you guys are really missing out on some of his pics from the later rounds, but you voted him out. Lef, you can now post all of your entries online if you so wish, show everyone what they're missing.

But anyway, now that the qualifying round is out of the way, we can get down to business. Now, each of our competitors are randomly paired up and go head to head. Each match is decided by poll, with the person who gets the highest votes in each pair moving on to the next round, until we have a winner. And the brackets are thus:

FNF Elimination Bracket

You can find the polls for each match below the jump, along with each of this rounds entries. Good luck to all of our competitors, with the exception of MLS (joke obviously).

JR out.

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Friday Night Fights: Qualifying Round- Modern

Hey guys, JR here.

As we got exactly 8 entries, I decided to add an entry of my own so we can do a qualifying round, because it'd suck if everyone did four entries and only three ended up being used.

So, the way this works: all of the first round entries are in a single poll. You can vote for your four favourites each day. The poll will close next Thursday and then the person with the least votes will be eliminated. The remaining eight move on to the next round.

Good luck everyone. Let the fights begin.

[polldaddy poll="9435663"]

EDIT: I've added the entries in a large size after the jump. Probably should have done that to begin with, but hey, at least it's still day 1 right.

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Friday Night Fights reminder

Hey guys, JR here.

Just a quick reminder for everyone that you now have 2 Weeks left to submit your entries for this years FNF contest. The closing date for entries is the 1st of June 2016. You can find the rules and entry requiremend, as well as the categories for each round here.

JR out.

Return of Friday Night Fights

Hey guys, JR here and I'm gonna try something that hasn't been done in a while. For those of you who aren't aware, the Friday Night Fights is a character design contest style tournament that takes place each Friday (hence the name). Jeff and Kaldath have both done a few contests but we haven't had one in 2 years due to a bad turn out with the last one. But for a pessimist I'm pretty optimistic (why do you think I'm posting this on Friday 13th) and I think we can actually get enough people to make the idea work again.

So, what actually happens. Well, I need at least 8 people as a bare minimum to make this work and 16 as a maximum. There will be 4 rounds (provided we get more than the minimum 8 people, otherwise there will only be 3 rounds) each with a different theme. Each entrant needs to design a character based on each theme and submit them all before the FNF starts. The first round will be a qualification round if we don't get 16 entrants, where the creators of the top 8 images will advance to the next round, where they will be randomly placed into pairs and the tournament starts, so one creator facing off against another in a head to head contest and the winner advancing to the next round until we have an overall winner for the whole thing. I'll be bringing back polls for this contest, so each round will be voted for by you guys, so there's no judges deciding who goes through or who wins each round. Everything clear so far? If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Now the important stuff. Rules and entry requirements:

  • You can only submit one entry for each category, so only four pictures from each contestant.
  • Your entries must have been made for this contest.
  • Each entry must be names thus: Creator- Character Name- Category
  • All entries must be sent by email (all four pictures in one email please, to save confusion) to me at by Wednesday 1st June. Any entries submitted after that will be ignored.
  • No backgrounds. Characters only.
  • Please do not post your entries on the internet before you are eliminated or the contest is over.

And with that, the categories:

Week 1- Modern (Normal people)

Week 2- Fantasy (Paladins, Mages, Dwarves, Elves, Trolls, Orcs etc.)

Week 3- Sci-Fi (Aliens, Spacemen, Cosmic Beings etc.)

Week 4- Superheroes/ Supervillains

And with that, JR out.

Friday Night Fights : CANCELED

Do to lack of entries FNF is being canceled. I will have an Alternative contest poll posted later today or early tomorrow at the lastest for those contestant that did enter. The winner of this alternative contest will still get the FNF prize of a choice between, a custom illustration ( within reason ), or a Sketch of the Day style drawing, or a Custom Item added to HM3 drawn by Jeff Hebert.

Friday Night Fights – Reminder and Extension

FNF Monster Logo


Well with only 9 days left to the deadline for FNF entries and Not a single entry being received as of yet  I have decided to extend the deadline to February 27th at 7 am Eastern Times.  This gives everyone an extra week to work on your monsters! Remember Jeff is offering up a prize for the winner of this contest, however if I do not get a minimum of  20 entrants I will pull the plug on it, and will likely retire FNF for good ( at least from running them myself ) .

Friday Night Fights – Monsters!!

FNF Monster Logo


Well folks once again I will be attempting to host a Friday Night Fights Competition. For those who are unaware of what Friday Night Fights are I will explain how it works.

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