Friday Night Fights: Qualifying Round- Modern

Hey guys, JR here.

As we got exactly 8 entries, I decided to add an entry of my own so we can do a qualifying round, because it'd suck if everyone did four entries and only three ended up being used.

So, the way this works: all of the first round entries are in a single poll. You can vote for your four favourites each day. The poll will close next Thursday and then the person with the least votes will be eliminated. The remaining eight move on to the next round.

Good luck everyone. Let the fights begin.

[polldaddy poll="9435663"]

EDIT: I've added the entries in a large size after the jump. Probably should have done that to begin with, but hey, at least it's still day 1 right.

Demigod- Adam Black

Demigod- Adam Black- Modern

djuby- Retro 40s Glam


Jinn- G


JR19759- Jamie Stone

JR19759 Jamie Stone (Modern)

Lef- Noah

Lef- Noah- Modern

Linea24- Deliah


MLS- Havannah Joe

MLS-Havannah Joe-Modern

Vampyrist- James Bellamy


Vectorman316- Uncle E


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4 Responses to Friday Night Fights: Qualifying Round- Modern

  1. MLS says:

    @Lineah24 – the sweater knotted around Deliah’s waist is brilliantly done.

  2. The Atomic Punk says:

    A really good start. A great variety of characters that demonstrate HeroMachine’s upfront capability while also showcasing advanced techniques.

    I thought that the creators were going to be anonymous until the champion was crowned. A minor nit, though. Most HMers have a signature style that is clearly recognizable. I will reserve my individual reviews until the voting is final.

    @JR: Is there a glitch in the poll? I voted on the HM Blog page. Looks like I am able to vote on the FNF page as well (but I didn’t).

  3. JR19759 says:

    @Atomic Punk- There’s no glitch. You can click on entries and press submit and the vote isn’t counted if you’ve voted previously that day from the same I.P address.
    Also, Only one FNF has been anonymous in the past. And I don’t like making it anonymous. I don’t see the point, people deserve to get recognition for their work.

  4. Jinn says:

    Good batch…Dissapointed my first one isn’t better… I might not make it past the first round