Character Of The Week: CantDraw- Shall We Get Going

Ok, I will get this out of the way straight away. This is CantDraw's version of one of my pictures. But that is not why I'm putting it as COTW. No, why I am putting it as COTW is because it is quite possibly the best thing I've seen done in Heromachine, and that is including Hall Of Fame stuff like SeanDavidRoss' "Portrait Of Nimble Jack" or Valyndirl's "Post-Apocalyptic Children". CantDraw, like all the best 'machiners, has a style all of his own. However, I defy anyone to even come close to replicating it. The way he shades is incredible. You want an example, well, if you excuse the meme, look at dat ass. If we just focus on the shading (and not how fine the aforementioned posterior is) you will notice how the shading is used to mimic real-life fabric, which is a very under-utilised technique of multilayered shading, further accentuated by tattoo patterns underneath the larger shading circles (something which carries on down the legs).  And after the shading we come to the pose and can we all just agree that CantDraw is too good at this. I'd love to explain how he manages to get such seemless custom poses, but to be honest I have no idea. When it comes to certain poses from other 'machiners, there are usually some clues as to how the pose is made up because you can see what items they've used. With this one though. Nope. I'm not even sure if the head is custom made or not (I'd think that it wasn't, but he's covered it so well that I can't tell *bars*). I also have to give a mention to the custom backwards facing high-heels CantDraw magicked up. Pretty nice.

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