Character Of The Week: ExtremelyEPIC- Heavy Unit Turtle Shell

There were quite a few amazing pictures posted this week, but I have to give this weeks nod to ExtremelyEPIC for this masterclass on how to do atmosphere, lighting and taking constructive criticism. Originally this picture was much darker, which is a staple of EE's work, but after a number of comments point out this fact, he went back and lightened the picture and, I think we can all agree, the final version is stunning. You could imagine this being a bit of concept art from some sort of epic video game like Gears Of War. The character just exudes menace, thanks in most part to his hunched pose a glowing red eyes, which is emphasised by the stormy background and superb use of lighting. So not bad for someone who's been AWOL since March.

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2 Responses to Character Of The Week: ExtremelyEPIC- Heavy Unit Turtle Shell

  1. ExtremelyEPIC says:

    Wow! Thanks JR! I did not expect this.But honestly this picture ended up looking like this because of people’s suggestions so really…thank you guys!
    I’m not going to stop this time. 🙂
    Also great work everyone! I really like the look of Silas and Cathar, i also like the clever use of lighting in headlessgeneral’s Black Magic.

  2. Herr D says:

    [drools, smacks self] Inspired again, gotta go . . . .