Character Of The Week: Candruth- Hooded Man

You know, sometimes it's so blindingly obvious what COTW is going to be for a certain week that I end up convincing myself that, actually, there has to be something that I'm missing, something that is better. So I look around everyone's galleries from the week and find a ton of great art. And then I end up back at the obvious contender and I'm just like "Ooooooh, so that's why it was so blindly obvious." Not slighting any of the guys who make it into the Also Awesome section, you wouldn't be there if you weren't awesome (it says as much in the title), but sometimes your gut instinct is what you should go with. And of course, the whole point of that missive is because that's what happened this week. "I can't feature Candruth again, that's way too obvious, there's got to be something I've missed." 10 minutes later- "Wait, that's superb, what was I thinking."

Gallery- Candruth's Characters :3

Also Awesome This Week

More Candruth…. - Mountaintops

CantDraw- Midnight Masque (COTW Silver Medal)

Gallery- Still misnamed gallery

DiCicatriz- Matriarch & Thrust (Yes there is photoshop on Thrust, but it's too cool not to showcase)

Gallery- Mi Propia Realidad

Lef- Lasher Pose

Gallery- Lef's Cosmos

Ubiquitous Pixel- Dark Flow








Gallery- My Collection of Creative Imagination

Vampyrist- Ethan Torres

Gallery- Vampyrist's Corner

Wolf Master- Immodus

Gallery- Wolf Master's Character Gallery

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