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    Hello! I’ve been posting on the blog for a while, and it’s been a whole lot of fun. Now that the interactive part of the blog has come to its tremendous close, I figured I’d take a peek into the forums. This is a space for my creations. I have a bunch to share with everybody, but don’t have the time right now for uploading. So let this serve as an introductory post, and I’ll leave you with an image I created of my super-hero alter ego: Drummer Boy

    Drummer Boy: Rogue former percussionist of the Apocalyptic Orchestra, striving to stop them from completing the Final Movement and ushering in the end of the world. Strikes of his drum can produce bursts of force on his immediate environment with different techniques and rhythm combinations having distinct effects and applications.


    Good to see you in these forums. I’m a big fan of your work. Welcome!

    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen! Can’t wait to see more.


    As i read your character description, I think of Gunter Grass’ “The Tin Drum”, maybe because I’m currently reading it…
    Welcome aboard, and I look forward to your next contribution.


    Well to get things started… These are the main characters from my Kid Chaos universe, comprising the core team: The Chaos Kids

    Kid Chaos, an orphaned slacker turned force of nature after being possessed by a vengeful and insane Aztec chaos goddess. He projects an aura of disastrous causality that causes things to go wrong in his immediate vicinity. His disasters range from the inconvenient (an otherwise sound car getting a flat tire) to the calamitous (the sudden appearance of a massive asteroid). He inadvertently caused the deaths of his world’s premiere superheroes and thus dedicates himself to causing disasters… for justice!

    Sad Bastard, an immortal and invulnerable New Yorker who mysteriously gained his powers following a suicide attempt on Black Tuesday in 1929. Nothing can harm him, even slightly. He does not need sustenance or rest, nor does he age. He joins up with Kid Chaos in the hopes of finally finding a way to die.

    One of four individuals to gain their abilities as a consequence of Kid Chaos’s first conscious use of his abilities. Vagabond was a military fugitive from Guatemala who gained his abilities during an attempted defection to the Mayan resistance. He can open tandem gateways between any two points on the globe, providing instantaneous transport for the team.

    An ex-street hustler from industrial Birmingham in the UK, trying to make a new start for himself in America. His dreams were cut short when the emergence of his abilities cause the collapse of his apartment building and the death of his partner. Howl has the ability of supersonic vocal projection and enhanced strength and durability to cope with the stresses it puts on his body.

    From Columbus, MI; Foundry was a high school dropout with few dreams for the future. The accident that resulted in her powers gave her direction and purpose. Her body is composed of an incredibly dense organic metal, leaving her with superhuman strength and incredible durability. She no longer requires oxygen or traditional sustenance, but instead relies on the periodic absorption of thermal energy. With enough energy stored, Foundry can also project intense bursts of heat outward from her body.

    A happy-go-lucky young boy, growing up in the foster system of LA County. The Chaos Kids are the first family he truly feels at home with and he is overjoyed at the prospect of being a real live superhero. Maximo has the potential for almost limitless superhuman strength and proportionate durability. He is by nature an incredibly gentle soul, and at resting his strength is only slightly above Vanessa’s. But with exertion (especially when emotionally volatile) his strength is such to knock the world off of it’s foundations. Foundry and the rest take it upon themselves to raise Maximo to use his potential for good.

    Dionne Jinn

    Good to see you here, DiCicatriz! Nice work with the team!


    The Chaos Kids are fantastic, each and every one of them is so unique. Also It is good to see you in these parts.


    Where do I subscribe for the comic? AWESOME characters and concepts! Great to see you will be on the forums a little more frequent.



    Thanks for the kind words of welcome, everybody! I’m glad you like them :D

    @Professor Anthrax- I may have been subconsciously inspired by Gunter Grass. ‘The Tin Drum’ happens to be one of my favorites, specifically the chapters about Niobe and Kristalnacht, but I won’t spoil anything if you haven’t read them yet


    Cool characters. I especially like Foundry, the steel effect is very convincing.


    The world’s celebrity super-hero team, The Mighty, an international emergency relief force led by the magnanimous Mr. Mighty, an active super-hero since the 1950’s. They were all tragically killed responding to the widespread disaster caused by Kid Chaos when he first attained his abilities. Kid Chaos was inspired to become a superhero by their sacrifice.

    Matriarch, a young Mayan girl who hung herself after the atrocities committed against her and her family during the Guatemalan Civil War. Her suicide left her open to Ixtab, the Mayan Goddess of Suicide, who took pity on the girl and pleaded with her brethren to empower her. Matriarch was reborn as a Champion of the Maya, empowered by five deities and granted: intuitive empathic awareness (Ixtab), superhuman-strength/speed/reflexes (Ahulane), chlorokinesis and geokinesis (Chibrias), a healing factor that she can extend to others (Ixchel), and as yet undetermined telepathic potential (Alagham Naom). Encountering Kid Chaos when his powers activate causes the deities inside of her to override her rational mind and attempt to murder him. She viciously slaughters her teammates when they attempt to restrain her.

    A genetic researcher who experimented with Mr. Mighty’s exotic genome to find a cure for certain neuromuscular diseases. When her sponsors threatened to cut funding she desperately pushed her experiment to human trial and altered her own genetic structure. She was granted incredible superhuman speed, indeed all of her bodily systems were greatly accelerated. She fought alongside the Mighty as Thrust, until her unfortunate decapitation at the hands of former ally, Matriarch.

    A NASA researcher who was caught in an explosion of cascading radiation when his spectrographic apparatus exploded upon encountering unusual bio-feedback from an asteroid he was studying. He was converted into a being of pure photonic energy, able to propel himself at light speed and project photonic constructs. In between personal reconnaissance of the solar system he aided the Mighty. He was killed by Matriarch, who altered her chlorokinetic constructs to digest his photonic form, eating him alive.

    A sentient biomorphic entity that came to earth on the same meteor that Prism studied, thought to be the result of cosmic radiation affecting the evolution of a bacterial colony. He had complete and utter control of his form and could alter his density/mass/volume/consistency/texture at will. Matriarch supercharged his cellular regeneration with her healing abilities causing him to lose molecular stability and dissolve into a puddle of inanimate biomatter, killing him.

    A turn of the 20th century archaeologist who discovered a set of enchanted Teutonic weaponry in a hidden chamber beneath Jerusalem. Granted retarded aging and an enhanced physicality, he fought crime alongside Mr. Mighty even in the early days. He is killed when Matriarch shatters his sword and thus the enchantment keeping him from aging. He ages to his appropriate age and suffers heart failure.

    Leader of the Mighty, and the world’s first publicly known superhuman. He was given his powers on a midwestern farm when a radioactive asteroid obliterated his property. The cosmic radiation granted him supersonic speed, immeasurable strength, invincibility, and biokinetic aura that he could extend to protect others. After putting an end to the raging Matriarch, the gods inside of her abandoned her dying body and attempted to wrest control of him. Mr. Mighty begs Kid Chaos to stop him, inspiring the first conscious use of his abilities as he summons a radioactive asteroid into the atmosphere. Mr. Mighty sacrifices his live to destroy the asteroid, vaporizing both it and himself on impact.

    Mr. Mighty’s former sidekick. He was an Afghan native whose father had engineered a cranial harness that boosted and expanded his latent telepathic and telekinetic abilities. After his family was killed in the war, Mindwave wandered Kabul fighting warlords and military alike to protect the people. Mr. Mighty discovered him and took him under his wing. They spent years together and he considered the Mighty his second family. On their last mission he attempted to read Kid Chaos’s mind and was thrown into immediate telepathic seizure (the goddess doesn’t like when people intrude into Connor’s mind). Mr. Mighty was forced to take him to safety, giving Matriarch the opportunity to slaughter the rest of the Mighty. Far from the battle, Mindwave survived, but was left in a deep coma…


    Awesome, they’re brilliant. I’m glad to see your work on the forums.


    Great stuff, welcome to the forums. Can’t wait to see more.


    Great to see you here, DiCicatriz! I love the thought that you put into the backstories for your characters.


    Thanks! I’ve got more…

    The first group of supervillains the team has to face, led by the former hero Mindwave! Having recovered from his coma, Mindwave couldn’t face the loss of his second family and something inside of him snapped. It was Kid Chaos’s powers that had led to the deaths of the Mighty and he would bear the blame. Mindwave rechristened himself as the psychotic Mindwarp. He gathered former enemies of the Mighty, tempting them with promises of future compensation so long as they aid him in subduing the Chaos Kids and helping him to kill Kid Chaos.

    Despondent and mentally unbalanced, Mindwarp uses his telepathy to coerce and control those around him, driving them towards the singular goal of Kid Chaos’s demise.

    A former serial killer, obsessed with expanding human sensory potential. His experiments left him terribly disfigured but gave him the ability to project a sort of synaptic static that can turn off individual human senses. Mindwarp erases his existence from the minds of his jailers, promising him unbridled freedom in exchange for his cooperation. Sadist agrees, relishing the opportunity to add posthumans among his list of kills.

    A former custodial worker who led a life of complete and utter mundaneity until the day he stumbled into an active chemical accelerator. His body was dismantled on the molecular level and then rebuilt, leaving him with the ability to transmute his form into any element or compound he touches. Flux’s first use of these abilities was to try and murder his ex-wife, forcing the Mighty to intervene when he tore through rush hour traffic to get to her. He was kept in an inert gelatinous state, until Mindwarp re-activated his consciousness with promises of fame and glory.

    Gimp was a special case for Mindwarp. Originally the boy had manifested a violent and agressive telekinesis with which he terrorized the psych ward he lived in. Mindwarp, as a young super-hero had actually been the one to subdue him, placing deep mental blocks on the parts of his brain that accessed those abilities. The telepath removes these blocks and promises Gimp his freedom in exchange for his services. Gimp is a quadriplegic with the ability to project a living psionic exoskeleton around himself. This exoskeleton has vast strength and is nigh unbreakable. Having been abused his entire life, Gimp relishes the ability to inflict pain on those around him. (Gimp’s illustration isn’t entirely HM3, I created Gimp and his exoskeleton separately and then pasted the two together in a photo-editing program to circumvent the framing limitations for transparent-background images)

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